Spanish AEF

When assessing the data of the turnover recorded by the whole of the franchise system, Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF, points out that a decline of only 0.2% in a difficult year again marked by the economic crisis, is a clear indicator that the Spanish franchise is resisting and facing this adverse situation in a way very worthy, surely that much better than any other trade formula, and, at the same time, gives cause for moderate optimism. Operational flags as reflected also in the report, the Spanish franchise system is composed of a total of 934 flags, of which 757 are of domestic origin (81%) and the remaining 177 (19 per cent) come from different countries, mainly in France (43 channels), United States (41), Italy (29) and Portugal (11 marks). In total, there are 15 franchise more than in December 2009, national 10 signatures and 5 foreign. Of these 934 franchises, the most represented sector is the beauty/aesthetic, with 88 strings (6 more than in 2009), followed by specialty stores, with 78 (1 more), and home furnishings/textiles, with 65 (3 more). Also, it also emphasizes the disappearance of 6 flags in the activity of financial services, which now remains comprised 15 marks, or the travel agencies which have suffered 2 casualties, going from 25 to 23 companies. For the President of the AEF, the increase in the number of national and foreign chains is a faithful reflection of the trust that exists in the system of franchise, as a valid expansion formula and which offers multiple advantages, even in times of crisis. Number of establishments other statistics that the report of the AEF is that, to December 31, 2010, in Spain had a total of 56.444 open establishments, of whom 14.011 were themselves and remaining 42.433 franchisees. I.e. that 695 premises less than at the end of 2009 (date in which had 57.139 operating establishments), worked a decrease of 1.2%.

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Olympic Games

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