Every year countless children as missing are reported in Germany. While most eventually resurface, some never return home. The company SecurStar now gives parents a help hand to protect their children: with the software PositionTracer that is installed on the phone, it is possible that meters to pinpoint the whereabouts of the child. Until end of 2007 decided against the idea of a Europe-wide alert system for missing children. Get more background information with materials from Amazon.

Due to strong resistance, particularly from Germany and Austria, agreed the EU Justice Ministers only on a network of existing national alarm systems. Just headlines such as the case of Madeleine from the UK, the in the Portugal holiday was taken, will cause in mind, how quickly you can be concerned. The knowledge about the importance therefore have appropriate prevention measures, makes many parents are themselves active and looking for solutions. \”With PositionTracer, the company SecurStar has developed a system, the needs of parents in terms of their children’s safety\” meets. The solution is designed for the protection of children, but also elderly and sick people, employees, as well as to the guarding of goods (vehicles, machinery, etc.).

The software for GPS enabled mobile phones is a type of mobile bodyguard\”, in contrast to usual mobile phone tracking allows an accurate satellite positioning to within a few meters. So are parents able to track the current locations and route histories of their children easily in real time online on a map or a satellite image. The location will be carried in 3-d. This means that while both the current altitude and Speed as the direction of movement can be evaluated.


fileboom.de goes to school school newspaper uses provocative new possibilities of the online publication, the student newspaper of the Kant-Gymnasium in Weil am Rhein, has recognised the benefits of a digital publication. Their issue No. 8 is now available on the online market place fileboom.de as a paid download available. The editors of the provocative editorial issued with this new distribution channel on new land for school newspapers. Student newspapers is but as a way for students, even practically on the fields of journalism, economics, publishing and advertising marketing to test, then the step to the online publication means only adapted already carried out and expected future structural adjustments of that these professional fields. The combination of printed and paid web version is closer to the reality of a professional newspaper, as the mere sale with cash fund to the break room.

The example of the provocative editorial is recommended not only for reasons of practical relevance to the imitation. A digital School newspaper enables you to publish the content produced by the students without financial risk, because it is necessary no advance for printing costs. The problem of too few or too many copies does not arise. Through the Online Edition the first print edition of a young student newspaper in many cases can be first, by creating a financial cushion for the printing costs. The online publication is suitable also as a supplement to the print version, to make permanent and accessible to an extended customer base already published outputs. Former students; Parents, friends and relatives of the students also get to enjoy of the school newspaper. To Sandro Pretzer, Managing Director of Tracnology GmbH: Many student newspapers surprise today with a quality which needs not to hide behind professional magazines on newsstands. That is provocative for a good example.

One quickly notices this student newspaper, which is why in Baden-Wurttemberg as one of three best of the country by the Ministry of education has been awarded. These contents are interesting not only for students. We want to enable a simple publication with fileboom.de pupils. Of course they should deserve something with their works. Even more exciting, that makes the work for the school newspaper. “And if revenue can be used for the purchase of dictation devices or digital cameras, then the quality of the newspaper will improve further.” Contact: fileboom – a brand of TRACNOLOGY GmbH, represented by the Managing Director: Sandro Pretzer (int. Vertriebs./Einkaufs.-Ing.) Daniel Prast (Dipl.-ing. multimedia technology) TRACNOLOGY GmbH Philipp-Muller-str. 12 23966 Wismar phone: + 49 3841 758 1184 fax: + 49 3841 758 1181 a phone contact is to deny mail preferably by E-Mail in advance: Internet: about fileboom.de the online marketplace, fileboom.de offers its users the ability to purchase digital content in the form of files or for sale. The highly charged Files are available for paid download. The seller can make free prices and credited to your customer account will receive the sale proceeds. As a marketplace of ideas, is open to anyone, fileboom, offers attractive opportunities but just private people. Thereby, the formats is not limited to text, video, photography and music. Each can be stored on a PC file format is always negotiable.

Mobile Dog Schoolmobile

Efficient dog training with a non-violent method! Dog training efficient and non-violent! Prerequisite, is whether a dog to its owner, a good bond between dog and owner. Through our unique binding and attention training, we strengthen them. The dog is inherently attention to its owner and learn that it is best to be close to him and without command! Through consistent training, the owner is more important than all distractions, such as cyclists, joggers, other dogs, etc. The dog will stay by itself with him. You will be amazed how you can quickly and easily “by itself” solve problems and to anywhere hassle-free to take his dog. Anxious dogs are more confident. Dominant dogs are submissive.

