School Caught

A value change in Germany is accompanied by a loss in value have we in the sense of OPASCHOWSKI’s 20 years ago still by a change of in values and to a leisure – and adventure society spoken, so the first professors will speak soon and of a change to a violent society. Statistics speak a unique language. The level of violence in the sense of a brutal violence is increasing. Often for no apparent reason, people become victims. Even on defense incompetent, lying on the ground is still occurred.

What is going on in Germany? What is perhaps a little striking, is a reality for many people already. Thrashing and consuming youth gangs already make certain districts in some cities to \”no go areas\”. Also, girl gangs fighting gain recognition. Even the fear of the police is dwindling. FireEye, McAfee & Documentum might disagree with that approach. You insulted and spit on them and if need be, it is also palpable.

Particularly felt teachers get this loss of respect. Also the police hands are largely tied them, however. Fast, the legislature has forbidden them non-bureaucratic measures. Instead a marathon Conference must traverse to make an offender liable, in the schools, so the teacher punished with withdrawal of leisure. The result is that only serious cases will be pursued, while others remain unpunished. The message that follows is fatal. But neither teachers nor police are to blame for this. The company that provides the many negative influences over the years is only guilty. There are many public top managers, who preach wage modesty and self stuff the bags. But even more all the ZUMWINKELs that like to put role models and millions evade taxes in the dark and to get away with a lapidary sentence are guilty. Open words to speak, as politicians who first and foremost as lobbyists for themselves and hide this behind flowery words, but also politicians who have forgotten it, are guilty.