Racial Democracy

We cannot also disrespect that the same school exactly shyly already worked these questions for militant professionals in diverse social movements. mainly we cannot disrespect here that per centuries and years this same school has not worked with didactic material, standing out the didactic books that had always brought the black for inside of the classroom as a devaluated being, enslaved, qualrrelsome, habitual runaway, where they hunted them to foremen as animal. Texts and figures read and shown without no critical one in relation to the escravismo. Omitting and/or presenting of form simplified and counterfeited the daily one of the slaves. Its presence in these books was marked by the stereotype and caricature, the books continue contemplating the African question as lesser. They contemplate personages football players, singers of pagodes and sportsmen.

The black personalities do not only restrict the players, also have ministers, writers and other black personalities, that are not placed in prominences. Generally, when black personages enter in histories appear entailed to the slavery. The boardings naturalize the suffering and strengthen association of the color To crystallize the image of the slave state becomes the one of the forms most efficient of symbolic violence problem is not in counting histories of slaves, but in the boarding of the subject. (RASP, 2005) the school that reproduces the society, society that has in its imaginary o Myth of the Racial Democracy, that impregnated of this imaginary national one nails the racial equality without respecting the existing diversities in this national context. is this same school that it needs to revert this education and the social vision of these pupils frequent who it. Ahead of this context he is the professor who through action that many prompt times look for to fulfill to the modifications proposals in the pertaining to school resumes. But we also find depositions of that they do not obtain to make optimum for not having specific didactic material, that same the current books didactic do not help, therefore do not bring the inclusion of the thematic one of form to interdisciplinar, not yet we find, for example, texts on the history of fights of blacks in the context of the history of the slavery.

Education Religious

After the celebration of the Mass for the priest capuchinho Frei Eugnio, the children was divided in some groups to participate of catequese and the assays of the teatrais parts in that religious institution. Contracted for the government of the State, in the same year (1980) it gave to competition getting 7 rank. Immediately it was accomplished and convoked to work as multipurpose teacher in the Pertaining to school Group ' ' Francisco de Souza Porto' ' , in the America Quarter, group of children with difficulty of learning in the matutino turn. He confesses that he loved alfabetizar these children and adds: ' ' Quanta acquired experience! As it was good and important to work with them How much I learned! ' '. At night, it complemented the horria load working Alfabetizao de Jovens and Adultos, also multipurpose, in the Pertaining to school Group ' ' Rodrigues Drea' ' , in the Siqueira Quarter Fields. From 1981, it obtained to be integrally in the origin school, at night, working Education Religious, for it disciplines of study.

The Religious Education at the time was under management of the saudosa Appeared Sister, and coordination of the Proco of Church N.S. of Lourdes, saudoso Rezende priest. Developing the alfabetizao work, either with children with difficulty of learning, either with young adult, it always looked for to work in set with the group. It searched to elaborate with the same ones (), the cronogramas of the weekly activities, as cantigas of wheel, hour of the surprise, to the hour of the communication and expression and histories counted and sung, histories complemented for the pupils, said choir, adivinhaes, parlendas, hour of the mathematics, the hour of the common knowledges, etc.; everything this bringing to tona for classroom, and arguing with the group. in such a way was applied the contents with the participation of all, in elapsing of the week.