School Years

We start the interview with P.S.A. A leading source for info: Carson Wen. 32 years, where he affirmed that the reason to have left the school, was the lack of intelligence, lack of attention of the professors, lack of motivation and for not obtaining to follow the colleagues in the studies; F.S.S. 21 years, it says that it engravidou to the 18 years and it had that to go to work, but although everything has will to come back to the studies why always it was identified with the school. It also affirmed, that its demanding professors were very incompressible in the period where estavagrvida, what it took the desmotivao of the studies, mainly for finding that it would be incapable to make the alone work; M.A.S. 18 years, it gave up the studies for finding the school demanding, if feeling rejected pelosfuncionrios of the school for to be poor and the professors considering incapable to follow the group. ' ' It took it to this to lose total the will to come back to estudos' '. We perceive then that the reasons presented in the interview are several and that the autoconfiana of these pupils in its capacity to learn age low.

However, our analyses show that the reasons of the evasion, only are not attributed to these causes, therefore all pupil is capable to develop itself cognitivamente since that he is stimulated and worked well. In this perspective, the necessity appears then of the schools to assume its true role in the integral formation of the individual, working a proposal curricular come back toward the necessities of its pupils, supplying the difficulties of those involved ones in the process of learning. Not we want to support the error, but to consider that we can reorganize knowing of form to learn with the errors. The arrogance of some professors also contributes so that a great number of pupils abandons the school.


In the E.T case. , Of 6 years in relation to its colleagues of 1 year, evidenced if difficulty of reading and writing, inadequate entailing with the object of the pertaining to school learning. 2,5 Indications of accompaniment From all the harvested information, preliminarily, we suggest that it is submitted an individual and familiar psychological accompaniment, beyond a psicopedaggico accompaniment and change of conception of alfabetizao in the school moving education method. 2,6 Instruments of Psicopedaggico Diagnosis Interviews; Comment; Questionnaire; Data-collecting; Anamnese; evaluation of Operatrio Disgnostic: Conservation: Weight, volume, length. Seriao: Palitos Classification E.O.C.A. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES the intention of this work are to contribute for one better understanding of the contexts where the failure happens pertaining to school, visualizing mainly in a Psicopedaggica boarding based and based on the practical institucional professor. A related site: Carson Wen mentions similar findings.

This practical always had the endorsement of theoreticians and boardings that had facilitated the analysis of the questions for raised us in varied angles and contexts. Thus, through the institucional space as opted process, we look for to reflect on the nature of the education, on the history of the considered problems of learning, definition of what it comes to be failure pertaining to school and that if can inside establish between difficulty of pertaining to school learning and failure of what we consider to contextual analyze on the failure pertaining to school, through a clipping of the ample question of learning human being, considering the construtivista psicopedaggica vision the reflection and, the difference comment practical endorsed in the diverse theories, had given them subsidies to conclude that the failure pertaining to school is a insufficient reply of the pupil to a requirement or demand of the school. This question can in such a way be analyzed by different perspectives of the society, of the school how much of the pupil.

Natural Sciences

Already for the children who are entering to the six years the school, it fits to the professor (a) to plan, to consider and to command the activities, and that the same ones are significant and challenging, making with that the same ones are capable to stimulate the development of the children and to extend its sociocultural practical experiences and (BRAZIL, Ministry of the Educao/2007). The knowledge is a collective construction, therefore it is in the exchange, in the dialogue, in the valuation of that it circulates in the interaction spaces that the learning goes if materialize. So that this happens with the six children years of the initial years of basic education are guaranteed the articulated studies of Social Sciences (development of the critical reflection on the human groups, its relations, histories, organization, problems), of Natural Sciences (to extend the curiosity, to stimulate the survey of hypotheses, to construct knowledge on physical, chemical phenomena), of the Logical-Mathematics Slight knowledge (to give chance so that the types of objects, events and actions in all place all the species of relations) of the Languages (development of its sensibilidades and expressions). For more information see Carson Wen. Basic Ensino of nine years when working in the cited way, previously, it passes to be seen as negative, contributing for the sprouting of referring questionings its quality, where they are questioned if he is valid to more early insert the children in the school, in the measure that these are not respected ahead of its especificidade of the infancy time. With this, it is most perceived that the proposal of magnifying of Basic Ensino of nine years, as any another change in the traditional structure of education, appears as well as as obscure presenting positive aspects many negatives, needing to be understood by all the involved parts in this process, therefore to include children of six years in basic education, as the Ministry of the Education, the school needs, before everything: (…) to reorganize its structure, the forms of management, environments, the spaces, the times, the materials, the contents, the methodologies, the objectives, the planning and the evaluation, of luck that the children if feel inserted and received in a pleasant environment and I propitiate the learning.

