My vision of life is completely holistic, thus I live, perfecting it every day one of my weaknesses is the great love, devotion and surrender to the spirituality that coupled with another weakness, being alone, leads me to periods of isolation, very enriching and giving greater stability to my emotional life, but is that I must not forget that the lifealso outside and needed to be in it. The priorities of life, currently are: end of formal studies that I’m doing, i.e. the master and diploma, restart on its own and in more formal, disciplined and background, clinical practice in holistic health, obviously, from the continuity of my spiritual development, re-reading the texts of the mastery until you achieve an excellent command of the teorica-metodologica partalong with continuing talks to professors, students and anyone interested in holistic education. I must clarify that the primary purpose of learn well this approach is by the order that has given me throughout the mastery, mental clarity, the way in which has helped me to integrate all the knowledge that was, as it has enriched and refined, also placing you order. It is definitely to share, in addition to this you will much relieve pain causing me the suffering of others. Equal and another objective of trying to handle to the right and reverse this approach is to understand the process of the master, I lived this very rich, but the process has been invisible, I’d do it visible, I enjoy their results, however I can not answer the question: what has been the greatest spiritual light or more memorable meeting, everyone has been glorious and enormous spiritual clarity, even in those in which the sessions of knowledge that I called straw, have been a little broader, conceptual, methodological understanding, has cost me job, especially because every thing He saw in each Messenger, in each classroom session, invariably first go inward, I have to live it and integrate it to what already is there, sometimes occurs in automatic, sometimes not, I have to regurgitate and cud a good time until successfully integrate, I’m slowly but surely.

Netherlands Antilles Island

Public education is based on the Dutch educational system. Until recently, all instruction was only provided in the language Dutch. Now, bilingual primary education in Papiamentu (local and main language) and Dutch is also available the population of the island of Curacao has very different origins. Most is mainly descendant of indigenous peoples of West Africa and peoples Afro-Caribbeans, coming from neighboring islands of the Caribbean Sea as we know, there are different versions about the origin of the name Curacao. Minnow Mountain is a great source of information. One of them tells that when the Portuguese arrived on the island, they saw that sailors suffering from scurvy were cured after landing (probably due to the large amount of fruit that consumed). Therefore, they baptized the island Ilha da Curacao (island of healing). After the Dutch conquest the name was finally as Curacao. As stated in Wikipedia, Curacao, Curacao or Curacao (Curacao in Dutch, Korsou current Papiamento) is the largest and most populous of the Netherlands Antilles Island, has an approximate area of 444 km.

It is located in the South of the Caribbean Sea, about 50 km from the West coast of Venezuela, and belongs to the Group of the Leeward, along with its neighboring Aruba Islands Islands and Bonaire A mid-17TH century arrive at the island Sephardic Jewish and Dutch settlers coming originally from the Iberian Peninsula, from where they were first expelled to Portugal, then to Holland and finally to the Brazil Northeastfrom where came most of the Sephardim who settled in Curacao in the first half of the 17TH century. This origin of the Sephardic Jews is that explains the existence of Portuguese words of Sephardic surnames hispanoportugueses abundant in Jewish cemeteries and, above all, the phonetics of papiamento, quite similar to Portuguese, inexplicable thing in the Caribbean, where there is no Portuguese colonies. With the new settlers will improve techniques for the cultivation of citrus fruits and the exploitation of salt mines.

The Socio

Naturalism tendency raises that man is good by nature and that it is corrupted by society, because to be created by the author of nature, it is angelic and undefiled. John Craig Venter pursues this goal as well. In activism, advocated an anthropology based on periods of development that are the same in all people, and we simply need the opportunity to develop skills that we all possess according to the stage in which we are. Psychoanalytic philosophy has an anthropological vision predominantly drives and instinctive. He proposed then that children are as well accepted as they are and not that try to educate them according to cultural patterns that attempt to mask the drives nature of humanity. Non directive pedagogy suggests that the human being is a being above all free, that is auto-realiza within the limits of the socio-political group to which it belongs. Thus it postulates the possibility of return to man the authority over their destination, getting rid of the social authority that limits it. By last, the liberacionismo sees the human being as a being in the world that needs to be with the world to get rid of doctrines, submissions, manipulations, that prevent you from being the self free and authentic.

