Confessions Of An Educator

Candela has come alone. It started with the dynamics of forever. I approach it. I know that’s what he wants. She walks away and laughs.

She was sure that I will always go to him. Thus, in its way, exercised some control over me. Do not know if I should change my behavior in this regard or, to continue work a bit more on their particular form of relationship and communication. I have the certainty that is testing me. It is about boundaries. Amuses and entertains you know how far and how far I am going to hold. Is making the rules. Not me who did not know whether she who makes the decisions.

I know that I am concerned about who can ignore it, you tighten the screws with my patience running out, but has a very easy to intuit that it will not be. I do not know if you noticed my insecurity about it and my inexperience. He tells me that has a letter written by her because Sabela and had asked her friend. I suspect, however, that the letter is the actual Candela judging from the content that makes reference to an episode happened yesterday with it. Accurately transcribe your spelling and expression: a Hola Puri: I Sabela, I tell you that you spent the magosto aller fatal fault. Puri sorry. Please forgive. Puri tell you from my knees. Answers to this question: andis angry with some or any of us?. If you’re not, we say so.