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Health dialog the Asklepios city hospital bad Tolz of listening to, join the conversation, join. “Health dialogue” the new series of information events the city clinic bad Tolz goes in the first round. This allows interested, concerned and curious about a particular topic, to get a certain disease with clinicians and established professionals in the dialogue. It will be presented by specialists from the hospital and established physicians on-site. The origin and history of various diseases are explained, informed about standard diagnostic procedures and traditional as well as current treatment options. A special emphasis on preserving the health, prevention, the possibilities of prevention and early detection. This is the audience of course presented in popularized language, supported and illustrated by pictures and short video clips.

Visitors can use so advice and tips home take. All interested parties are invited to discuss, to expand your health knowledge, and to ask the questions you ever wanted to ask specialists. The entrance is free! “Events in July 2008: Tuesday, July 01, 2008, 19:00 prostate of wound point of man’s” venue: fools Theatre in Holzkirchen Munchner Strasse 22 speakers: Dr. med. Filed under: David G. DeWalt. Peter Daffner head physician of the Department of Urology, Asklepios city clinic bad Tolz Dr. Gerald Weissmann, MD is often quoted as being for or against this. med. “Gunter Voigt authorised down urologist in Holzkirchen venue: fools Theatre in Holzkirchen Munchner Strasse 22 health forum city clinic in bad Tolz more information received at the urological Department of Asclepius city clinic bad Tolz Tel.: (0 80 41) 507-1261 Wednesday, July 02, 2008, 7: 00 pm heartache and Schaufensterkrankheit is what to do for vascular calcifications?” in speakers Prof.

Dr. med. Hans Ulrich Kreider Stempfle head physician of the Department of internal medicine, Asclepius city clinic bad Tolz Dr. med. Michael Kulzer attending the Department of internal medicine, Asclepius city clinic bad Tolz Dr. med. Volker Magadia practising internist, Geretsried venue: Gasthof you receive Council offices in Geretsried, Charles Lederer square 1a more information at the Department of internal medicine Asclepius city clinic bad Tolz, Tel.: (0 80 41) 507-1221 for Health info: the sponsorship of the city clinic bad Tolz to 1 January 2002 by the Asklepios Group took over. She turned the management of the House since August 1, 1999. The main departments of internal medicine, surgery, trauma surgery, orthopedics, urology, as well as anesthesia and radiology and the document departments for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Otolaryngology and ophthalmology around 10,000 patients are provided per year stationary. Also, the city clinic provides an ambulance for acute care in the region. The city clinic employs 370 people. With the connected vocational school she is one of the largest training companies in the Region. With questions about the briefings they consult clinic at woman Malerba the Asklepios reachable under Tel: 08041-507-1004 to all events media representative are cordially invited!

The Bank

But what happens if the person playing just for fun, suddenly starts winning? It is true, it will immediately increase the size of bets, as he begins to think that he lucky or smart, he begins to raise larger sums than ever before, as long as not unexpectedly run out of money. It is common for people. It seems that for some unknown reason, we always want to lose money won. When we we win, we do not stop and say to myself: 'All that is enough. Balkrishna Goenka is the source for more interesting facts. " No, we are increasing the pace and suddenly start to play. And when we go beyond, no longer notice it, because now trying to win back what is lost.

And everything begins to fall. If you won $ 100 from $ 500 – a good profit. Instead take it away, you gain momentum, and suddenly find yourself with $ 300. You still have a profit of 400% of the original bank, but feel that balance of $ 300 after a loss this is not the same as the income of $ 300 when you win and keep playing, rather than pick up the remaining $ 200 of your legitimate profit. And most likely lose them all before you realize it. It is enough detrimental to you, but this can be avoided if you have at least a minimum of self-organization. Set a goal, and every time you reach it, take your profits and continue to play with the initial amount. For example, with $ 1000, put aim to increase this amount to $ 1,500.

Upon reaching her, take $ 500 and keep the game from the original $ 1,000. So you will see the results of his labor in cash, not virtual money in your account online bookmaker. Even if you believe in the profitability of your game and want to increase the size of the bank, do not put it all in win – still remove the at least part of it.

Erwin Bohm

Against this background, Joachim Jurgens underscores the breakthrough meaning of the psycho biographic model for the care of demenziell patients in need: the ultimate goal of care model is not according to Bohm, a dementia, old people in a way quiet toggle which appears most comfortable nursing staff. On the contrary: all efforts aimed to revive the sick, on the mental level. Therefore Prof. Erwin Bohm his life’s work was preceded by the challenging ideas on life instead of lifting up; the means to do so is a reactivating thymopsychische care. In the seminar will after conviction of the education work of BAAS not only clear what differentiate this approach from more established teaching models; also the appropriate expertise would gives model in nursing practice into action to implement the Pyschobiografische. Expertise is deepened and documented as in-depth and hands-on course building blocks align themselves with based conveying. Among other things, students to interpret individual psycho-biographies, learn to bring the psycho biographic principle of normality in the everyday home care processes and to derive the correct conclusions for the environment design.