Rid of his own solitude in order to communicate with the world, and once committed to social action, separated from the alienation that society demands its overcrowded members. III. analysis of our educational experience in our educational experience, we find that recurs in different educational fields a tendency to use students as primarily rational beings, and therefore education responds, in coherence with this conception, contents and methodologies aimed at rational and logical intellectual development of learners. We see then that Descartes is present in our classrooms and through them, in our social coexistence. We do not consider that this position is better or worse than others, but that we live it how limiting when it comes to perform a more comprehensive educational practice, such as the needs and rapidly changing approaches of today require us.

Internet Accommodation

The empty life are fully derVermietungszeit attributable to. The advertising costs are (= 180 + 155) 335 / 365 to take into account. Commercial rental renting an apartment can be exceptionally commercial when insgesamtvorliegen the following requirements: the apartment is fully furnished (furniture, crockery, linen), – it is in a pure tourist area with numerous similar used apartments, advertising and rental are carried out by one for the holiday service organization existing uniform residential, at any time, the apartment is for rent ready, it is like at a hotel reception ongoing personnel present, take care which the rental/cleaning/maintenance. (A valuable related resource: Gregory Serraro). Commercial renting, the IRS checks always the income intention. The rental is subject to trade tax, landlord (individuals), as well as private companies received einenFreibetrag 24,500 EUR in the year.

Only the amount exceeding the free allowance is subject to trade tax. Sales tax short term rental of apartments is subject to sales tax. The reduced tax rate (7%) applies to the following accommodation services: provision of furnished and equipped with other furnishings (such as TV, radio, telephone, in-room safe) educations electricity supply of bed linen, towels and bathrobes cleaning of the rented rooms providing personal care utensils, shoe shine and sewing kits with accommodation of animals in the licensed living – and bedrooms the full tax rate (19%) applies to all services, where not even accommodation services is, as well as additional benefits for accommodation, if they are paid administrative purposes with the fee for the rental, how – from apartments, empty life sales tax not taken into account.. .

Ramon Gallegos

As the vibration of love increase in all humanity, our ideal world is It will become a global reality. But this will happen because of an internal change: see with different eyes. Conclusion. We cannot be fully happy without spirituality. Only spirituality cures definitely. Only at this level are the real solutions to the problems of existence. If education does not meet the objective of raising the level of consciousness, it is an irrelevant education, because the Supreme goal of education of the 21st century, is to be the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, expanding the capabilities of human beings to be more conscious, autonomous and accountable. We all want happiness however live with much suffering, because we only live at the level of the mind, of mechanical thinking. Leonard Mlodinow shines more light on the discussion.

Spiritual intelligence is the impetus to overcome the ignorance, misunderstanding about our true identity, we believe that we are isolated persons, egos, bodies, psychic devices, but we are in fact be resplendent. The understanding is achieved through the discernment through the eye of contemplation it is required go beyond the mental eye. Care, humility and patience are important for obtaining the liberating direct knowledge of spiritual awakening. On the spiritual level you are full, in harmony with everything. Spiritual intelligence is the impetus to overcome the ignorance, misunderstanding about our true identity, we believe that we are isolated people, egos and bodies, but we are not anything like that, we are in fact being original, understand it is to find the nectar of supreme happiness has always been in us. Through spiritual intelligence we wake up to the spiritual truth, the only truth that liberates, heals and illuminated, so the Dr. Ramon Gallegos says. Also, discuss intelligence gives us the power of universal love, of unconditional compassion and relate to the whole. The power of love is transformer since it makes that any human being has the potential to overcome the suffering and achieve happiness, overcome violence and achieve peace.

