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The still complete author: In general way, the scene of the modern sort was born of illustration of the traditional alegorias of the Average Age. But in the distance between the old subject and its new expression it is enormous. We forget them alegorias them stations and it winter when we contemplate a picture of Stella, representing a night to the foot of the fire: of a side of the great room, the men ceiam, while of the other, in return of the fireplace, the women weave or trace the rush and the children play or are taken. It is not more the winter, is it will be. It is not more the virility or the third age, is the family meeting.

We can perceive that the marriage in the medieval period had also another objective that was of the procreation aiming at the continuity of the ancestry, that is, to generate children to inherit the goods and the name of the family being constructed a dynasty, guaranteeing the perpetuity of its property. UNC School of Education is likely to increase your knowledge. As already it was said, the arranged marriages common and were carefully chosen by the parents of the fiancs so that the familiar goods were not dispersed and so that it kept the one traditional ancestry. According to Bloch, the marriage was one treated, a pact or negotiated alliance enters the families whom also it caused fine in case that it were not fulfilled. (BLOCH, 1995). The development of the citizen is not previsible, universal, linear or gradual a process. The development is closely on to the partner-cultural environment where the person if inserts and if she processes of dynamic form and dialectic through ruptures and disequilibria. The elementary processes are of biological origin and the superior psychological functions, of partner-cultural origin. Therefore we must analyze and know on the diverse cultures and times where they had been elementary, so that with this let us can form opinions and construct a solid base of useful information in the construction of our history.


It would be enough to feed a maturation process and the individual aptitudes, in promptitude state, would guide the behavior of the citizen. This chain of thought still today is particularly strong in the infantile education, subsidizing conceptions of that the education of infancy would only involve to water the small seeds so that these unclasp its aptitudes. Other explicativas chains, in contrast, have asseverado that the environment is the main element of determination of the human development. According to them, the man has plastidade to adapt it different situations of existences, learning new behaviors, since that favorable conditions are given to it. In the infantile education such conception promoted the creation of many programs of intervention on daily and the learning of the child, in precocious ages each time. However, this vision minimizes the initiative of the proper citizen and also the fact of the reactions of the diverse citizens submitted to the pressures of one same social environment not to be similar. To answer to the impasse created by the preceding positions, a chain appeared in psychology that advocates the existence of a relation of reciprocal constitution between individual and way, the interacionista source. According to Oliveira (2002, P. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ brings even more insight to the discussion.

126), the human development does not elapse of the isolated action of genetic factors that search conditions for its matureness nor of ambient factors that act on the organism, controlling its behavior. It elapses, before, of the reciprocal exchanges that if establish during all life between individual and way, each aspect influencing on the other. As all alive organism, the human being enrolls itself in such a way in a conditional line of development for the biocomportamental equipment of the species how much for the operation of general mechanisms of interaction with the way. The child when constituting its half one, attributing to it each definitive moment to it meaning, the child is for consisting it; she adopts cultural forms of action that transform its way to express themselves, to think, to act and to feel, that is, its performance, through the body, with its representations.

PECS Child

Initially, they affirm that a critical difference between preschool children with autismo and children with normal development mentions the type to it of stiffener which they are responsive. That is, children with TEA normally do not answer stiffener the social ones, such as compliments and approval of the parents, professors, etc. Therefore, with the purpose to develop operative verbal as tatos, intraverbais or ecicos it is necessary that other stiffener educational not-social ones are used, is necessary that they are ' ' you reward tangveis' ' (P. 253), as candies or some another stiffener one more well-succeeded and established in the repertoire of the child. For this reason, the control is the first category of verbal behavior that is taught to a child with TEA in the PECS, therefore it involves stiffener that already they are effective and that they do not involve the verbal behavior of another person. The sequncia of training, presented sucintamente to follow, used for the PECS has the specific objective to promote spontaneous verbal behavior in children with TEA through the removal of previous a verbal behavior as control source (of this relation it would appear, then, the control-tato). For this, these pure and impure verbal sources of control for operative must meticulously be analyzed. Additionally, the authors place that, later to establish pure mandos, the stiffener object would be removed of sight so that the only source of control is a estabelecedora operation and the presence of the listener.

