Analysis Language

This is a sufficiently positive point. However, the given approach has not been efficient. The theories applied in the proposals of questions prioritize the internal aspects of the text. This can harm the global agreement of the related text. Ahead of this, we go to present the advantages that the Theories of the Speech can show in this task. We will consider a script of analysis of the speech, the true ones felt of the text.

The procedures of reading and analysis considered by Ingo Voese in its workmanship Analysis of the speech and the education of Portuguese language can be advantageous in the lessons of Portuguese Language in Average Ensino, therefore this author intends to confer to the text the statute of voices of the others, of dialgica instance, that can weave the relation of solidarity and necessary amorosidade so that professors and pupils obtain to construct themselves as citizens. The Analysis of the Speech facilitates the ticket of a phase of conceptualization of the object, that is the speech, for the analysis properly said. On the other hand, Average Ensino in nothing was benefited so far of what already it was produced in the academy. The didactic books reduce the function of the language to the one of representation and to the one of communication. It has a very great distance between what it is produced in the academy and what applies in the education of Portuguese language. The majority of the argued questions does not arrive at the classroom. In this work, it will be presented a proposal to surpass this distance, since it disciplines it Analysis of the Speech can base the studies of the language materna, therefore it does not act with the code notion, including in its field of analysis other dimensions that involve the study and the learning of the language. The study of the production of the directions it can be benefited of what it is known of the social reality of the man.