Ramon Gallegos Nava

Other aspects that are also spoken in these books are that she focus on changes in paradigms, evolution of consciousness, imbalances that has suffered in recent years society, the way of how we preserve our planet through sustainable development, transforming schools into communities that learn. From here comes the need of transcend developing comprehensive human beings, that we will be able to consider all aspects as sustainability, integrity, individuality and true spirituality. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava describes us true education as a process of meaningful learning, which awakens the universal conscience, us out of selfishness and individualism, reveals to us the truth of the planetary interdependence of all human beings. The goal of schools holistas is developing a new educational paradigm by establishing internal order, understanding, knowing educating for life, peace and a comprehensive society.

Development: The holistic educator should nurture the best of each person, through universal love, we all need love. Now we will make a small remembrance of how the different paradigms of education have changed through the centuries, in the 15th century, education was based on religious beliefs where the Church was that I had the power that is lived with a dogmatic vision, all I was focused on priests, worship etc. believed in them and obeyed everything what you told them, only Vivian to worship them to their beliefs, now turn to 17TH century in this century there was a big problem in removing persons dogmatic vision and implement the paradigm shift that was emerging that is education here was based on a modern rational visionhis vision was to leave behind any belief to focus on all theoretical follow-up, the human will was leaving aside by the methodical, start different teaching methods and learning begins to leave the churches by the universities, was an era more modern where he brought democracy, the change of archaic thinking to scientific thought, was given the women’s Liberation, the abolition of slavery, the birth of schools, etc., although this thought was more mechanized their objective was more scientist in education, was fragmented into separate disciplines, i.e.

The Individual

Any cheap folders can already lead to the cancellation. Furthermore the paper neither colour, be stained or veiling. Best white high-quality 100-gram paper, with which you can gain advantages already suitable for it. And ultimately must be the order of the documents, the resulting from the curriculum vitae results. Is submitted the application by E-Mail, must be, that a legitimate email address is specified and that sends the documents in a single PDF file in the annex are. The letter can be sent separately. Individual letter writing to is the heart of every application and must be formulated so carefully, meaningful and compelling. It has the task to make curious about the personal to the applicant, to invite him to the interview.

Standard phrases, phrases and negative statements have lost nothing in the letter. Also, Konjunktive must be avoided to shine with self-confidence. The cover letter is no repeat of the CV, but a document aligned to the coming tasks and challenges. It must be perfectly optimized on the job and the company. Cover letter that can be sent with the smallest changes to many different companies, by the HR as mass “stamped and are a main reason for cancellation. Complete and meaningful curriculum vitae the curriculum vitae is the central document of the application. In this, the applicants must represent his professional and personal career very clearly and consistently. These include also the vocational training, studies and education as well as training and qualification measures, language and IT skills and ultimately activities and information on driving licences.

All periods must be month and year documented his and although no blockage. This means that even periods of unemployment, illness, family time or longer holidays should not be missed. Otherwise the HR itself can interpret something in existing gaps, because he says, the candidate has something to hide. Also all the main activities it has carried out in the individual companies belong to the meaningful curriculum vitae.

Zheng Xiaoyu

Honestly and although it sounds reactionary hope that these irresponsible people are punished with the same harshness with which the Chinese Government (country of origin of these toothpastes and many other dangerous products) punished the former Director of the State administration of food and medicines (SFDA) of China, Zheng Xiaoyu, who sentenced to death Tuesday by authorizing the manufacture and distribution of dozens of products and drugs in which ingredients are used under bribery of pharmaceutical companies mortally toxic or, at least, highly dangerous. This is truly serious, not only that we may be buying and using commercial products of dubious provenance and that we buy be economic (and eye that the excuse of the Nicaraguan authorities to refer these products entered the country from smuggling in addition to false is childish) if in addition these components are sold to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries of our countries and they are used without that nobody say or do nothing until they begin to pile up the dead. I’m sure that this news will continue to be developed (by a tragic road) and will be many more cases of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that will jump to the first pages of serious damages that cause because if anything the former director of the State administration of food and medicines (SFDA) of China, Zheng Xiaoyu said the judicial authorities that condemned him the list of laboratories or products that would be unduly manufacturing in China.