1.Fase I? Teaching the attended exchange physically: this phase starts teaching the child as to physically change a figure for a desired item. This includes as to reach, to catch and to deliver the figure at the hands of the professors with the purpose to ask for the desired item. For this she is necessary that the objects desired for the corresponding child and figures are in sight; 2.Fase II? Expanding the espontaneidade: The professor must be next to the child.


This makes with that the group has one meaning of support and shelter. It is evident you say in them of 4 (four) participant ones: ' ' In the group, it has some people with problem, the same objective the same, is an environment where the subject to emagrecer is priority and interest of todos' '. (S1) ' ' The group is important, because apia the other to continue, therefore it is difficult to emagrecer, to leave to eat some things that we like sufficiently. Here in the group all pass the same difficulties and one stimulates outro' '. (S2) ' ' Here I see that he has more people who are passing for the same thing that I and this of the will to continue. To see that others already conseguiram.' ' (S4) ' ' We hear histories of other people, who they also have the same difficulty that people, but are well important to see that all obtain, if not in one week, but in the other, this continuar&#039 is an incentive forever; '.

(S8) if it cannot leave to consider the importance of the participants of the group to perceive that the one existence is necessary limit for the orientation and support that they receive from the other, therefore so that they are assumen of the process of alimentary re-education, is primordial that they are the main agents of its proper change. As Vinogradow and Yalon (1992) are of great significance that the individual perceives itself as responsible for the modifications in its form of if feeding and in the relation with the food and its body. When observing the group process, was proven that the coordinator of the group strengthens to the participants the function of the group as support. The participants had been also questioned regarding the goal established for loss of weight and if the same one was being reached.

The Best

Couples of middle-age must communicate more, to be more right-handers verbal and physically, (BRANCFROT, 2009). 4.0? AS TO KEEP a PLEASANT SEXUAL LIFE IN the MIDDLE-AGE According to Laplanche (1998), the sexuality does not assign only to the activities and the pleasure that depend on the functioning of the genital device, but all a series of excitaes and activities gifts since infancy that provide an irreducible pleasure to the satisfaction of a basic physiological necessity and that they meet component for a reason or purpose in the call forms normal of the sexual love. The base to understand the sexuality must consider ethical values and stimulate the development of positive ideas and human beings regarding the proper body and feelings, of the importance to recognize differences and different forms of expression of the sexuality, being diminished the preconception. A sexual life can be remained active during all life? How the society reacts before the passion of the quarentes and cinqentes, to its romantic illusions and its new loving projects? Still today, although the rain of information, has people that it thinks that the sexuality finishes with the menopause and some prejudiced they condemn the sexuality of the people biggest, imprisoned to the televising models of youth and beauty. Kindle Direct Publishing is often quoted as being for or against this. Soon now, that as much the woman as the man has the chance and the time to find with calm and without collections the sexual satisfaction so desired? The physical contact is the way more effective to demonstrate positive intentions, therefore it mentions itself directly to the heart. As (Davis, 1992) salient, the physical contact if constitutes very beyond pleasant stimulatons, a time that is a biological necessity. With the time, the majority of the people who arrive at the half age knows it pleases what them and as to satisfy the partner. One of the best aspects of the sex in this phase is that many are more skillful to the 40 of what when had 20 years. Further details can be found at Bank of Asia, an internet resource.