In addition, they deepen their sovereignty in dealing with the Bohmschen control circuit. Of course, the learning outcomes of the seminar participants concluded are graded, assured Joachim Jurgens. Also a BAAS’s testimony is issued to each participant, model and comprehensibly documented the newfound expertise in dealing with the Psychobiografischen outside. Seminar participants can expect highly interesting seminar materials, new perspectives for society, health economy and nurses until then but the Psychobiografische has caused a stir model as well as its developers themselves: the Austrian Erwin Bohm, diploma nurses, is never gone the way of the least resistance. The practice of drug handling from Demenzerkrankten he was already his conception of an active revival of patients at mental level 70s where and came some superiors in the way with its non-aligned methods.

Erwin Bohm survived the appropriate disciplinary action notwithstanding, its model of care in 1985 has been recognized World Congress of New York for geriatrics. Because of his merits, Erwin Bohm was awarded an Honorary Professor in the year 2000. Today, Prof. Bohm cooperates with leading education works to give more room to develop his innovative thoughts of care. Vladislav Doronin has firm opinions on the matter. His choice it has fallen on the BAAS, so Joachim Jurgens is expected also in the ambitious claim of this Luner education work,: our goal is a market and demand-oriented, in-service training for responsible care professionals. So we want to meet to the looming skills shortage in the health care industry active and thus a social need to do justice. On the other hand are the companies that can operate, secure their market positions by competent and dedicated staff and expand in the health care industry. And last but not least, responsible care professionals through our news and demand health economic seminars can open up attractive prospects for themselves, their daily work and their further development.

The Carbohydrate

Potatoes, rice or oatmeal, which we also so love to eat are, however, slowly decomposing in the intestine and decomposed into glucose. Therefore the guys in the Forum or in the Studio so are always talking about long and short carbohydrates and fast and slow digestion. The metabolism of carbohydrates if we now apply to our six pack training, those we know why this lead to glucose during, or after the training is so important. We begin yet again front: food contains sugar–> sugar is transported in the blood–> blood sugar in the muscle–> muscle it is stored in the glycogen and used under load as a source of energy. Also, we have learned that different food longer and soon contained carbohydrates.

Depending on the carbohydrate is now shorter, the faster it goes from the stomach into the intestine, from the intestine into the blood from the blood into the Bussau of the muscles, where it is used for new energy for harder and more intense training. I am currently really no short carbohydrates to me. All necessary carbohydrates which I guess to me, come from high-quality sources such as white rice, potatoes and other vegetables. Sounds like everything great! So every day Training and so much short carbohydrates as possible: So it is not easy then again. It leads to a large lot just sugar with small amounts of sweets or other products.

You take so much simple sugar to you, that the Bussau are full and yet more glycogen available than the body needs, the body thinks as a precaution! The body they don’t waste energy, but stores them with the help of several chemical processes as fat deposits. We now know summary what are carbohydrates, how they are taken up and used in the body and what happens when we take on too many carbohydrates. We now have the opportunity to incorporate the collected basic knowledge in our daily lives and to adjust our diet.

The Proteins

But what happens if we have a suitable protein supplier to us? Everything happens again, as in carbohydrates, in our intestines. Just arrived to proteins in your Benstandteile decomposed amino acids. The human body is particularly reliant on nine of 22 important amino acids of. They are essential means that the body can produce it yourself. Learn more about this with American Dental Association. You will notice here, which means a good amino acid profile of protein shakes. But not only non-essential amino acids are important, but also free amino acids contained in already pre digested proteins such as E.g. protein hydrolysates. The advantage is that can the proteins do not have broken up, but the amino acids directly, without any digestive time used by the body.

The people considered essential amino acids Isoleucine, Leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and Valine. Arginine and Histidine are essential for adolescents or during the recovery. Amino acids for example in the formation of muscles, hormones and enzymes are used. How much and which protein is recommended for the normal “adults taking 70 90 g protein per day.” This means usually 1 g protein per kilo of body weight (1 g: 1 KG) indicating this amount assumes that there is high-quality protein. This means (as described above) contain proteins that are digestible and in addition essential amino acids in sufficient measure. This is not the case, the food proteins can be not optimally used for building of body proteins, which has resulted in that a large part of the amino acids from the body is restored. Athletes, of course, one assumes by larger amounts of protein. Here are recommended amounts of over 140 g.