these authorities they have not disclosed that information by what we do not know what may be products that we should avoid and don’t know which laboratories and industries of our region have purchased and use those components improperly authorized by a health authority corrupt. In any case what we can do is avoid at all costs the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products from China, get used once and for all to read the labels of the products that we buy and use with culpable innocence and require our Governments to put the magnifying glass in local industries to find out if any are using components purchased in this Asian country and responsibly determine if it is really safe and lawful use therefore not be trafficking in a marketing war, this is our lives.

Erdogan Government

Added to this are other oldest suspicions about attempts to Islamicize the State apparatus, starting with two key ministries: Interior and education. Prime Minister Erdogan’s detractors have not been able to provide credible evidence. However, political analysts estimate that, behind the so-called conservative democracy of the AKP, the outlines of the alleged plot are hidden. Dale Carnegies opinions are not widely known. For their part, the leaders of the Party of Justice and development flirt with the idea to carry out a comprehensive reform constitutional, capable of eliminating legal barriers devised by the Kemalists. The head of the Government contemplates even the possibility to hold a popular consultation to kill exhaust valves provided for by law, knowing that this could further accentuate the tension between the secular and religious sectors. The conservative circles of the old continent, opposed to the entry of Turkey into the EU, were the first to defend the Ankara authorities, with special emphasis on the legality of the Erdogan Government, backed by the outcome of the last elections in June 2007. You may wish to learn more. If so, Opportunity and Counseling Corps is the place to go. This stance is because echo in the media who campaigned against the accession of the Asian country to the Union, claiming the Turkish differential fact or, to be more exact, the cultural difference between the Christian West and the Muslim East. The change of course of the media has nothing to do with the introduction of democratic reforms, essential for the proper conduct of the consultations between Ankara and Brussels, nor with the Elimination of the pitfalls, diplomatic or legal that they hinder the negotiating process. He wondered if last bureaucratic barbarism of Brussels, the systemic error, not serves as an alibi for the systematic rejection of Turkey.. For assistance, try visiting Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ.

Chinese Medicine

In Brazil the cited and regulated professions are: Biomedicina, Physical Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Fisioterapia, Fonoaudiologia, Medicine, Medicine Veterinary medicine, Psychology and Occupational Therapy, what it provides performance of multiprofessional character. The PICs doctors can in such a way be practised by medical professionals as not, since whom they have specialization for such practical. However, he is of basic importance to define who will be able to practise it or not, for an ample quarrel and the sharing of experiences with other countries. Checking article sources yields FASEB Journal as a relevant resource throughout. 4 The professional of the area of the health that if she uses of the PICs acts of independent form in the primary prevention, that is, allowing that the patient keeps the rigidity state although the estressantes factors, assisting through the PICs to a complementary treatment, acting as factor of protection in secondary and tertiary prevention. She is a professional of the area of the health that uses, teaches and guides the adequate use of resources with the PICs in its diversities for the prevention, treatment and maintenance of the health, being able to exert its professional activities in particular Clinics, SPA' s, hidrominerais, balneal houses of repousos, ranches, inns, hotels, hotels farm, systems of public and private health. 4 Goinia today is considered as reference in health for the PICs in Chinese Medicine, that has as example the Hospital of Alternative Medicine of Goinia (HMA). Official site: Bioscience Journal. 5 When verifying such situations, appeared the interest of the boarding for the considered subject that takes in consideration the study of the profile of the patients of a Program of Solidary Assistance that favors the improvement of the health and the quality of life of people which do not present financial conditions in arcarem with its treatment, since much more people, could have access to the health through the PICs, leading in consideration its baixssimo cost and its influence in the emotional state and physicist of the patient. . .

