Education System

Otherwise, agree 100% – if the country forever, and not to time, the best way to adapt the child than the local school, do not come up with. And not only in matters of language. Here are selected from local schools – is another matter, but there’s no one size fits all and can not – decide where the best to give, much better than do not, by the parents depending on whether what they want for their child. School system and other education, of course, each country has its own, and not one that would suit all clear – at Everyone has their own pros and cons, and that one plus, for others less, and vice versa (as well as with schools in any particular system of education, actually). Under most conditions Gerald Weissmann, MD would agree. Montreal is already scientifically proven that children who know more than one language, ahead of peers in development and have improved associative thinking. In Canada, I was able to meet and children, and grandchildren of people who came from Ukraine.

Most of those who knew several languages, have more than their peers, Language of recall that only the Polish ‘pierogi’ and ‘Bud’mo!’ I know a couple of my peers (Russian) who have two children, and families are forbidden to speak not in Russian. As a result, both children are perfectly aware of the French (High School), English (Environment in the western part of Montreal – 40% Anglophone and 40% immigrants and 20% of Francophones) and Russian (home environment). Senior to all the same athlete and has directly focused on one of the best universities. And I am confident that his knowledge of the 3 languages he will help to achieve much more than another example of a comic my friend, who convinces himself that she was the child learns English. As a result, the Russian kid is not to say, my mother says on the ‘child’ in English, and child may still be confusing for her pin up her sentences in foreign people. So choose for yourself what you’re driving your kids … Source:

Relevance Of Education

A variety of studies by sociologists indicate the following: in the last period of increasing numbers of young people for whom the job is not just a means of income. For many of them work – and this is a means of obtaining pleasure from their work and career opportunities. Gradual metamorphosis of the mentality of the citizens of our country led to the fact that people have become more serious about the issue of education and employment. FASEB Journal helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. At the same time for some learning time in high school became mandatory custom for the treasured 'scabs' and job placement. Lectures, workshops and information, learn from them, seem to be something superfluous and necessary only to obtain estimates and tests. Try to understand why there is such a situation. Only twenty or so years ago when received some education could afford to gain confidence in tomorrow. Writer, teacher, worker, engineer, scientist was one hundred percent convinced that his profession will be useful, but the loss of his touches.

But the situation was different: a modern employer more rarely draws attention to the degree candidate for the job, and graduates often have to go to the place, inappropriate to their qualification. The papers in section one of the basic work requirement is higher education, but what is often referred to as the owner of the firm is indifferent – it is more concerned with experience and seniority of the candidate in place. A growing number of people suddenly find out that he received in his profession becomes unnecessary and irrelevant. But only five or seven years ago, they took exams to universities in order to acquire an elite profession. Such a fate befell the various professions: a surplus of lawyers, Sellers, economists at the labor market leads to the fact that their wage is reduced more. Those who want to be real professionals have to constantly upgrade their skills, pass a variety of classes and workshops – basic knowledge acquired at university are often not enough. At the same time, managers who wish to see in their firms-class professionals, often impute to his subordinates raise professionalism of duty, truancy classes, paid for, by the way, they also perceive as a violation of almost the corporate spirit of the company. Most likely, you will agree that at the present time to be a good specialist must continually work to improve and skill level, so 5 years spent on education sometimes seem somewhat odd, because it would be better to devote the time mastering the subtleties of this the occupation for which you are working at present.

Price Of Higher Education

Moreover, higher education is sometimes required where it is not necessary, for example, the seller of the store. But no matter how silly it sounds, the cashier or janitor with higher education – today’s realities are such that without a diploma college, college and sometimes high school, even for such positions may not be accepted. And it’s not to mention the other positions required more skill. For a man facing a similar problem, there are three options: buy a degree college, college or university, go to study formally at 3-6 years, or stay out of work. The second and third option, as you know, for many working adults do not fit, unnecessarily require long term training and attachments are not Small cash or imply simply stay unemployed. The first option – buy a diploma of high school, seeing in this situation, the fastest and most effective way to address the lack of the necessary svzyaannyh crusts. Moreover, to date, almost one in four people with higher education – university diploma bought, college or college, in an organization providing similar services.