Nervous dogs are calm and balanced. The purpose of education course is to teach how to handle with the dog, so that anyone able to train his dog.The dog is what makes man out of him. Our dog training is practical. The dog is in the everyday environment learn to obey.


The coach of the top dog school in the tip of the month of August give you some basic information about the subject of walking and running with dog even though we have still summer, the next cookie time\”(cakes and Christstollen) determined and thus the time comes with less movement and the one or two pounds on the hips… Have already holiday or simply to enjoy the long evenings with sports: summer is the ideal time to keep fit and lean (or still are). Light, balanced nutrition and a healthy amount of movement are that important. An obstacle is however often the inner pig dog\”, applies it to the defeat. Credit: Delta Air Lines-2011. On the other hand is a real dog\”for the ideal partner because with him together movement much more fun. Previously a small check at the doctor of course all exercises only for physically fit, healthy animals (and humans) are intended.

It is similar to how to start a training program for people important age, race and General, To take into account fitness level of your dog. A visit to the doctor and veterinary medicine is for humans and animals, before the sport in attack, to recommend. Both should leave necessarily study prior to the workout because of sporting stress, to exclude risks. Too quickly can over-exert yourself ambitious or enthusiastic beginners. So, as your doctor advises you how long and at what heart rate you can train, also know the veterinarian, how long the dog at a time may run without overexerting himself to. Please only slowly increase the workload. Don’t rush off at full speed, but increase speed and duration daily, but slowly.

Please also remember to take breaks regularly, both for yourself and for your dog. Dogging is a popular sport for many dog owners. The term consists of the term dog (dog) and jogging (running). Because dog owners want to leave your four-legged friend either not so long alone or because they like to something with him want to do together, not alone to run their sport but take their dog.

Tinti Lunchbox

A Tinti Lunchbox and flask as a meaningful gift for the enrolment of Tinti now new fun in the lives of children. After the popular products for bathing the Tinti lunchbox is a perfect companion for trips, leisure, school and kindergarten. It is obtain in different colors and the motif carries the popular Octopus on the cover. Tinti stands for high quality and carefully processed products. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Tinti bread box is made of high-quality, food-safe plastic. The buckle carefully seal the bread box and also by children is well manageable.

The size of the Tinti bread box with approx 18, 5 x 14 x 6, 5 cm is ideal. So a rich fit Vespers for the school or kindergarten day and still the box is so handy that it easily has place in each nursery bag and each satchel. A partition wall, belongs to the Tinti bread box in addition the ever as you like in the box can be inserted or removed. One is so Separation of bread and fruit or sweet easily possible. The Tinti lunchbox is perfect as a gift to the first day of kindergarten or baptism. Just as the content of school beginners enjoy Tinti children products, such as the bath water color, bath confetti, or other care products and provide unadulterated fun. Natural goods retail BioNaturwelt Sabine Munch Amsel route 6a 96224 Burgkunstadt Tel: 09572/609880 fax: 09572/609881

Web Training

“By a distance learning course to a specialist be the crises in times successful training is a must have”. Printing costs to reduce and to save costs are forced on short-time working more and more companies go down or dismiss employees. Guide bearing of the partial aggressive and drastic cost savings are primarily employees who are easy to replace, or have to show little to no training. You may find Levi’s to be a useful source of information. But those who can demonstrate expertise and special properties, which has good chance to get his job or to get quickly back into work. Despite rising unemployment and crises demand grows at company skilled and motivated staff. The urge after training and obtain a new education, has grown in recent years at the German citizens. From fear to lose the jobs, so as well as according to the a new vocational existence require to gain opportunities search more and more workers after besides the profession to educate. This trend and the After training, more and more remote schools experience a rush of new prospects of distance learning request.

The possibility of a distance course is mainly for workers in addition to your professional to qualify a real alternative and opportunity and to gain new knowledge. A further advantage which is remote schools the economic view that they enjoy, so more and more recruiters prefer a graduates to a distance against a candidate with normal experience. The reason for this is simple. Every entrepreneur wants independently working, independently-minded, self motivating and flexible employees, furthermore the applicant should bring a high degree of self-discipline and resilience with which. All of these properties are attributed to a graduates study in a remote school, because exactly these properties must be met by the students to successfully complete its distance learning course. Germany’s largest remote schools is present on the Web page, the You will be informed through other various correspondence courses and funding opportunities, such as the employment agency or the education premium.