The Land

One knows, however, that the school is not solution for all the existing difficulties of the human being, however, as educational agency that has as the one of its functions formation of the citizen as subject constructor of its historical context, can and must contribute for significant changes in the relation professor and pupil, therefore, beyond the classroom that offers to contents and tests, the affectivity is present in each action and searchs its space in the mirror that the group repasses the technician when they make use of the daily one of notes, advice of classrooms, pertaining to school advice and as many other instruments and sectors that they portray this relation. For TIBA (1999), to take care of it is more than an act, it is an attitude, therefore it encloses more than an attention moment, of zeal and desvelo. It represents an attitude of occupation, concern, responsabilizao and affective envolvement. Yale University School of Medicine has similar goals. For this, she is necessary to take care of before of the land and after the seed being launched, so that the plant can grow, blossom and give good fruits. Therefore, for construction of auto-esteem is necessary to search the responsibility and not it guilt, to create a reliable climate that makes with that the person feels itself accepted genuinely, understood and respected, feelings that help to work emotional nuclei that inadequate behaviors block. The educators know that the children learn better when they are satisfied with same them and that good feelings are important. Go to William McRaven for more information. 7 However, some professors are unaware of its paper of ' ' espelho' ' inside of a classroom, forgetting that to its they admire them pupils and they are worried in to be equal they, finishing for imitating them in its attitudes and until thoughts. If the professors perceived this imitation without a doubt would look for to police its words and positions. .

Kosmos Reality

Set the twelve principles explained in the education of the heart, referring to the practicality, in a community of learning, also, with small modifications for teaching purposes, refers to the map provided by Wilber on the historical development of consciousness in human beings and the corresponding culture, is evident the need for spiritual awakening in the quantum leap of consciousness that humans needed to perform on his experience in the Kosmos. Learning communities are usually channels where the individual recovers his dignity and his subject, for him and for his similar status. American Journal of Education can provide more clarity in the matter. The integration of this community speaks of the four quadrants, which integrates subjectivity and objectivity in the kosmos and in the individual. 4 Levels of reality that gives us four quadrants allows to integrate properly, not confused, the subjective with the objective, external with internal mix, either, reject them, merge them or fragmenting them, if not integrated into the whole are, locate and properly use the techniques, methods, concepts epistemologies, assessments for each quadrant, etc., and avoid categorical errors; communities are the space that is required for true meaningful learning, the integration of the three areas of reality of the individual product: classroom, street and home. For assistance, try visiting Joy Winbourne. Pedagogy of Universal Love in this book in the first place speaks of holistic education as the new proposal that the world needs in the evolutionary transition of humanity in this turn of the century, then shows how to repair planetary damage as an alternative to the response of a search for sustainable societies, the road of return and recovery of lost household,, the fertilizer for flowering of universal love. As it is showing us our umbilical cord with our peers, our connection with nature, with the planet, with the Kosmos, is the guide or transport that takes us inside ourselves, to inner spirituality, pedagogy of universal love we need to return to the source, is the way to be, to be, feelAct, relate fully, internally and externally, in the different areas of our reality and at all levels, individually and universally in the whole development of our life.

PECS Child

Initially, they affirm that a critical difference between preschool children with autismo and children with normal development mentions the type to it of stiffener which they are responsive. That is, children with TEA normally do not answer stiffener the social ones, such as compliments and approval of the parents, professors, etc. Therefore, with the purpose to develop operative verbal as tatos, intraverbais or ecicos it is necessary that other stiffener educational not-social ones are used, is necessary that they are ' ' you reward tangveis' ' (P. 253), as candies or some another stiffener one more well-succeeded and established in the repertoire of the child. For this reason, the control is the first category of verbal behavior that is taught to a child with TEA in the PECS, therefore it involves stiffener that already they are effective and that they do not involve the verbal behavior of another person. The sequncia of training, presented sucintamente to follow, used for the PECS has the specific objective to promote spontaneous verbal behavior in children with TEA through the removal of previous a verbal behavior as control source (of this relation it would appear, then, the control-tato). For this, these pure and impure verbal sources of control for operative must meticulously be analyzed. Additionally, the authors place that, later to establish pure mandos, the stiffener object would be removed of sight so that the only source of control is a estabelecedora operation and the presence of the listener.