Gentile (2002) observes that the professor does not have to be authoritarian and yes to have authority. It must be perceived as that one that educates, offers parameters and establishes limits mainly ( in its positive direction). It disciplines it can be understood as one of the results of the practical one carried through in the school. For this the professor needs to know well its pupils and proper itself, having to be conscientious of the dynamics of the existing interpersonal relations in classroom and considering activities that are in accordance with the existing diversity in its group (Zenhas, 2003). The newspapers mentioned Levi’s not as a source, but as a related topic. The professor with authority conquest the participation with pertinent activities instead of demanding silence, thus dialogues instead of punishing and threatening. This if becomes possible when the student learns notion of limits and perceives that she has rights and duties for all. I folloied the passage of a teacher who never presented problems with the groups, what I could observe is that this teacher wise person to impose authority but mesclava it with affection.

The other teachers if complain that she is alone in the lesson of it that the pupils seat in the correct places (as classroom mirror), illustrating how much it knows to impose the respect. Under most conditions David G. DeWalt would agree. Moreover, many times it uses its lesson to talk and to help to decide some conflict of the group. When it really is with problems with determined pupil, costuma to call it for the corridor and, without displaying, colloquy to know what she is happening, because it is not obtaining to collaborate, showing its available affective side and if placing to help it. Zagury (apud Gentile 2002) claims that a considerate professor and a relation of affection can revert any difficult case and this could be evidenced in the told situation. PERTAINING TO SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY To think about psychology assumes a look for the universe of the mental health.

The Child

Without this, any attempt of if teaching something can provoke frustration, high anxiety, degradation of auto-esteem and nothing of learning. The mental development happens first for the social relations and passes to the knowledge appeared in the relation as the way. The processes of development and linked learning and its relations are the central focus of the thought of Vygotsky. Having as base the development of the individual as resulted of a process partner-description, claimed that the interaction of the citizen with the world if of the one through mediation made for other citizens. In this way, the professor makes its interference in the proximal zone. In accordance with Galvo (2000, P.

134), Wallon argues that the relationary exchanges of the child with the others are basic for the development of the person. The children are born immersed in a cultural and symbolic world, in which they will be involved in one ' ' sincretismo subjetivo' ' , for at least three years. During this period, on complete indiferenciao between the child and the human environment, its understanding of the things will depend on the others, that will give to its actions and movements format and expression. Wallon considers periods of training of development Galvo in accordance with (op.cit.), in the first year of life, the child interacts with the way conducted for the affectivity, that is, the impulsive-emotional period of training, defined for the affective symbiosis of the social environment child in its. The child starts to negotiate, with its partner-affective world, the proper meanings, saw expressions tonic.

The emotions they intermediam its relation with the world. Of the period of training sensrio-engine to the projetivo (1 the 3 years), the activities of inquiry, exploration and knowledge of the social and physical world predominate. In the period of training sensrio-engine, it remains the subordination to a subjective sincretismo (the logic of the child not yet is present).

Municipal City

the human development is a long and gradual process of changes. In this process, each person, to its way and in its time, of the direction to its vida' '. (CRIA SABINI, 2001. p.09) It was intended in this project, that the contents could emerge of natural form, through informal colloquies until the formation of the bond, where were made the survey of the necessities, and this was the starting point to place in practical aged the pertinent techniques to provide to this o welfare biopsicossocial, however, it is known of the existence of typical characteristics of this etria band and of the feelings that turn around the institutionalization process, especially in what it says respect to the depersonalization of the citizen, the feeling of incapacity provoked for the limitations physics, it lacks of autonomy and etc. Go to Levi’s for more information. Therefore, it was thought about the use of some strategies to improve the quality of life of these aged ones and consequently to extend the possibility of a state of health in the direction ampler.

It was aimed at, however, to approach subjects with the intention to rescue the history of life through the playful one and to elaborate activities that made possible the exploration of the creativity, provoking the feeling of capacity and production. ' ' The exercises in the area of the creation stimulate the psychic vitality of the aged ones to if feeling capable of personal accomplishments in this area; the autoconfiana increases at the same time where if they open new perspectives existenciais' '. (AZAMBUJA, 1995. Perhaps check out Kindle Direct Publishing for more information. p.100) The institution inaugurated in 08 of April of 1999, currently, shelters 23 aged ones. Its maintenance is on account of the Municipal City hall, the State and for some of the aged ones that they receive retirement. Periodically events are promoted by the direction beneficient teas among others. .