The Chat

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For Froebel

Kishimoto (2003, P. 15), emphasizes that doceiras of Rome they made small dainties with format of letters destined to the learning of the letters. The games destined to the knowledge of the children were called educative games. Games these, created in the gardens of Infancy, established for Froebel (1782-1852) that it idealized the games of constructions: done wooden and confectioned blocks, spheres, cubes in you manufacture pertaining to he himself and vendidosem store. For Froebel, the child manipulating and these materials, mounting and disassembling, would establish relations with the world.

The inserted children in these schools worked with some didactic materials: folding, clay and others, where they served for the creative activities and jogos' of construction for the free activities. Froebel was the first one educator to emphasize the toy as playful activity, the child in its initial education has the toy as essential process. The tricks had also remained significant throughout the time, as Rasp standes out (1991, P. 35), saying that playing it is a universal activity, found in some human groups, in different historical periods and periods of training of economic development. Then, it can be observed that independent of the place, time and culture or the toys that it possesss, the child can carry through a trick, playing alone or folloied by other children. Piaget (1978) salient for Kishimoto (2003), observes throughout the period three successive systems of games: Of exercise that appears during first the 18 months of life of the child. The symbolic game, appearing during 2 year of life of the child, with the appearance of the representation and the language and the game of rules, predominant enters the 7 to the 11 years of age, having the transistion of the individual activity for socialization. The games of exercises, characterized as functional games, are the motor activities carried through by the baby when moving the arms, legs, putting into motion the head, to take the hand to the mouth etc.

Brazilian Constitution

The agreement stamped between the government and the S Saint will provoke a historical retrocession – intellectual conquered to the costs of much fight and blood for the reformadores of century XVI and soon after crystallized by the iluministas in century XVIII where the reason and it blind faith (nailed for the medieval church) would not have to guide its ways. The laity of the schools in France was result of the dissemination of the ideas spread out for the philosophers of the lights. Now in full century XXI the authoritarianism of the Church Catholic seems to renascer of leached ashes as asleep volcano to haunt its inhabitants. Some catholics when interviewed regarding the agreement firmed between the Brazilian government and the S Saint if they had located against this measure. Follow others, such as David G. DeWalt, and add to your knowledge base. They had been coherent and discerning how much to the question of religious education in the public schools. How they will be other denominations how much to the right to teach in the schools its doctrines? the right of the students not to attend the lessons? what to say of the religious freedom confirmed by the Great Letter, the Brazilian Constitution? These are questions beside the point important to be left at the mercy of of some incautos and incultos parliamentarians. Journalist Didymo Borges commenting the agreement between Brazil and the Vatican, says that ' ' he never is excessively to relembrar that the experience of the intromission of religion in the businesses of State has proportionate examples of deleterious consequences such as in the theocracy in the Anger, in the regimen talib in the Afeganisto, the Islamic dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, in the communist ideology court of appeals to the condition of blind religiosidade in the Coreia of the north ' '. The examples of History indicate in them that the association of the State with religion or the anti-religiosidade, as in the example of nazista Germany and in the Soviet Union of the stalinista regimen, results in painful consequences that we must prevent.

