INCLUSION the word inclusion comes being placed used very currently, in all the directions, mainly in the education. Quarrels of the educators how much to the term and meaning of the inclusion exist, therefore the challenge is in the projects placed in theory and that they will have to pass to practises, in which all the human beings to usufruct the same rights. Krug (2001) processes saying that the society must know that nobody must be excluded, but, when the comprometimento will be detached as serious, it needs, however, to be directed for schools and classrooms special. As Correa (2001) the inclusion is a great challenge, as much of the school as of the society, therefore we are not prepared for chore with this new age. Source: Richard Linklater. Already Jnior & Arajo (2003) quotation that the inclusion comes through the equality and the respect on them you differentiate, where that all grow with regard to the citizenship, what it will take the education. Winnick (2004) continues standing out that the physical education is that more involves the inclusion term, being then the attention call before the professionals who act in this area, that is not prepared to deal with this type of group, in such a way it are of the room as inside of the classroom. We read (2002), quotation that the position of lesson of the professor of physical education comes being worked in the patio space, squares etc, in place without physical structure. Already Baumel & I castrate (2002) quotation that so that the school develops the inclusive method, professors, however educators must to work in set, and through projects, that will form a society that will lead to decide great part of the problems, and mainly to develop a society or community criticizes, and that thus the child or pupil will only develop its potentials, and between these potentials, the merit of citizens and respect you differentiate on them in the classroom. .