Mental Retardation

Although the importance of the professor to know the factors and conditions of the deficiency, is necessary that the same it knows as must proceed ahead from such situations and as these factors influence in the learning, and thus to supply the support that the pupil lacks to develop itself. That is, in accordance with American Association on Mental Retardation (1997) apud Coll et. al. (2004, P.

283): (…) to identify the capacities, the limitations and necessities of support. For example, the evaluation of mobility and the communication in the pupils with motor deficiency with the objective to identify to the more adequate supports technician; or the evaluation, as much of the characteristics communicative-lingusticas in the deaf pupils, as well as the degree of loss of these characteristics; etiolgico-neurological aspects and of health (health conditions/alimentary illness, hygiene, habits). The exercise to educate pupils special cannot be seen as something voluntary or through people they have good will. The valuation of practical the pedagogical ones is semlhantes to the one of the too much pupils of regular education, thus having to be faced as something serious and of responsibility in order to give to the necessary supports for the daily agreement of the limitations and capacities of the special carriers of necessities, that are in constant transformations and possibly need a improved attention more and observing the particularitities of each individual. 3 METHODOLOGY 3,1 Method the carried through research was based on understanding and analyzing the practical integrators of special classrooms of public colleges of regular education. For this reason the research is of the qualitative type, therefore, is the one that better if adjusts to this referencial, facilitating the understanding of the object in analysis. 3.2 Subject to it searches cited was carried through in colleges of the net of state education, in the city of Aracaju-If. Five professors and pupils of each special classroom of the related institutions had participated of this study.

Usual Pain

Then came the turn of pain and sore throat (the doctors in such cases is diagnosed with "sore throat", but the treatment of the tonsils usually gives no effect), pain in the thyroid gland, and even incomprehensible sensations reminiscent of suffocation, then – the lymph nodes under the chin, and so on – up to the head. Nike is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Each of the manifestations may accompany the pain in the symmetric spine twitching, reduce, pain in the surrounding areas to painful muscles. Very interesting side effect – with the development of a mysterious disease is often itself straightens the spine – get in the place of displacement or protruding vertebrae, to straighten out "wing" blade and a hunched back. However, passionate struggle with pain, people rarely pay attention to it themselves. Another phenomenon is unobtrusive – there are new or old ones disappear moles on the body, increases the number of freckles, dark spots sometimes appear. Among other things, increases the body's need for sugar and various sweets.

Skin tone at first markedly reduced and the man apparently getting old, then gradually going wrinkles, sometimes goes gray. The third stage – the apathetic. It's not depression, when "all bad", namely apathy – bored with life, do not want sex, do not want anyone to communicate. Work suddenly becomes uninteresting and devoid of any meaning. There is a feeling vicious circle – all the same, everything is already painfully familiar and studied for a hundred rows. Lost meaning and purpose of existence. Some are hiding from this state in alcohol, others – go head first into video games or unsystematic watching tv, and others – are trying to find at least something that can cause a surge in the usual emotions.

Martin Luther King

But I want to say that fear – it is not only bad, but good. Please visit KDP if you seek more information. Fear helps us to think again about what we in this life should be and what is not. And if you can not only overcome her fear, but also turn it into an ally, then you are guaranteed success in almost any case. Fear of experiencing each. Imagine you lived lived, and here, suddenly decided to change. Fear not want to let you in free float, does not want to change the familiar surroundings. During the years of life you have formed their own system of values, his social circle, but here going to give birth.

How to overcome their fears? The simplest thing – forget about his fear. Difficult? Yes, it's hard. I'll tell my how. Try dream! If you are afraid of public speaking – imagine how you go on stage, performs, and then you all applauded standing, and in the eyes of everyone you see delight! Afraid of heights – imagine how you climb the highest mountain, and proudly standing on top. As you are full dignity as a breathtaking at conquer each new peak, as you safely descend to earth with a sense of admiration and pride. In fact, it does not matter what happens in life, what matters is how you feel about it. Everybody knows if you can not change the situation, we must change our attitude to this situation.