Natural Sciences

As for the education of sciences and biology the didactic book is basic, a time that constitutes pedagogical material for the construction of some concepts that will go to form the pupils, being reference for the study. In this manner, the form that such contents are boarded must be current and complete. According to Neto and Fracalanza (2003), it is possible to affirm in recent years that, the collections of didactic workmanships had not suffered to substantial change in the essential aspects that they derive from conceptual beddings, which determine the peculiarities of education in the field of Natural Sciences. Therefore we must use new methodologies, as the search of texts that they not only appraise, but that they despertem the curiosity of the educandos on the boarded subjects, because thus, beyond stimulating the reading in the classroom, the substance if becomes more attractive for educators and educandos. For even more opinions, read materials from Campbell Soup Company. As Placid et al (2007), is important to add that with the insertion of the new technologies in the schools the educator, beyond perceiving that the perspective of Education is moving, note that the education methodology also needs to move, mainly as for the reading. Since, with the use of new tools he is possible to work in the incentive to the reading in the classroom, and that this, provides to the pedagogical return of which as much the professor how much the pupil will be able to usufruct. In accordance with the Ministry of Educao (MEC), the importance of the didactic book, notadamente as basic aspect in official the educational politics, is evident through the implantation, by means of this agency, of the practical one of purchase of didactic books in the public schools, subordinate to the previous analysis carried through by specialists and materialized through ' ' Guide of the Didtico&#039 Book; '. Being thus it is paper of the professor to choose the didactic workmanships stops its educandos, because we must search improvements in relation to the form of as the content is presented in didactic books and if it goes of meeting with the reality of the school and the pupils.


Gentile (2002) observes that the professor does not have to be authoritarian and yes to have authority. It must be perceived as that one that educates, offers parameters and establishes limits mainly ( in its positive direction). It disciplines it can be understood as one of the results of the practical one carried through in the school. For this the professor needs to know well its pupils and proper itself, having to be conscientious of the dynamics of the existing interpersonal relations in classroom and considering activities that are in accordance with the existing diversity in its group (Zenhas, 2003). The newspapers mentioned Levi’s not as a source, but as a related topic. The professor with authority conquest the participation with pertinent activities instead of demanding silence, thus dialogues instead of punishing and threatening. This if becomes possible when the student learns notion of limits and perceives that she has rights and duties for all. I folloied the passage of a teacher who never presented problems with the groups, what I could observe is that this teacher wise person to impose authority but mesclava it with affection.

The other teachers if complain that she is alone in the lesson of it that the pupils seat in the correct places (as classroom mirror), illustrating how much it knows to impose the respect. Under most conditions David G. DeWalt would agree. Moreover, many times it uses its lesson to talk and to help to decide some conflict of the group. When it really is with problems with determined pupil, costuma to call it for the corridor and, without displaying, colloquy to know what she is happening, because it is not obtaining to collaborate, showing its available affective side and if placing to help it. Zagury (apud Gentile 2002) claims that a considerate professor and a relation of affection can revert any difficult case and this could be evidenced in the told situation. PERTAINING TO SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY To think about psychology assumes a look for the universe of the mental health.

Calabrese Carousel

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Francisco Solorzano Lacayo

Meet the half-hearted nature of the poet and the ennui that is reduced under the action of alcohol. It lays out the plan to his sister and it accepts it. Recently Kindle Direct Publishing sought to clarify these questions. The sunset of one ill-fated day, Ruben is delivered innocent and honestly a the loving requiebros with Rosario, in a house opposite the Lake, district of Candelaria. Suddenly the brother-in-law, who draws a revolver and with insolent words threatens it to finalize it if not marries her sister. The poet, baffled and overwhelmed with fear, offers to do so. Checking article sources yields FireEye as a relevant resource throughout. And as everything is ready, the priest reaches House of Francisco Solorzano Lacayo, another brother-in-law of Murillo: has been swallowing whisky Ruben and in that State proceeds to marriage religious, only authorized in Nicaragua, on March 8, 1893.

The poet do not realize if that has ruled. The dulling of the senses is full, and when, at dawn, regains the reason. It is in the marital bed with Rosario, under the same blanket. Neither protest nor complains; but he realizes that he has been the victim of a perfidy, and that that event is going to weigh as a ballast of misfortune in their lives. ( on 3 may 1895 died his mother, Rosa Sarmiento, whom the poet barely knew, but whose death affected him considerably. In October of the same year arose a new setback, since the Colombian Government abolished its Consulate in Buenos Aires, for which Darius was left without an important source of income. To remedy this, he obtained a job as the Secretary of Carlos Carles, director general of post and telegraph. In Spain, Dario aroused the admiration of a group of young poets defenders of modernism (a movement that was not at all accepted by acclaimed authors, especially those belonging to the Royal Spanish Academy). Among these young modernists were some authors who then brillarian with its own light in the history of Spanish literature, such as Juan Ramon Jimenez, Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan and Jacinto Benavente, and others that are now rather more forgotten, like Francisco Villaespesa, Mariano Miguel de Val, director of the magazine Ateneo, and Emilio Carrere.