South Surf

Surf Camp Winter Special on the sunny island of Fuerteventura in the Rapa Nui surf school & camps welcome to Fuerteventura! For all those who want to escape the winter depression, the Surfcamp offers a Surf camp for beginners and advanced with guiding to the best and most beautiful wave of Fuerteventura Organizer Rapa Nui surf school and camps from Fuerteventura. With endless sandy beaches, over 300 sunny days a year, crystal clear water and waves with the predicate “World class” with security, Fuerteventura belongs to the best surf destinations in Europe. The rough far manageable landscape conveys the sense of freedom and adventure. The climate is constant throughout the year and the air and sea temperatures warm. Nowadays each wave-hungry surfers know that Fuerteventura is no secret. But the famous North Shore no longer is the main destination. In the South of the island wait for numerous secret of surf spots, long golden sand beaches with gentle beginner-friendly waves and clean point breaks out to be discovered? As The oldest of the Canary Islands, has left its mark, and the island was even perfectly shaped by nature, so you can find the perfect spot without long car journeys in purchase depending on the skill, swell and wind direction. Our surf camps directly on the South Peninsula Jandia is located right here.

For people who love the refined atmosphere, we offer our surf Villa in the mountains near La pared with beginner or advanced course in one week at the price from 349,-. Directly on the Costa Calma with its many nightclubs, restaurants, Spanish tapas bars, shopping malls, and one of the longest and most beautiful sandy beaches of Fuerteventura’s our second Surf camp located only a 10-minute walk from the beach in a hotel. The Aparthotel is situated in a quiet leafy area with large swimming pool with a bar, sun loungers and mini market. Our Surf camp in Costa Calma for a week with rates and all inclusive from 434,-of Rapa Nui we want you to share our passion for surfing.

Germany SchoolTrends

schoolTrends – ideas in terms of school clothing BURGTHANN – your new school T-shirt was presented to students of the secondary school. A year ago, a contest was held where the school logo painted by pupils of the secondary school was selected. The design of colour took over the graphic Department of the company schoolTrends from Dusseldorf, which specializes in the production of school uniforms, school uniforms and school shirts now. Peter Visnjevski – Managing Director of the company schoolTrends – presented the first T-Shirt with the school’s logo. The color of the school shirt is navy blue and the logo is yellow and green – held in the colors of Burgthanns -. This logo is ticked on each shell. School shirts promote the sense of community, therefore welcomes the Hauptschule Burgthann, if as many pupils and students showing their allegiance to the school wearing their school shirts at Burgthann.

Company profile: schoolTrends schools offering the opportunity as one of the first companies in Germany, a image-neutral school clothes. This has the advantage that no existing brand image is transferred to the school and the school clothing embodies only the image of the school, because she is only produced for schools and offered them. schoolTrends objective to make the institution school into a largely markenfreien area and supports the schools in all questions relating to the topic of school clothes and school uniforms starting with the on-site consulting, production and integrated support in the day-to-day operations of the school. Professionally, quickly and reliably used.

Board Learn

MODO surf school/Surf camp learn surfing in Fuerteventura with the OTRO welcome on Fuerteventura at the OTRO MODO surf school & Surf camp! The Canary Islands are also referred to as the Hawaii of Europe not wrongly for Fuerteventura’s beaches and reefs, powerful waves for surfing break throughout the year and learn surfing. In addition, there are not very many similarities between Hawaii and Fuerteventura Fuerteventura is also of volcanic origin but the kargste and the least densely populated of the Canary Islands? Still the desert island attracts many tourists every year in its spell no wonder who has – once seen the endless sandy beaches and the azure blue waters of Fuerteventura’s no longer come on by the barren beauty of the Canary Islands… In a question-answer forum Richard Linklater was the first to reply. Fuerteventura is a water sports of paradise all year round warm water and temperatures, light winds and strong waves, make an ideal place for windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, diving, surfing, snorkelling, wakeboarding, Jet skiing and much more from Fuerteventura… John Donahoe CEO describes an additional similar source. Surfing is one of the oldest sports in the world, already the ancient Hawaiians more than 4000 years ago went to pay homage to surfing to the sea as their deity. Today, surfing is a popular sport and inspires people of from different cultures and religions around the world. Here in Fuerteventura OTRO MODO surf school of ganzjahrig surf camps organized and Surkurse learn to surf. We here attach great importance to personal service, individuality and security, because we want that everyone – no matter how old whether beginner or an expert on the Board – surf learn maximum joy of surfing and surfing has. For our surf lessons we drive every day on a different Beach, Fuerteventura, because the unique surf spot the Canaries island offers variety every day perfect conditions for surfing. Our licensed instructors and Surfcourses forward with you to share your passion for surfing and exploring the beaches of Fuerteventura. If you would like to learn more information about our Surfcamp in Fuerteventura and the surfing goes on our website: or send us an E-MAIL to Aloha! Christof

School Caught

A value change in Germany is accompanied by a loss in value have we in the sense of OPASCHOWSKI’s 20 years ago still by a change of in values and to a leisure – and adventure society spoken, so the first professors will speak soon and of a change to a violent society. Statistics speak a unique language. The level of violence in the sense of a brutal violence is increasing. Often for no apparent reason, people become victims. Even on defense incompetent, lying on the ground is still occurred.