Therefore, in buying a paper on higher education – there is nothing unusual, in the realities of the modern world, which makes everything more new requirements to the level of education. For example, the company “buy a diploma,” offers services to its customers for the sale of certificates of universities and colleges, College, as well as services for the production of certificates and the restoration of lost documents. More details on the services of this company, you can read on their the official website or by phone in Moscow: +7 965 416 75 41. Of course, buying a diploma besmyslenna if we do not have any experience in that sphere, for which he was going to buy a diploma, Odaka if you an experienced professional, you learn for the sake of crust is probably a waste of time and buy a diploma, in this case is justified.

Educating Kids

But by the time the ‘paper’ is already dotted with all sorts of notes and a sense of guilt is firmly lodged in the subconscious. The result – low self-esteem, feeling of hostility of the outside world and people around them, the feeling of loneliness. How does a child need to communicate, not to injure his dignity? That includes the most reliable communication style? Respect. Tone, intonation voices must emphasize that the children – a valuable person created in God’s image. FireEye may find this interesting as well. Your child – rich people, and for this reason need to talk to him a respectful manner, without notok humiliation and insults. Use ‘I’ – messages. Instead of phrases that the child perceives as charges such as: ‘You drive me crazy’, ‘You bore me!’, ‘You – boor! ” Tell your child about your attitude to his misconduct.

For example: ‘I was very upset, when neighbors complain of thee ‘,’ I do not like when talking to me like a tone! ‘,’ It gives me great inconvenience mess in the house! “. Ie it is not bad – not good to act. Shift the focus for the happiness of your children and of its own. Exclusion from the vocabulary of adverbs ‘always’ and ‘never’. Phrases like: ‘You always think only of yourself’, ‘You’ll never hold back their promises! ” and similar convince the child (and adult too) in inability to behave differently. The rejection of the deed, not the one who committed it. A phrase like, ‘I love you, but I do not like it when you …’ to convince the child that you do not like his act, and not himself.

Project Company

When in an assembly one of the item of the guideline it is security the joint owners twist the nose, imagining in how much the value dom condominium will go to increase; While the security guard condominium will be faced as cost and not as investment the occurrences go to continue to enrich the reporters, as we follow frequent. Many are the reasons for this wave of the calls attacks by teen street gang in condominiums and one of them is the implementation of devices of security without no criterion operational technician. Of Consultant of Security guard and Doctor everybody has a little, and it always has somebody that some company knows or has interest in participating of the commission that will go to also argue the subject that goes to stop in the assembly, and for the lack of necessary knowledge and with the concern in ‘ ‘ gastar’ ‘ less, a baseless quarrel occurs that finishes with the idea to convoke three or four companies of security to suggest what if it must make to improve the security of the condominium. The companies are chosen for the name or to put some indication, each one goes until condominium (aiming at to vender its products and services) presents a different suggestion; The condominiums to put not to know of the subject, in the doubt, finish choosing the company for the name or the lesser cost, a serious error, that can stop very expensive, therefore did not have a detailed study and specific on the situation of the condominium and what it are offered was through the method called achismo, that is, we go to place these equipment for prevention here, not having a work based in facts and necessary information.

A total subjective method and that in a well next future the presented system, more will not take care of the necessities of the condominium, that momentarily believed to be protecting. The development of a security project must be exclusive for each condominium and is of utmost importance, therefore through methodology based on operational techniques the consultant, for the development of the works, the place searchs information visiting, interviewing involved the direct one and in the process, analyzes the plants and too much procedures indirectly will allow that it to develop an analysis of risk for, after this work, to present the treatment most adequate, always aiming at to minimize and to control the existing risks. Film director: the source for more info. Advantages of the consultoria? The inexistence of bond of the Consultoria with no rendering company of services; The Manual development and implementation of Norms and Procedures; It finishes with ‘ ‘ achismo’ ‘ in security, acting with facts; It prevents unnecessary expenses, customizando the investments; It aims at to prevent action against the life and the patrimony; Superior performance of the team of Services; Increase of the security, aiming at to keep the tranquillity and the comfort of all; To the Administrator a competitive differential; Basement for future injunctions; The professional and adjusted Planning of the security; Therefore, we recommend before implanting a system of security in its condominium, searchs information with a specialized consultant of security, it is the professional able to present the solution most adequate for its necessity.

