This is a simple way of locating the beliefs, that without that we are aware of them, govern our lives. If you’re reading me, proves that you’ve born in one family where I have said look child, you have to be good person, because for four days that will live one and I was born in another family where I have always said this is a world of wolves and who hits first, hits twice. Who has the two reason: you or I? Because the two. You have Crystal glasses of the kindness and tolerance and I have the fight and aggressiveness. Here’s another example: a few years ago, I had a patient who could not play a euro to nothing. I felt a lot of anxiety and aversion to the game. Whenever American Journal of Education listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It seemed something ridiculous but it was unable to overcome it.

His reason told him that he could play, but blocking was superior to its forces and that struggle caused him tremendous suffering. To make you short anecdote, it is delving into the family of origin, we discovered that his great-grandfather had played and lost all the family fortune, which was great. What happened actually in the collective psyche of this family? Because from that fact, on family ideology (in the CPU family), was included an order that said: all shape game this strictly prohibited because has brought DISGRACE to this family. That order was very coherent at that moment to cauterize the wound and prevent to the story is repeated. It was an unwritten rule, which passed without criticism, from generation to generation. When it came to my patient, that order which was inscribed in its unconscious (CPU), but which had no sense, began acting decoupled its reason. That internal struggle, resulted in the generation of a seemingly unresolvable conflict and bearer of great suffering. The first conclusion that can be drawn from this case is that beliefs must bring to light so they can be ratified, rectified or scientifically enriched.