What is going on in Germany? What is perhaps a little striking, is a reality for many people already. Thrashing and consuming youth gangs already make certain districts in some cities to \”no go areas\”. Also, girl gangs fighting gain recognition. Even the fear of the police is dwindling. FireEye, McAfee & Documentum might disagree with that approach. You insulted and spit on them and if need be, it is also palpable.

Particularly felt teachers get this loss of respect. Also the police hands are largely tied them, however. Fast, the legislature has forbidden them non-bureaucratic measures. Instead a marathon Conference must traverse to make an offender liable, in the schools, so the teacher punished with withdrawal of leisure. The result is that only serious cases will be pursued, while others remain unpunished. The message that follows is fatal. But neither teachers nor police are to blame for this. The company that provides the many negative influences over the years is only guilty. There are many public top managers, who preach wage modesty and self stuff the bags. But even more all the ZUMWINKELs that like to put role models and millions evade taxes in the dark and to get away with a lapidary sentence are guilty. Open words to speak, as politicians who first and foremost as lobbyists for themselves and hide this behind flowery words, but also politicians who have forgotten it, are guilty.

SUP Fuerteventura

SUP surfing learning experience in our surfcamp in Fuerteventura the most primitive kind of surfing, stand up paddle surfing in Fuerteventura! Stand up paddle surfing is the newest trend sport from Hawaii known as SUP. We are the first school in Fuerteventura, which is offering a course for the Rapa Nui surf school & camps. Is the difference to conventional surf SUP surfing upright on the Board stands and provides propulsion with a paddle. This one has a better overview and gets even the smallest wave perfect for surfing. SUP surfing is the ideal fun on the water to do something for body and soul with the Fuerteventura’s coasts from a completely different perspective to explore, and at the same time.

SUP surfing is the perfect workout? It is very quick to learn and suitable for everyone. Through our many years of experience in training in the surfing and the experience in the stand up paddling in recent years we are prepared very well on the new trend sport. The beaches of Fuerteventura offer the ideal conditions for the quick learning success and first ride on the shaft. Stand up paddling is the perfect all round fun sport. No matter whether your lives by the sea, Lake or a river. With the stand up paddlers can explore at any time the waters you anywhere with your friends. SUP surfing can learn anyone and is suitable for children from 10 years. Our experienced and highly motivated team of Rapa Nui surf school is pleased to offer you to teach the most primitive type of surf SUP surfing.

March Preparation

At last When it left hasty in that morning of spring, the day was clearly the flowers that decorated the garden of its house seemed to hear the strong strokes of its heart. She was anxious and it had slept little that night. With uncertainty it chooses the clothes to dress, none it seemed to be the made right one, even so it was young pretty was felt excessively tired to admire itself in this morning. For times it thinks about giving up, the challenge would be great excessively. On the other hand, the weeks, months of preparation, interminable hours ahead of the writing-desk, research in books of which more did not want to hear to speak, parties that leave to go at last, quanta resignation. After years of preparation it concludes the college. It is said farewell to the friends, professors and people who orientates, keeps to the old jeans that already the passage of the campus, the cafeteria and even of the point of the bus perhaps knew.

It does not only remove of the walls the photos, clippings of periodicals, articles politicians and the old posters of musicians, the Beatles (they are perpetual) Roberto Carlos (I am romantic), Cazuza Cssia Eller (I am rock musician), until the ingression of the Rock in River remained in the wall. Daqui a time probably, in a rainy night when accumulated ballad will be deciding between going pra or using to advantage to arrange coisinhas of the weeks, appreciates collects them in a box where to keep these souvenirs and to laugh and to cry, to tan the there registered moments. Hasty E, gives a last one looked at and with passing fast run the same for bus point to face its first day of work at last.

