The marking on the nameplate, or body products Manufacturers are often faced with a problem: they made equipment, nameplate and must now be ordered to place data in the variable fields. Usually it is the date of manufacture, Weight, operational conditions and so on. In short, all that could change any day. Head of production, if it is small, the party meeting said the workers: introduction to today's date and Schild weight of 2 tons. Working sent to the shop takes 10 Schild, puts them on the bench and begins to enter data by manual hammer stamps. An hour later you're done.

Now imagine that the nameplate is not 10 units. And 5000 pc. And to place must be some kind of carcass of the 12 characters. Clearly, that the worker did not need an hour, and two months, and the equipment needed to ship a week later. That's when you need and impact marking machine. It looks like this: When lowering the lever is hit with a fist and Industry letters bites into the price labels, leaving the necessary and set your characters. Here's the fist: Well, but, in fact, the machine in action: It is a pity that there can not embed video.

Then just go to the page Impact marking, there will be video of the impact of marking mechanism. If you have reviewed the movie, you should be clear that giving the typewriter 75 000 you will save money. Payback after the circulation of 5000 pcs. The biggest advantage is that that the supplies – it is manufactured in a fist letters. But if they are good quality and made of good steel, then worry not for that – have not ordered frequently. In addition, you have won at the speed of his production products, and it is also very important.