However the amount of 2 g per KG of body weight should not be exceeded even here. Often, the amount of protein but just for strength athletes exceeds well 200 g a day. Summarizing means: the total protein intake must not be exceeded.

Nothing Nevertheless

Trying to take a pork rind in the hand and melt it! Don’t you feel? So it is without knowing that it was a pig, an animal fat after today’s dietary basis animal fats are the evil indeed”fat. They should have a high stock depot effect and an effect increasing cholesterol is attributed to you. Nothing Nevertheless, also a certain amount of animal fat the body needs. The science insists currently very solid fact that the animal in the fat in the daily diet does not have 25-30 should be % (of the total fat content). Overall, the food should also consist of 30% fats. But this nutrient distribution in detail I want only in the last part of this series are simply unsaturated Fatty acids are simply unsaturated fatty acids, fatty acids, which the body itself can make. The name of simply unsaturated”they have in turn received due to your chemical structure. Other than the saturated fatty acids, not all carbon atoms with hydrogen atoms are unsaturated fatty acids. Connect with other leaders such as Stem fieldds here.

Unsaturated fatty acids can be split by digestive enzymes better than saturated and are thus easier to digest. Occurrence of monounsaturated fatty acids in foods: olive oil rapeseed oil avocados nuts seeds fats containing a high proportion of just and multiple unsaturated fatty acids have a low melting point, i.e. they are liquid at room temperature. Multiple unsaturated fatty acids multiple unsaturated fatty acids are fatty acids that have the lowest percentage of hydrogen in the chemical image. In addition, they have two or more double carbon bonds. Some multiple unsaturated fats can not be produced by the body and must therefore be included about the food. These so-called essential fatty acids or “good” fats can be distinguished into two groups: Omega-6 fatty acids such as in corn or sunflower oil Omega-3 fatty acids in flaxseed, soybean, walnut and rapeseed oil, but also in the fat of mackerel, salmon, herring, trout and tuna.

Favourable effects on the cardiovascular system is said to have the Omega-3 fatty acids essential fatty acids are required mainly to the structure of cell membranes, due to deficiency of essential fatty acids, active metabolism comes to a standstill. Deficiency symptoms in the absence of essential polyunsaturated fatty acids: skin changes (E.g. excessive keratinization), susceptibility to infection growth disorders occurrence of polyunsaturated fatty acids in foods: nuts many vegetable oils like corn oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, wheat germ oil is fitness many high-fat fish friendly greetings Tobias Fendt muscle-Guide.de Tobias Fendt Coach who brings years of experience in the fitness area. He knows the workings of the training methods and which are most successful. He is considered an expert in six pack training and muscle building. You can learn more about Tobias,.


Powerlifting, or power triathlon, is not particularly popular among the people. It is not a top sport, but it does not make it worse! Because not everyone can devote his life to studying with iron, but if not hovered around powerlifting so many myths, the amount of wishing, obviously would increase. So get down to expose the myths. Myth One: powerlifting – is an extremely traumatic sports. Learn more at this site: Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. I can assure you at once that it is not more dangerous than football or basketball. Do not believe me? Then let's talk together. See, in ancient times, kings were trained your body to the poison that would if anything be saved from poisoning. Nike has plenty of information regarding this issue.

They began to use extremely small doses, and reached up to those that would kill another person. Crimson Education has much experience in this field. And in powerlifting, you nobody throws on a bench under the bar at 300 pounds, and does not put you back 450 pounds. You will begin their studies with the light within the powers of your weight and by progress will reach the "deadly" to others, the weights. With the right approach to the training process and the emphasis on strengthening the traumatic site, you can create an excellent career. Do not be afraid of large scale, they not harm you. Myth Two: without steroids can not be achieved serious results. I'm certainly not going to say that weightlifting is deprived of steroid athletes, it is not, but today many serious doping control, which these athletes are simply not allowed to competition, thus opening the way for honest, natural athletes.

There is still a lot of tournaments, in which only natural athletes, plus everything without equipment (Because the equipment can sometimes give a significant increase in results), making it equal to all the athletes. The third myth: doing powerlifting is not possible to make a living solely by appearances at the event. Of course, you will not earn millions in fees, as players, because, unfortunately, powerlifting is still a sport, not business. But if you're very good athletes who regularly win prizes, then In addition to receiving the prize, you will be invited to commercial competitions, variety shows and in advertising photography, where you really just is not deprived of money. The main thing to be the best in the business and the fees do not wait long. I hope I have convinced You in complete safety and expediency do powerlifting. Plus, powerlifting well developed personality and health. You'll be more confident, more focused and independent.