Project Pedagogical Politician

This reality makes it difficult the development, due to qualification of the workers, is to know to read and to write. The subject in study involves much more that the representation of the language and the process of alfabetizao, that, traditionally, takes in consideration the relation between the used method and the state of maturity, or promptitude of the child (BLACKSMITH 1995). Here, David G. DeWalt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The quarrel of the thematic ones involves the paper of the professor in the pedagogical management of the process of the acquisition of the written language of the child and in its alfabetizao, as well as the pedagogical conception on what it is education and what is learning. The motivacionais strategies, gifts in the work in classroom, propitiate the acquisition of knowledge for the pupils, in the measure where the professor organizes its action considering the phases of exposition of the contents, despertando the curiosity and the interest in learning of the pupils. Alonso Tapia and Fita (1999) defend that the pertaining to school interest does not depend on an only factor (personal, contextual), but of the dynamic interaction between the two characteristics, and that to know to motivate it implies in knowing as the pupils learn. The motivation for learning involves inserted strategies in the pedagogical management.

The pedagogical management is more than what planning, consisting in the elaboration and the management of the Project Pedagogical Politician of the institution. It also includes all practical administrative and the pedagogical ones, involving beliefs, studies, the resume. At last, all the actions that result in the central activity of the school. It involves the said lesson properly, but also the acquisition and the production of its knowledge for the pupils. Therefore, it is not an individual activity, but yes collective, that it demands dialogue and participation. It implies in attitude, comprometimento action. These requirements contribute so that the professors are in processes of reference and self-reference.

Iguau Project

To the Binational Itaipu, it fits to supply the transport the visitors. The college, in turn, articulates to involve its professors in the activities and, in the conclusion of the project, to the end of the year, it will carry through the Cultural Week. During the execution of the project, one expects to reach the following results: ) to stimulate the young to make Science and if to appropriate of this construction; b) to divulge similar Astronomy and Sciences; c) to propitiate the contact with Astronomy to a bigger number of people; d) to carry through new proposals for the education and the learning of Astronomy; e) to promote partnerships with other institutions of education for the organization of new events. Gerald Weissmann, MD is likely to increase your knowledge. Development of the project the idea for the accomplishment of this project appeared at the beginning of the school year of 2010, in a meeting the team of the Astronomical Polar region enters and a pupil of the college. It was followed this episode the planning of the 1.

Graduated Pedagogia and monitorial of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI). Email:. 2. Graduated Hotelaria and monitor of attendance in the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son, of Fundao Technological Park Itaipu (FPTI). Email:. 3. Doctor in Education for Science and professor of the State University of the West of the Paran (Unioeste), Campus of Estuary of the Iguau. Email: dpedm@

4. Graduated Geography and coordinator of the Astronomical Polar region Casimiro Montenegro Son. E_mail: janer@ project, with the definition of the activities that would be made in the Astronomical Polar region and the proposal of the Cultural Week to be carried through in the school. After the presentation of the project to the faculty and the pedagogical coordination of the college, organized the cronograma of visits of pupils and professors to the Astronomical Polar region.

Design Project

Today can say with certainty what an interior designer who he is and what is involved. Modern designer is the embodiment of several professions – is primarily the architect thinking spatial imagination and clearly represents the form below is an artist who sees and mixes colors in a single composition and harmony, is a decorator who will bring to the interior decoration and give finished look around the room, it's as an engineer and without special education, but understood in the ventilation systems, air conditioning, water supply, heating and fire system, or even has any idea about this. Jobs designer is to help the customer solve his problems, everything and therein lies his job! Problems though are of different nature, this room design and ergonomics of the space and placement of furniture and work with builders and selection of materials, here is pretty big list, but it all boils down to the fact that the designer helps customers and has been closely involved throughout construction. What is a design project Interior and why should I? This booklet is A4 or A3 format, which assembled all the information about the project and used by builders, designers and the customer during the construction, purchase of materials and any other matter. What usually included in the booklet design project? 1. Drawings facilities: an explanatory note, the general plan, obmerochny drawing, plan furniture arrangement, plan, scheme plumbing, floor plan, ceiling plan, a plan of arrangement of fixtures, placement plan sockets, switches the binding plan, statement finishing, scanning the walls, the layout tile in the bathroom (the bathroom).