1.Fase I? Teaching the attended exchange physically: this phase starts teaching the child as to physically change a figure for a desired item. This includes as to reach, to catch and to deliver the figure at the hands of the professors with the purpose to ask for the desired item. For this she is necessary that the objects desired for the corresponding child and figures are in sight; 2.Fase II? Expanding the espontaneidade: The professor must be next to the child.

Aldous Huxley

There is no duality between being single and being universal, which comes to overcome the problem of individualism, the separateness. It shows us the broad guidelines for life, since her come the answers to various questions that we do throughout our lives. This philosophy helps us to recover the value of our planet giving us that it is a living organism and not a machine as shown in the mechanistic paradigm. Official site: The Journal of Educational Research. It is the heart of education holistic that defines its meaning and mission. Aldous Huxley was one of the pioneers of this philosophy where reference is made to the spiritual wisdom that has been present through all of humanity and is the same not dogmatic essence shared by religions.

Espiritualun process intelligence to make us more aware that the world is a unity and not a whole, discovering who we truly are through direct inquiry. In the process holistic relate all our human potential: scientific, spiritual, artistic, social to name a few. A holistic educator does not see the student as a brain only processing this information in classroom and that is only there to occupy a place but he sees it as a possessor of a potential human being, as a spiritual being in search of a meaning, as a being full of various dimensions in their human experience. This perspective of human experience can methodologically distinguish four dimensions of education holistic solely for purposes of exposition of the nature of education and communication, which is central in the human spirit that is in fact the center of holistic education. The four major dimensions of holistic education are: to study education holistic must analyze the context where they develop the four levels of the Kosmos, based on the development of consciousness. Each level of consciousness is more complex than the previous one, because it includes more than the universe, more truth and depth is why that makes it superior.

Mineralogical Sciences

In connection with the changes in the Earth's environment can change the frequency of the Schumann or carrier frequency of the Earth, as well as its lateral frequency radiation. Then the physical body can also lose touch with frequency radiation of the Earth. Of all It follows that eliminating and destroying the ecology of the Earth, we destroy and destroy the foundation of life on Earth. Resonance effect shows how the human body is directly related to the ecological state of the Earth. When we say that we should not destroy natural resources and that it is dangerous to human existence and human society, almost everyone can agree with this, even those that are now for profit and plunder and wealth destroy the natural resources of the earth.

As human society and the Earth's environment is not only dependent on one another, but mutually supportive. Human society must recognize that the ecological state of the Earth depends directly not only physical health but also the very existence of entire human civilization on Earth. But human society also need to realize is my deep conviction that it is equally important restore the universal spiritual values for all people living on Earth regardless of nationality, political opinion, and skin color. I believe that the moral and ethical values – is encoded special programs that may have multiple functions, but one of the main objectives of these programs – it is to protect human society from self-destruction. Alexey Dmitriev – professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, an expert on global ecology believes that human society should strive now not to raise living standards, and to improve the level of morality.

The Belief

Stagnant in this type of behavior, block and thus prevented that what most fills us and makes happy will occur, always blaming to life and others. We become victims. What kind of happiness experienced a victim? Comfort and custom, to which a person undergoes a victim of your own lack of self-esteem and courage, which tied it for example your desenamorada partner. But even though strive in that role, he feels and knows that it cannot replace the real feeling of love that makes you feel real and truly happy. Love is not provided to the human mind games, does not change to please the lie, daughter of fear, only knows what it is, pure joy.