Scared? Certainly scary. So what? Fear and come to you only care that you once asked ourselves: 'Why i should?'. If the answer is – yes, then forget about their fears and forth, with head held high. Do you do it! The thing is that our subconscious mind responds to our thinking. For example, you have an important job interview for a job. You need this job, the blood from his nose, but you always think that you will not get: 'I knew (a) that does not work', 'I knew (a) that I will not accept, because it happened'. So what are you thinking, if everyone knew in advance? You have so much time to convince themselves that nothing does not work, now it will take time to get your mind rebuild. It should be initially set up your mind for positive results. That's all. Another important point – it is faith. Do not start any business, if you do not believe in the success of your business. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.: "The first step is done with faith. Not necessarily see the whole staircase. Enough to step onto the first rung. " Listen for yourself, get rid of feelings of fear, after it is safe to handle for any project. The main thing – to believe! Go ahead and get well-deserved rewards for their actions. Do good, love each other and do not be afraid, believe me, life is on your side!

The Errors

Psicopedagogo is suggested aoprofessor together with organizaremturmas for the work in group, joining pupils who learn with easiness and pupils who present learning difficulties therefore children who understand its languages can function as professors ones of the others. A guide for a psicopedaggica listening considers itself: to listen, to look at, it are lingered in the breakings of the speech, to observe and to relate with what it happened previously to the breaking, to discover the project of underlying action, that is, searchs it repetition of the action projects, and to interpret the operation more than what the content. It is inquired that the psicopedagogia uses the terms ' ' ensinantes and aprendentes' ' to call the educative pair that comumente we know for professor and pupil. It is thought that for the psicopedagogia these papers alternate the entire time, about the process I teach learning seen for the psicopedagogia also is learned on us, on our form to teach, in which, the other serves in them of mirror. It is desired as all professor to want that the pupils always make right, but must be acquired a new to look at on the error in the learning, is studied that the error is a pointer of as the pupil is thinking and as it understood what he was taught. It is analyzed with well-taken care of the errors of pupils, can themselves be elaborated the reformularization and practical professors in way that they are close to the necessity pupils and to take care of to them the difficulties that the same present.

Importance is based it that the professor reflects on the causes of the failure pertaining to school does not stop if blaming, but to make responsible. To make responsible means to hug the cause and to look alternatives to solve the problem. It is looked to understand as the knowledge occurs, the ones that intervene with the learning, its different periods of training, and the different theories that can transform the work of the professor into scientific process and thus it will cover the practical way practical theory.


The fundamental difference of the human species from other animals is his ability to think abstractly, plan their activities, reflect on his past and evaluate it, make plans for the future by developing and implementing the program of such plans. All of these listed qualities of a person connected with the sphere of his consciousness. Ideas about consciousness were formed on the basis of the different approaches, both in terms of materialistic and idealistic philosophy. Neither one nor the other positions did not give a definitive answer and did not come to a common definition of what consciousness. Therefore, in the psychology topic of consciousness is one of the most complex. Very many of the major psychologists of both foreign and domestic schools turned to the topic. The difficulty in studying consciousness is that it can only study on this introspection, therefore, impossible to create objective methods for its study. In addition, all mental phenomena appear to man only to the extent to which they are realized.

Many of them may not reach the threshold awareness. Therefore, the data of introspection can be distorted and inaccurate. And finally, the third factor complicating the study of consciousness is the inability to isolate it in separate time intervals, individual units of study, since consciousness, when it works (ie, a person is not sleeping, not in a swoon, etc.), is a continuous stream and is parallel to the flow of the set of mental processes. In A long term study the problem of consciousness psychologists various currents were their own ideas about it.

