A New Class Of Black Holes

New data obtained by X-ray Observatory Chandra and XMM-Newton, confirm that there are two medium-size black hole in our neighboring galaxy. These holes, so far managed to avoid falling into the galaxy center. They can be example of the "seeds" from which are formed supermassive black holes in galactic centers, including the Milky Way. For several decades, scientists have strong evidence for the existence of two different classes of black holes, holes with a mass of magnitude, about 10 solar masses of supermassive located in the centers of galaxies, whose mass varies from hundreds of thousands and up to billions of solar masses. But is there a black hole intermediate-mass? The mystery still remains unsolved.

Evidence for the existence of these objects was controversial, and there was no convincing arguments that there are intermediate black holes in the galaxy. Recently, a group researchers found in X-ray data, the signature of medium-mass black holes in the galaxy M82, located 12 million light miles away from Earth. "This is the first discovery of two black holes, the average weight in one galaxy, "says Hua Feng of Tsinghua University in China. Scientists led two papers describing the results of the study. "Their location near the center of the galaxy may contain information about the origin of large, supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies. " One possible mechanism for the formation of supermassive black holes, suggest a chain reaction of collisions of stars in compact star clusters that leads to the accumulation of very massive stars that are in the process of decay, forming a black hole intermediate-mass.

Bologna University

The problem number one in any country is education. And in Spain the subject walks scrambled from different instances that affect all levels of education, including University. It is time to think about education and do it thoroughly. The organic law of education in Spain leaves the door open so that the autonomous communities cut hours of subjects like philosophy, opening some communities leverage as Valencia to reduce his schedule; the process of Bologna University convergence will bring to Europe adocenada University, in which quality just by measuring the amount. The number of students has become decisive for determining the quality of a commodity or a postgraduate degree, and there is no room for specialization. One thing is know a lot of little, know each time more than less and end up knowing everything about nothing; something very different, know only generalities, because, they say, thats what is preparing to adapt to any market need. This is the message of Bologna, assumed with fervor by retrograde and progres.

We then quejaremos of savage neoliberalism. The new airs insist on preparing students to develop skills in the sciences and Humanities as well as technical studies. The old debate about whether educating consists in form or report has gone out of fashion, because you already know any teacher or professor that theirs is to prepare competent girls and boys. Competent, for what? To perform jobs assigned by the labour market, it is clear. Therefore, if there is a plan of any educational level or a postgraduate studies, paragraph longer and more complicated shall not which refers to the contents of the materials, but which relates to competencies. Competence is a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to carry out an occupation and produce a definite result. I consulted a colleague of pedagogy, and with a good dose of irony, he gave me an example: someone is competent to make a bed when you know what is a bedspring, a mattress, what they are the savannas, realizes how it is best to place them and also feels something important enough as to try to leave them well, without wrinkles and without that the embozo remains uneven.

Appropriate Control

We have spoken on previous occasions, of the impact of the complaints of customers and users (see related news by clicking here). This time, we will focus on a specific users type: students. Internet is currently a medium very used to register criticism from users, and more still when it comes to young users whose fundamental tool in day to day is the computer. And is that it needless to say that the youth of today handled to perfection the new technologies, and used the network, an average of two hours a day for leisure, without taking into account time spent you by obligation either for reasons of work or study. Within this area student, formulated complaints and criticism through this medium, it seems the perfect procedure.

These views, may have different origin, as poor relations with certain teachers, or complaints by the notes of the exams. Know who made these comments, can help us to solve the problems and avoid arising out a string of a comment, vast views of the same type. And it is that it is human tendency, partnering most to pronounce on the downside you on good. If the complaints are unfounded and anonymous little we should do, however, there are many occasions in which complaints can be productive. This is the case, for example, of the comments with respect to administrative shortcomings of colleges and universities, such as the improvement of the conditions of classrooms or lack of space in the libraries. It is important that institutions reinforce the positive aspects acknowledged, but it is even more important to correct the deficiencies.

A good image is essential to exercise leadership and confidence. When a student chooses the University that is going to pursue their studies, previously performed a trace not only the information about the own career, but also information that can provide other users with respect to methodology, teaching staff i.e. on more personal aspects of the entity. If the image provided by the comment made by students is positive, this constitutes a strong argument, so University future opt that studies Center within its alternatives. On the contrary, if this information is negative, they doubted not dismiss an institution, since the educational offer in our country is very wide. Therefore, we invite those responsible for subjects, associations of students, directors and all members involved in education, that attend these opinions and devote some time to determine the most practical solutions to exercise some control over all these comments, positive or negative, since their knowledge, not only facilitate the work of solving the problems which may arise environment to them, but that will help us build a positive reputation.