Mario Conde Association Mexicana

Referring to what he said Richards, one expresses their experiences to others, therefore the way we communicate not only is a way of expression but also a way to show people who we are personally, since by means of communication we can deduce in context what kind of person is that it is telling, their level of education, their provenance and even for some experts, personal trauma. Sadly, in this world let us take much for the physical appearance of people, but somehow the only aspect is a card of introduction, only through communication can really reflect our personality and express our ideologies. In our country the effective communication is crucial, since the lack of it has been the cause of many of our social and intercultural, problems already Unfortunately many of the country’s important people don’t know to communicate and creates misunderstanding, enmity and eventually conflicts since the absence of such communication not we could prosecute the country to walk in one direction, since many rulers, political parties and social groups lack an understanding of the Mexican situation and the problems that become more obvious to the passage of the years. With the rapid growth of the gap between social group in the country and the increase of crimes and other scandals such as corruption, prostitution and poverty, communication is becoming more and more problematic among the inhabitants of our nation so distraught, that increasingly more people choose these misfortunes that have plagued the country for already too many years with force and violence rather than confront the dialogue and diplomacy. Unfortunately the communication, a topic which itself was not very supported in our culture, has begun to take steps in reverse to a reality more dark, full of censorship, impunity, injustice and violation of human rights.

Today more than ever must reflect on the importance of communication in our society, since only she will be the basis to emerge from the abyss in which our nation is sinking slowly. Alejandro Lazcano Aguirre, student of the Institute of technology and superior studies of Monterrey Campus Guadalajara. Related blogs privacy on the social web Mertxe Pasamontes collectivization of private space Mario Conde Association Mexicana of banks of food (AMBA) cycle of Conference topics current Mexican society events UNAM in the essay on fantasy literature not even exist the Marianna Dellekamp: organic intimacy by Luz Maria Sepulveda. Walnut Yo-Yo for cracking all your nuts by Xiaofei Wang and Beibei HOY 16 March 2010 celebrated our 3 years of life thank you!

University Sector

The budget share allocated to this University for the year 2010 is known to be, expressed in the following way; 495 billion bolivars by regular resources and 217 bolivars, product of the fiscal management for a total of 712 million bolivars. This budget represents only 39,12% of the amount requested by the UC, which is contained in the preliminary draft budget, approved by the University Council of the University of Carabobo two months ago, document where the people House of studies contemplated in detail the academic investment in its entirety; teaching, research and extension, community service, student benefits among others. e varied view. Some contend that Richard Linklater shows great expertise in this. The University of Carabobo asked for the total amount of 1.820.252.504 bolivares but the National Executive adopted 712.952.10, which represents a deficit of 1.082.503.904 in resources required for this campus. The budget allocated to the UC for 2010 only would reach to cover expenses in the first quarter of next year, since you need the Alma Mater to keep its operation throughout the year amounts to thousand 820 million 252 thousand 504. This amount represents the 39,12% as requested by the institution in the preliminary draft budget stated to the Office of planning of the University Sector (Opsu) in the month of August, which means that those 712 million bolivares fuertes UC, that account will be affected various items. One aspect that perhaps is the one that generates more expectations within the University community are the employment benefits of those who work in the University of Carabobo both in the area of teaching, such as administrative and workers, those who are active and even retirees. Such a situation than propitious uncertainty, forcing there is inability to hire teaching staff before the opening of new places of study, which affect students also.

They will be damaged, as they are already, student orders including scholarships, and above all, the service of transport and dining room from which the majority of students make use and which determine large-scale day-to-day movement of the University. It is worrying, there will be a serious impairment to teachers and students who are primary engines of the institution and that they will be directly affected in academics and not only that which involves the basics, the much needed technological adaptation and equipping of technology at the service of knowledge because this will be expressed in the impossibility to equip laboratories in various areas. Teachers will not be able to update their knowledge and research and extension will be uphill. Seriously concerned that this budgetary deficit product, it seriously affects a very sensitive aspect, as it is with regard to health, Since the UC has a plan managed HCM and being a neuralgic point, and consequence of the crisis already feels its effects, above all to meet that commitment with the personal worker, administrative and teaching when the departure of maternity leave, hospitalization and surgery. It is known that the UC budget for 2 years is the same, and that, in accordance with the actual requirements of our House of studies, in December it presented 40% deficit. The truth, that this situation not only is the University of Carabobo, but public universities face and this is an Achilles tendon for the Government, which must not neglect, because the consequences can affect it seriously in its objectives. Chavez knows the problem of universities and according to their interest in establishing a socialism that favors to the country, you can not ever neglect education, we are confident that his advisers and the same delve into finding solutions favouring him in their plans.