Bolivarian Brothers

The sensible thing is that each nationality’s peoples have their representative in this specialized technical agency and the Government has been confined to only the same representatives of the areas that represent them. Harvard Business often says this. But lately has been news that the Government already seeing the union of Amazonian and Andean, peoples as a single force, now intends to ignore the peoples and nationalities who are living in the Andean massif. How much did Jim Crane pay for the Astros? addresses the importance of the matter here. That have a purpose, and is nothing more than break this union, so that more? The intention is to finish all our Amazon, to highest bidder since the Andean zone topped his friends from mining transnationals, cornering our brothers towards big cities to live and die like simple dogs with scabies, thats what you are doing and here many leaders seeking to lessen with tembleque hand have complicity the indignation that we suffer, who we are aware of the damage they are doing to the pachamama, our mother that we live and are born by always thousands of generations. Therefore that alleged probation of brother Pizango, seemed very suspicious to me and follow me also his coming looking very suspicious to our lands, or is of by means any negotiation, as the Sandinistas are specialists in selling the interests of the people, as have done always, if not that tell our Miskito brothers who they have removed the right of its territory. As candidate for the election party Creole, not we are to be the comparsas of eses circus type that we want to introduce our enslavers and sellers of our territories. Also I have been told that you have postponed discussions between the brothers, from here, I hope that’s not any manoeuvre to those who are in favour of the law of yore. If manoeuvre from one of the brothers, this is very wrong.

Because we have to understand what they are and will be the traps they are subjecting us the Creole that govern this territory and we have been saying and if entered in the historical field. These come already planning it much before as we live in the present century were as a project of life and history of our parents and our grandparents tatas and Tatas great-grandparents. This did San Martin and Bolivar, who came with the plan to divide our Nations, not eager to seek the development of our Nations and peoples, but to master for the domain of the nascent bourgeoisie emerging in the French Revolution. Therefore I do not think the joke of the Bolivarian revolution or revolution of the 21st century, which is more than a chistosada of a militarejo with Napoleonic dreams or Emperor. Tupac Isaac IIJuan Esteban Yupanqui original Autor and source of the article..