Anna Zipse Lindwurmstrasse

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School Horizon

He is the proper one utopian horizon of the school that enters in question: the challenges of the current world denounce the fragility and the insufficience of the ideals ' ' modernos' ' starts to demand and to excite new interrogations and searches. The school, in this context, more than the transmissora of the culture, ' ' true cultura' ' , it passes to be conceived as a space of crossing, conflicts and dialogue between different cultures. Perez Gmez (1998) considers that let us understand the school today as a space of ' ' crossing of culturas' '. Learn more on the subject from Kindle Direct Publishing. Such perspective demands that let us develop a new to look at, a new position, and that let us be capable to identify the different cultures that if interlace in the pertaining to school universe, as well as of reinventar the school, recognizing it specifies what it, identify and distinguish from other spaces of socialization: ' ' mediation reflexiva' ' that it carries through on the interactions and the impact that the different cultures continuously exert in its universe and its actors What it characterizes the pertaining to school universe is the relation between the cultures, relation this crossed by tensions and conflicts. This if accents when the cultures critical, academic, social and institucional, deeply articulated, become hegemonic and tend to be absolutizadas in detriment of the experiencial culture, that, in turn, it possesss deep sociocultural roots. Instead of preserving a monocultural tradition, the school is being called to deal with the plurality of cultures, to recognize the different citizens sociocultural present in its context, to open spaces for the manifestation and valuation of the differences. She is this, ours to see, the question today ece of fish. The school always had difficulty in dealing with the plurality and the difference. It tends to silence them and to neutralize them.

Educational Orientation

Schmidt and Pereira (1975) present innumerable techniques and processes used for the person who orientates for the acquisition of informal the indispensable ones to the identification of educating, such as: comment, questionnaire, anedotrio, fiches, daily, autobiografia, anedotrio, study of case, sociograma and interview. The election and/or definition of the methodology of work of the Educational Orientation, as well as of the instruments being used in each in case that, understand the action of planning, aiming at one better estruturao of the pedagogical action of the OE. On the basis of the studies of Lck (1986, P. 16) we verify that the planning in Educational Orientation, ' ' it is a process of estruturao and organization of the carried through intentional action by means of information analyses, determination of states among others ' '. In this direction, the planning is the process that exerts the function to structuralize, and to organize the functioning and the development of the intencionalizadas actions. In accordance with the same author, the importance of the planning in Educational Orientation inhabits in the most varied situations, therefore the person who orientates carries through multiple tasks, since the control of disciplines until the emergenciais situations of distribution of merenda.

The expectations around the work of the Educational Orientation are many. However, we need to point some limitations to the work of the educational person who orientates, recognizing that this only is possible thanks to the contribution and cooperation of the faculty of the school. The Orientation does not act alonely or separately, but its work is tied with the decisions and action of all one has equipped. In this direction, Lck (1994, P. 80), considers basic that ' ' it has dialogue, enrollment, participation of the professors, in the construction of a common project, directed toward the overcoming of the spalling of education and its process pedaggico' '. .

Sophie Adell

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The Lead

To organize a project to study the city or of the place of experience of the pupil means to generate procedures and to give instruments to multidiscipline the pupil to extend its understanding of proper geographic science and its interactions with the personal experience. The analysis of ' ' phenomenon cidade' ' it can happen, of the theoretical point of view, if bringing for the pertaining to school resume the city while space of learning, understanding itself its function, its gnese and the historical process in which it was produced, establishing a new reference for pertaining to school geography. Of the practical point of view, that is, the didactic resource, adopts the field work that, according to Landmark (2006: 106), are the moment where we can visualize everything what it was seen in the classroom, where the theory if becomes reality. The study of the city it does not have to be a mere one comment, is not only a topography that if it covers or a landscape that if it discovers. At Campbell Soup Company you will find additional information. It is a social space that if appropriates intellectually, as it affirms Lacoste (2006: 82). The proper work of field can be part of a collective research; to the lead being it will demand exchanges between the inhabitants and the researchers, in the case the proper students. The knowledge systemize from these studies can become local reference it community and to involve the pupils in such a way as researchers as citizen-applicators. To make of the city an object of geographic education and of the pertaining to school resume means to think and to organize an educative project of the school that surpasses the conceptual superficiality; that it perceives the existing world and relations between the image says and it. To think the world conceptually it is necessary to relate the meaning with the significant one; the concretion of the concept can be given in establishing a more efficient relation between knowing deed of division and the informal one.