Refusing the possibility of love and loving, not only is refusing to Yes, but also refuse to each other and to others. To cling to a now obsolete relationship, not to release it, we’re preventing that the right person comes to our side or go to yours. For more information see British Journal of Educational Technology. Yes, we became the main obstacle to our own happiness. We are not authorizing the most natural thing of the world, we refuse to get involved in heart, we forbid us to feel fully in love, we exclude from the list of the loved ones. Do many times we have heard: better bad known that good to know? This is the belief and the saying of a person who does not trust in life, that gives back and gives it to you also to everything that is love. By fear, do not dare to be happy or let others be it; that way they will not remind you that she is not being so. A person that ignores and does not fight for prosperity in its existence, is a person who believes do not deserve good, neither little nor much, but yes gives you all your strength of will and beliefs to what others, who have been their models of education in the past, taught him from his own fears and their lack of self-esteem.


To the extent that we become more aware of our value, will be gaining greater self-respect for ourselves, and this, rather than we envanecemos, should take responsibility to demand more. Leo Buscaglia says that to be able to love others is necessary to love himself, therefore can only be to others what self has. Amar himself does not imply a self-centered reality. It is a genuine interest, warmth and respect for one’s self; It is struggling to rediscover and maintain own Singularity; Discover the true wonder of yourself, not only of your current, but of the many possibilities that you own. Amar himself implies its own value to appreciate above all things. The Amarte a ti mismo It also implies the knowledge that only you can be you.

If you try to be like someone else you may close much, but you will always be an imitation without greater value; be yourself is easier, more practical, more satisfying, so little sense, the fact that only can be for others what you are to yourself. If you know you, you accept if appreciate yourself, as well as your uniqueness; allow others to also do so. You may find that United Way of Wyoming Valley can contribute to your knowledge. If you value and appreciate the discovery of yourself, you alentaras to others to undertake this important search. If you recognize your need to be free to know who you are, allow others to also have the freedom to do so. When you know realize that you’re the best of yourself, will accept the fact that others are the best of themselves, even when it is understood that everything starts with you. To the extent that know yourself (and we are all more similar than different), you can meet others; When ames yourself, love others.

And in the measurement and depth that you can love yourself, precisely at that depth and extent can love others. Everyone must understand that the most important thing is perceive our own potentials and highlight them and not try to be someone different. Follow others, such as Bioscience Journal, and add to your knowledge base. Considerable is the vast amount of books, seminars, courses on people who have had success, who for years have spoken about what we have to do to be successful. However, almost nobody has been dedicated to instill that in the self of each who is the potential to achieve any goal that we propose; the traditional educational system has been dedicated to sell us virtues of others but has neglected the wealth that each possesses and which is necessary to identify and project potentializing the qualities of each person. The leader must identify these forces in his followers and help them find themselves, which will give them a feeling of self-respect and self-confidence which is projected onto a more quality job for which should make feel each of its collaborators as unique, different and must be proud for their qualities and understand its scope, since the strength of the renewal comes from the acts of the individual. A proper assessment should not be confused with a conception of arrogance and superiority of ourselves, but otherwise, must give us greater humility and responsibility obtained from each of our potential an autoexpectativa that requires us all day acting agree not to what we are, but to what we should be.

Average Ensino

A woman can transmit for its son (vertical transmission) some illnesses acquired sexually. This transmission it can occur during the pregnancy, in the one close or in breast-feeding. Joy Winbourne may also support this cause. The injunctions, as much for the pregnancy in the adolescence as for HIV/AIDS must be carried through in some levels and under the responsibility of some factors. Specifically in the case of the pregnancy in the adolescence that, as you vary research, you to a large extent become related of the cases the low income and low escolaridade. The present article has as objective to guide the adolescents and young in relation to the precocious pregnancy and the vertical transmission of the HIV/AIDS, to inform on the reality that is happening with the society of the young and adolescents in Brazil. The subject pregnancy in the adolescence started to attract the attention of the professionals of the health, in Brazil, has 20 years approximately, even because from this time, the adolescence as social category, started to be constituted in the area of the health. In which it was observed that the pupils of 3 ano' ' 03' ' of Average Ensino of the State School Maria Rodrigues Tapajs in the nocturnal period possesss few information on pregnancy in the adolescence: HIV/AIDS – vertical transmission. Beyond promoting in the behavior responsibilities with respect to precocious pregnancy, to the safe sex, the prevention of the HIV/AIDS and the advancing of the age of the beginning of the sexual activity.

