The Width

In order to build scaffolding, you need to make a box (without bottom, of course, to later podstolya left directly on the slab foundation). To saw beams, equal in length bokovinok box. ysis. Then build on these bars in a box by describing a set woodshed (a niche in podstolya). Fasten the screws on them can be right across the front and rear walls of the ducts into the end of this block. Bars must be fastened securely and fairly often, as a consequence they will bear almost the entire burden of concrete podstolya. After that, the resulting set of bars from the top to fill the thin plywood, sheet metal appropriate size, or linoleum, in a word to ensure even and smooth surface, which we then become an internal set of niches in podstole.Kak only these works will be performed, it is necessary to prepare the grout (1 part cement and 3 parts sand + water). Puts a box the first layer of stones (the best to the front wall podstolya), if possible, all voids are formed between the stones fill a small stone, gravel, etc.

and then prepared by a layer of fill with cement mortar. And so on, layer after layer to the top podstolya. Do not forget to insert into the vertical bars podstolya valves, which must also appear on the upper level podstolya 5-8 cm, so that later they associate with the armature assembly to proceed stoleshnitsy.Teper stoleshnitsy.Prosche shuttering all of its plywood to make a better waterproof. To do this, sawed out of plywood piece, repeating countertop you the desired shape and size, adding to these dimensions of 2 cm inside this detail should be sawed rectangular hole the size of repeats in terms of podstolya. Then make the board a width equal to the thickness of your countertops. Cut them into pieces equal to the width and length of the countertop and then bolted on with screws to the plywood edge along the perimeter of the details. The resulting feature set on podstolya, carefully seal from shuttering podstolya.

Between the overhanging "wings" table top and the ground paste vraspor bars so that when pouring concrete countertops projecting parts not caved. Place the reinforcement bars in the formwork table tops, tie them with the protruding ends reinforcement and pour podstolya betonom.Posle the concrete is well frozen, remove the entire casing and start laying the barbecue. Of baking clay bricks in the furnace solution lay out a rectangular shape the size you want (two side and back). At the desired height of the furnace is reimplemented in the front (you can put 2 metal corners on the lined side walls and a brick). Laying each row, from left, right and front brick displace 2 cm inside masonry, back row does not shift, until the flue size 12×12 cm and begin to lay the pipe, which lay out already on the cement rastvor.Posle how furnace ready obkladyvayut her stumbling from the outside. Rear part of the furnace, we left out of brick and stone are not lined with. At the top of the tube preferably installed canopy made of sheet metal

Plastic Product Manufacture

We can look into how we can better manufacture plastic products: The projected shape is dvuhgnezdnoy. To obtain castings with a complex outer surface, with lateral holes, undercut on the outer surface (thread) applied sliding polumatritsy, the side plates. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Amy Khoshbin. To move these components perpendicular to the closure of the form they are executed as a single entity with sliders and attached to them. Gate are moved by tilting the column on the guide, made in the mobile part of the form. Plastitsirovanny ABS from the nozzle through the injection molding machine bushing, Diluting and channel intake runner, falls into the forming mold cavity.

After being filled, holding pressure and cooling, form disclosed. During the opening gate forms together with the sign is moved to the mobile guide holder. In the process of closing the form rake moves the damper to its original position, and a stop block (the lock) is pressing the slide, relieving him from the pressure of the melt in a form that is transmitted on the side of the sign. For prevent inadvertent release of the slide rails or shift them to open the form used stops and latches. On opening the forms of its movable part moves away from stationary. Slant column embodied in the fixed part of the form, makes travel on rails along with a side gate are drawing up a sign.

In this sign out of the side molding that allows for further movement to push the casting out of forms of the ejector, which shed their product with other runner in the receiving container. After this form is closed and the cycle repeats itself it is the casting of plastics. To cool the product in a plate of matrices of punches, the matrix drilled cooling channel. The system consists of a centering guide sleeve column. During transportation and installation to prevent their disclosure, fixed half-mold assembly relative to each other strip, which carries the eye bolt.

The Aquifer

But this should not comfort. Clear sewage is still necessary to precisely defined standards, but not to the extent of water pollution. The question of where will be given stock, is a priority in the construction of local sewage treatment plants, therefore, all further actions will be determined by a sequence of precisely this solution. Choosing to do the following considerations: the type of soil on the site, its permeability, available area, the groundwater level water and the nature of their use, distance to the nearest body of water (which could take treated sewage) and the estimated construction costs. It is because of all these factors, as well as buffer zones and should project created a system cleaning. The sanitary protection zone – it is the minimum allowable distance from the treatment plant to the object of human life. In the case of residential building, the following sanitary areas: for the septic tank – 5 m, for aeration equipment – 8 m for soil disposal systems – 8-15 m, and in the case of filter trenches and sand and gravel filters – all 25 meters distance to the nearest source of water intake must be at least 20 meters, and it provided that there is no connection between the source supplying the aquifer and soil by absorbing the waste water.

Distance to road is not less than 5 m. The finished project should be approved by several state institutions, including sanitary and epidemiological service, environmental police and water departments. To wastewater treatment system to serve a long time, not delivering troubles and worries, it is necessary to follow a few rules.


The marking on the nameplate, or body products Manufacturers are often faced with a problem: they made equipment, nameplate and must now be ordered to place data in the variable fields. Usually it is the date of manufacture, Weight, operational conditions and so on. In short, all that could change any day. Head of production, if it is small, the party meeting said the workers: introduction to today's date and Schild weight of 2 tons. Working sent to the shop takes 10 Schild, puts them on the bench and begins to enter data by manual hammer stamps. An hour later you're done.

Now imagine that the nameplate is not 10 units. And 5000 pc. And to place must be some kind of carcass of the 12 characters. Clearly, that the worker did not need an hour, and two months, and the equipment needed to ship a week later. That's when you need and impact marking machine. It looks like this: When lowering the lever is hit with a fist and Industry letters bites into the price labels, leaving the necessary and set your characters. Here's the fist: Well, but, in fact, the machine in action: It is a pity that there can not embed video.

Then just go to the page Impact marking, there will be video of the impact of marking mechanism. If you have reviewed the movie, you should be clear that giving the typewriter 75 000 you will save money. Payback after the circulation of 5000 pcs. The biggest advantage is that that the supplies – it is manufactured in a fist letters. But if they are good quality and made of good steel, then worry not for that – have not ordered frequently. In addition, you have won at the speed of his production products, and it is also very important.