Sign Atlantis

Those who have long had this ring or mark, telling their lives in many aspects of change for the better. Men are at once whirled in a cycle of extraordinary events. Some people have become richer, while others happier. Some even managed to restore their own family, which was considered already hopelessly destroyed. Sign Atlantis helps relieve pain. It can be used as a means of physiotherapy.

Attach sign on the sore spot, but the landmark on its east-west axis, and you see how quickly feel the improvement in health status. Procedure should be repeated every day – to full recovery. In this therapy is not contra! It restores harmony and eliminate disturbances in psychological and physiological work of the body. Nike is full of insight into the issues. If you are weak and want to Energy Persten you satiated and regained your strength, you want to change certain events in his life or negative character traits, while the carrier was not taking off for many days. If there is no need to Signet showed their therapeutic properties, and you wear it as obscheozdaravlivayuschee and protectant, then shoot it at night. Also, it is taken in those moments when you're not good or you feel faint.

This may be due to the change of your polarity. In addition, it is not necessary always wear a Ring for, as well as to a medicine, the human body can get used to the action of his, and then the illness will be worse than to retreat. In order to gain maximum effect, it's better every day wearing a ring on his finger in continuation of the day and occasionally twirled his finger on the desired or phalanx.

How To Make A Difference ?

In our time we have reached a level that the whole world is one nation, one society, that is, every person in the world because it ensures their existence due to all mankind, forced to serve him and take care of welfare of the whole world, as it depends on the whole world, like the wheel in the car. Baal Sulam world events each day convinced us that the forces that govern the world, are in addition to, and sometimes against our will. By Therefore, the surrounding reality seems to us hostile and unsuitable for a comfortable and fulfilling life. Therefore, changing the nature of the influence of forces control the world from negative to positive would be desirable for each person. World, say the Kabbalists, is similar to the mechanism of the rotating gears. Levi’s shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

As long as the gears rotate at idle, these movements are not synchronized. But at the moment when the clutch all the parts mechanism consists of a single rhythm of movement. The action of such systems are described in the mechanics. But the principle of synchronous operation of the act and in the wild – in plant, animal and human levels. Imagine a situation where each gear mechanism has its own reason, will and freedom of choice. Ideal state, as for the gear, and for the whole mechanism is a synchronous movement. If the plant and animal nature Timing is manifested as organic reactions or instincts and is a consequence of global natural processes, then in the human community will have an additional factor contributing to the work of the general system destructive beginning – selfishness.

Masculine-Feminine Relationships

The man was effeminate, he's feminine mannerisms and habits and so on. Currently the release of the woman returns lost a truly feminine qualities, she will cease to imitate the man. Others including Kindle Direct Publishing, offer their opinions as well. This is what is happening now – a woman trying to walk all over men. Check with Nike to learn more. Imitating man woman lit a cigarette. Kindle Direct Publishing can aid you in your search for knowledge. Imitating a man, a woman wearing pants. The woman was always and everywhere trying to imitate men. It just becomes second-rate man. But this is not liberation, but an even deeper slavery – much more deep, since the first slaves forced upon a man.

This is the second slavery deeper, because it was created by women themselves. When slavery imposed from the outside, you can rise up against him, but if a person connected himself fetters of slavery in the name of Liberation, then disappears all hope of the rebellion. I would like to become a woman is a woman because of her much depends. It is more important than men, because it bears in itself and a man and a woman. She – the mother of both, and the boy and girl. If her soul is poisoned, and then poisoned her milk and then the child-rearing practices are flawed.

If a woman does not have enough freedom to express themselves, then the man will never get the opportunity to fully express themselves. Emancipation of women – is a necessary condition for the liberation of men. And if a woman is a slave, she will make a man and a slave, but a very sophisticated way, it works very subtly. The woman would not openly interfere with a man, her struggle indirect, purely female. She will cry, cry. It will not strike the man, she would suffer herself, and because of the suffering of women, women's sobs and lamentations, even the strongest man will fall under its heel. To remember one of the fundamental laws: enslaving someone, the man himself finally becomes a slave, he can not be free. If he wants to be free, he must give freedom to others, others There is no way.