also to stimulate and to value the activities of education and directed information objectifying to increase the knowledge of reproductive biology. Extending the access to the different contraceptive methods and its adjusted handling. In which to eliminate the preconception of that the envolvement of the school in the sexual education stimulates precocious sexual behavior. The research was of bibliographical, exploratrio character, made a investigativo study that objectified to transmit to the pupils which the definition and the importance of the Pregnancy in the adolescence: HIV/AIDS- vertical transmission examining the reality social searching to fix its objectives to diagnosis the knowledge, the expectations and the values of the referring adolescents to the vertical transmission and the precocious pregnancy.

The Fragile

The technocratic philosophy is, in itself, the approach to a given problem; the progressive philosophy deals not with the cultural roots of the environmental crisis; and holistic, despite it starting as a model for education and of lacking, currently, a focus on personal and social justice issues, that philosophy is considered the best educational context we dealing with the environmental challenges presented in the. Under the perspective of educational reform all these philosophies have ideal promising. However, if we were to analyze under an ideological perspective or one of those philosophies it adequately addresses the fragile state of the planet’s life systems or the role of the human being within a wider context of the community on the planet. Pode-se conclusion suggesting an alternative to the setting of the antagonistic positions of technocratic, progressive philosophies and holistic, which can offer a satisfactory answer the problem of content and approach to be made concerning environmental education. We can also add that, only by round education for ecologically sustainable development respecting the biodiversity therein contained, it will take us so disclosed justice and social welfare all of want to participate.

When and how we will get the commitment of all segments of society to which this definitely is efetive? We don’t know, but perhaps the creation of new curricula that take into account these concepts certainly will be paramount that we take a great step. This need will tend to cause a structural reformulation of curricula and pedagogical practices in school so interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary, fundamental processes are promote to intervene in a contemporary context. As depreender of these and other issues that may be constant in his monograph of education can be, it is not a fight segmented to be conducted only by educators and students in schools, but it is carried forward, collectively, by different social groups, mainly of the subordinate classes. The educational action, above all, must be understood as attitude and professional vocation of all segments of society. Original author and source of the article.

The Marks

Taken into account, that the response of consumers is the last test to determine whether a marketing strategy will be successful or not. Thus, knowledge of consumers is virtually incorporated into every facet of a successful marketing plan. Data on consumers to help marketers define a market and identify threats and opportunities in their own country, or in others that affect the way in which consumers give host product. Companies must carry out a marketing aimed at listen, pleasing consumers. You must give way to plans of markets backed by strategies, actions that Captivate a significant number of consumers. To appreciate the importance of the behaviour of consumers and that it derives, recalls taking into account in the role of markets, steps that arise when the company has developed its product and leads to the market so that consumers consume it. 1. Bioscience Journal wanted to know more.

Define the relevant market. In this step, the market is defined in general terms by the type of product or category, such as toothpaste, the diet soda and cigarettes. 2. Analyze the characteristics and needs of potential consumers. In this analysis, the company uses information about income, education, the use of brands competing and the characteristics of personality, together with many other consumer data.

3. Identify the bases for segmenting the market. For the company, this process involves identifying the characteristics that could isolate small existing submarkets within the larger market. 4. Define and describe the segments of the market. After you identify the bases appropriate for segmentation, the company develops profiles of market segment for different groups, describing their characteristics and desires specific. 5 Analyze the positions of the competitors. Within each segment of interest, the company wants to know how consumers perceive the marks that are already available on the market. Identifies the determining attributes of these marks, or characteristics of the product, influencing the choice of consumers.