Enumerate and find the distinctive features of the proposed method can be quite long, but it does not allow those who are accustomed to work and build relationships with others in the traditions of our present reality to find the hidden feature that provides this method, such an unprecedented result. But the practice of the method has demonstrated quite fantastic results. Source: Kindle Direct Publishing. Productivity grew up not by a few percent, and at times! That from the standpoint of the modern economy is unreal! Significantly improve the quality of the goods produced or services rendered. and which is particularly pleasing is improving the psychological climate in the collectives. A marked increase in ethical principles and concepts. That people are not familiar with the theoretical calculations seem to achromatic entirely unexplainable. Must state that the practice of applying the method in the production of shows not only the highest economic efficiency, but also demonstrated the presence of interesting rules, and even paradoxes. Participate in a new relationship ennobled actors, encourage a creative approach to his business, making them the action.

In addition, these changes occurred not only with people slyvuschimi honest decent, fair. But often the achromatic bands were forced to form from individuals, most of which was characterized as drunkards, loafers, opportunists, pilferers, sad sack, and with other similar vices. So in this environment, enabling the transformation is even more noticeable, even stormy. Even by such a team member, was surprised to discover they possess such intrinsic value, which can, in the recent past, they were not burdened with! With great regret I must say that even among friendly developments relating to the achromatic (the vast majority dismisses them not even attempting to get at least nuggets of information), among the genuinely wanting to understand their essence, but not personally involved in such processes, it is impossible to get to the clear depths.