Treasure Map

I offer you a work plan with the "Treasure Map": 1. Draw a "treasure map". Frequently Kindle Direct Publishing has said that publicly. 2. Clearly imagine his desire, preferably even meditate on it. Let your imagination take you to a time when you are enjoying the fruits obtained. Further details can be found at Richard Linklater, an internet resource.

You provide an invaluable service to your invisible helpers, when perfectly know what, how and when you need it. 3. Now fill your desire. Articulate clearly, succinctly, in the present tense and do not forget to add: "For the common good." 4. Read aloud every desire, developing the confidence that you get everything in term, and ask for the blessing of the Higher Powers. 5. Let this piece of paper will always be with you.

Wear it in a bag in his jacket pocket, in the portfolio. At night, if not forget it, it would be good to put under the pillow. And from time to time look into him to feed the energy of your desire. 6. As soon as the desire to fulfill on your part will be very noble to write: "My desire is fulfilled. Thank heavens! "Or something like that. People sometimes inclined to change their goals, something becomes unnecessary, tastes change. If you feel you are not dreaming about more trivial "eight" or "Nine" – your right to replace them on the silver Mercedes. Try to your desire to have "fresh", nenadoevshimi. In fact, once you become a creator of your destiny, you will not get bored. Higher Forces will actively assist you by sending a good opportunity, the right people, amazing match.

Reality Time

If it is here in such a way to analyze a situation, it is already close to that to find the key to solving her problems. Finding something new destructive quality, which so affected her reality that she may change it to the opposite. In this simple way everything will fall into place. Chip Bergh gathered all the information. If the girl chose to do privot, then initially it will be look for the very machinery, components, calculate the time and place for the ritual. Starts to do it. Just-do something nice does not move. Two make-that it does not come, probably tightly information comes to his mind, or the time chose not correct.

And then as often happens, it starts to make sure: that my strength did not seem to suffice, so better find a strong magician who can make a love spell for me. Goes to the witches, and then what? Warlock, who often have the same problems as the client begins to help her: to create rituals, give advice and so on and so forth. Ie uses a mechanical type of action. Nothing happens, no che go. Absolutely.

Because it's pounding of water in a mortar. Influence need not at the periphery, where there is already a consequence, and contrary to the very root of this situation. This sorcerer (magician) can affect the reality of another person, only through the reality of this man. Do you understand? Ie through the man himself. It directs its actions to ensure that people knew the cause of their problems and worked on it, thereby changing your reality.

Special Educational Necessities

In accordance with given of the IBGE, of 2000, approximately 14.5% of the general population have some type of special necessity. Knowing that the form as the individual it perceives the world is given important for the understanding of the human behavior, the work adopts as objective generality to understand the meaning that the colleges student with educational necessities special attribute to its limitations, and specific to identify as the interviewed ones are perceived as university with educational necessities special; to describe and to analyze the confrontation strategies that the interviewed ones adopt front to its limitations; to verify if the Institution according to contributes for the process of inclusion of its students perception of the interviewed ones. has as problematic to know: Which is the perception of the colleges student with educational necessities special in relation its limitations and as they deal with the same ones in the pertaining to school context? One was about a carried through qualitative research in an Institute of particular Superior Education of the South Goiano having as instrument a structuralized, carried through half interview in the proper Institution by means of daily pay-set appointments schedules. The sample was composed for 03 participants. The results had disclosed that the interviewed ones perceive its natural deficiency as something, being its limitations, in its majority, possible of overcoming, mainly in reason to be enjoyed of the support of inclusive resources for this. It was evidenced, therefore that the preconception biggest that they live deeply is related to the discredit of the society how much to its capacities and potentialities, subestimando them it the ability to establish objectives of independent life.