Company Intelligent Processes

Nevertheless, in the majority of the cases, the structure in the complete attention does not agree, from beginning to aim, of the processes. They appear many gray zones or without owner, and normally a person is assigned or voluntarily she assumes the responsibility. Generally, everything what has to do with service or attention the clients, is the areas less covering by this type with traditional structure; and it is in those areas where greater stress is generated between the collaborators, due to the lack of support or the inadequate infrastructure or design of processes for the attention; and therefore to an additional dedication of working hours. This creates a great zone of stress, and the organizations instead of to focus to improve the processes or to reorganize the structures so that these processes are taken care of correctly, decide to follow with activities that help to motivate their employees. The root cause is not attacked, reason why the origin or the cause of stress does not disappear and to the time, when the lights of flare have been fattened, it returns to appear.

The actions inverted in motivating the collaborators who are in those conditions face what the fever with an aspirina without taking antibiotics represents attacking to attack what causes the own fever. That is to say, they attack the lack of satisfaction or happiness instead of to take care of what causes the same dissatisfaction; that it is the dedication of additional time to the normal schedule. The Company Intelligent it suggests the design of a structure really focused the client, where one looks for that all the processes are covered to the one hundred percent, without leaving to hollows or gray zones. The approach is radical when changing the emphasis of attention to the structure (that is to say taking care of the heads) changing towards the clients.