Mental Retardation

Although the importance of the professor to know the factors and conditions of the deficiency, is necessary that the same it knows as must proceed ahead from such situations and as these factors influence in the learning, and thus to supply the support that the pupil lacks to develop itself. That is, in accordance with American Association on Mental Retardation (1997) apud Coll et. al. (2004, P.

283): (…) to identify the capacities, the limitations and necessities of support. For example, the evaluation of mobility and the communication in the pupils with motor deficiency with the objective to identify to the more adequate supports technician; or the evaluation, as much of the characteristics communicative-lingusticas in the deaf pupils, as well as the degree of loss of these characteristics; etiolgico-neurological aspects and of health (health conditions/alimentary illness, hygiene, habits). The exercise to educate pupils special cannot be seen as something voluntary or through people they have good will. The valuation of practical the pedagogical ones is semlhantes to the one of the too much pupils of regular education, thus having to be faced as something serious and of responsibility in order to give to the necessary supports for the daily agreement of the limitations and capacities of the special carriers of necessities, that are in constant transformations and possibly need a improved attention more and observing the particularitities of each individual. 3 METHODOLOGY 3,1 Method the carried through research was based on understanding and analyzing the practical integrators of special classrooms of public colleges of regular education. For this reason the research is of the qualitative type, therefore, is the one that better if adjusts to this referencial, facilitating the understanding of the object in analysis. 3.2 Subject to it searches cited was carried through in colleges of the net of state education, in the city of Aracaju-If. Five professors and pupils of each special classroom of the related institutions had participated of this study.