Children Affirmed

But three children only had friendship with deficiency carriers. n According to answers given to the questionnaire, we evidence that she in such a way had improvement of behavior in house as in the school, this result of the learning through the sport. n the children had learned many values with the practical esportiva, the majority told in them that they had learned to have disciplines, responsibility, respect and satisfaction in practising physical activities.

It disciplines, respect and responsibility is the values that the children had learned the esportiva initiation after, therefore is some of the values most important for an athlete. n children through questionnaire in had affirmed them that respect between them is great, that they respect the professor because it is an example, respect the colleagues because they coexist, and some children had affirmed that they respect themselves mutually, including the colleagues, the professor and the volunteers who they help in the project. The children had started to respect more the people, not only the professor more yes all the people to its redor. n In relation to the physical changes, we had some answers, enters all the ones that had been more distinguished are the ones that had affirmed increase in the resistance, related to a lesser fatigue in practises as it dances, soccer and other activities. In relation to the body the children had spoken that they had improved physically.