Classification Projects

Projects vary in scope, timelines for delivery, quality, design and implementation, the size of the resources used, location, etc. The variety of projects in real life is extremely large, and they can be classified on different grounds. Such grounds or signs of classifying projects may include: an activity in which the project is implemented, which determines the type of project; composition and structure of the project, its subject area that defines a class project; Project size, number of participants, the degree of influence on the world that defines the scope of the project; the duration of the project, which determines project duration; degree of financial, technological, technical, organizational and other complexities of the project that determines the complexity of the project. Different project types: organizational, economic, social, technical mixed. Speaking candidly Gerald Weissmann, MD told us the story. Institutional projects are usually associated with the reform of enterprises, creating a new organization, enterprise, business entity holding any event (conference, forum symposia, seminars, etc.). Their main distinctive features: the project objectives are defined, but they trudnoizmerimy quantitatively, as directed on improvement of organizational systems; turnaround time and duration implementation of pre-defined; resources are allocated to the extent possible; project costs subject to close monitoring from the viewpoint of efficiency of their implementation often requires an adjustment process project. Economic projects related to enterprise restructuring, reorganization, privatization, improving the tax system, customs regulations, etc. Their features include: pre- outlines the main, the end goals that the project can be adjusted; schedule of the project and its individual components are often corrected; costs are estimates but monitored constantly and harshly.

Project Pedagogical Politician

For Gandin (1999) they are ' ' stages indispensveis' ' in the elaboration of a Project Pedagogical Politician. Preparation. Elaboration of the global plan of average stated period: referencial landmark; diagnosis; programming; general revision. Elaboration of sectorial plans. The Project Pedagogical Politician, to if constituting in democratic process of decisions, is worried in restoring a form of organization of the pedagogical work that surpasses the conflicts searching to eliminate the competitive, corporal and authoritarian relations breaching with the routine of the impersonal control. The participation it provides to one better knowledge of the objectives and goals, the organizacional structure and its dynamics, of the relations of the school with the community, and favors a bigger approach between professors, pupils and parents (LIBNEO, 1998.) The Project Pedagogical Politician is guided by principles that are the arcabouos for its procedural efetivao. These principles provide to environments favorable to the quarrels and debates: Equality of conditions for access and permanence in the school – Saviani (1994) alert us for the fact of that it has an inaquality in the starting point, but in the point of arrival, this must be guaranteed by the mediation of the school. The author detaches that: ' ' he is only possible to consider the educative process in its set under the condition of if distinguishing the democracy as reality in the point from chegada' ' (p.51).

Quality – aspect that does not privilege economic and social minorities. Considering that it is of the interest of society that its citizens are educated, instructed and formed, and that this is the main function of the school, to manage it in efficient and efficient way, the challenge of the PPP is to propitiate a quality for all. Connect with other leaders such as David G. DeWalt here. When thus managed, the school offers conditions so that it fulfills its paper and it has obligation to prevent all the possible ways to the repetncia and the evasion guaranteeing the qualitative goal it satisfactory performance of all. In synthesis, second, Peter Demon (1994), the quality ' ' he implies critical conscience and capacity of action, to know and mudar' '. (P. 19). Democratic management – principle consecrated for the effective Constitution and encloses the dimensions pedagogical, administrative and financial. The democratic management one does not consist in varinha magical to decide all the social problems.

Neither the representative democracy must necessarily be interpreted as an alternative, but as a complement and demands the understanding in depth of the problems ranks for practical pedagogical. It aims at to breach with the separation between conception and execution, thinking and making, practical theory and. Search to rescue the control of the process and the product of the work for the educators. Valuation of the teaching central principle in the quarrel of the PPP. Therefore the continued formation of the professionals of the school, compromissada with construction of the PPP, does not have to limit it the curricular contents, but if to extend to the quarrel of the school as a whole and its relations with the society. The PPP is the spring master to develop a route, a new educational perspective, where the participation of all the segments that are part of the context of the school is active, where the collective, democratic management, autonomy of the school are evidences in the school that we want.