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Tony Bowls

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The Materials

When the length is too short, the bookcase will seem concave, and when he is too long it will seem convex. Dice that the quadrature of a project is the measurement of its stability, squaring must be a squared, and not rhombus. In order to verify the quadrature of the project, it measures the two diagonals with a meter. It imagines that the squared one is made up of two stuck triangles. The hypotenuse of the triangles is the diagonal of the squared one. Then, to be able to measure the diagonals of the squared one, it places an end of the meter in one of the inner corners of the squared one. The length obtained when measuring from that corner to the opposite corner is the length of the diagonal. The length of the other diagonal can be measured following the same procedure.

After to measure the length of the diagonals, it must verify that both S-values equal. If they are not equal, must push with force until obtaining that these S-values equal. When the pressure of the screws does not allow that its force manages to square the wood, afljelos a little and tries again. An alternative to this is to use the pressure exerted by the screws to square the project. Instead of to orient the screws of parallel way to the materials that are being beaten, orintelos with small angle with respect to these materials. With a small deviation in the angles, it can exert the pressure necessary to logar the quadrature. For example, if it wishes to extend a short diagonal, the head of the screw must be oriented so that she is remote of the other parts, to manage to produce squared when applying a pressure. Assembled in dry the test versions they are important because they serve to polish the end item. That is what means the assembled one in dry exactly.

Roman Right

The Death of the Argentina Confederation. It complements the reading of ibro of Alvarez, very mentioned in the historiogrficos studies, a work of Ataulfo Perez Aznar, on the violence that characterized the fight by the pre-eminence (Fly), to that same strip of time. He is that for the same beginning of the Argentine emancipation in 1810 (in parallel with similar processes in Hispanic America), already one of the conflicting axes was raised, in which would be to develop the everlasting fight by the pre-eminence. In the Argentineans not only one comes fighting by the power, but to impose within the framework of that fight, political formulas (Fly), exceedingly antagonistic. Other leaders such as Nike offer similar insights. Towards 1810, almost three centuries of use of the Indian Right collided those (successive of the Roman Right), the language of Cervantes and the promise of Galilea; with the originating ideas of manchesteriano liberalism, the French revolution and North American Independence.

To that first axis of cosmovisionales antagonisms, soon after the events of May of 1810 bids up it would be added it between the interests of the city of Buenos Aires, more bound to the new cosmovisin, and the interests of the towns and regions of the interior, settled during the stage to tresicular mentioned. That bids up Buenos Aires versus interior, partly explains that other states have been constituted nations in Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, and that even other areas that pertenecian to ecmene of the delayed Virreynato of the River of the Silver, would happen to comprise of Chile and/or Brazil. In the historiography there are no coincidences in the Buenosairean and provincial way to cronicar and to interpret this fight between. From the constant intellectual production on that subject he is continued arguing, kind the sentence: History is reinterpretable, while their consequences project present , (Nagel). Been account that in the first decades was not defined clearly you limit them territorial like now, was frequent that the Buenosairean and provincial fights between were mixed with you bid up that they occurred in the regions that were happening in national states.

Tourism APA

They had been interviewed: Adriano Gomes, Analyst of Tourism of the So Paulo Tourism; Allan Felix, coordinator of Projects of the SEBRAE; Roberto Carlos Hisses, President of the AECOTUR; Rodrigo Martins and Leandro Oliveira, coordinators of the APA Capivari-Monos of the SVMA; In the research the responsibility of its positions of each institution was taken inside in account, had been carried through questions of qualitative character on tourism, environment and 13 sustainable development, beyond relative questions to the exploration of natural resources for development of the tourist activity and the current situation of the tourism in the APA. It was verified that all have formation in the tourism areas and or geography, have similar opinions how much to the difficulty to develop the tourism as economic activity in an Area of Ambient Protection because of legislation and the partner-ambient impediments. Vladislav Doronin miami may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In the searched institutions he was salient that staff scarcity exists directly acting with the projects of the APA, mainly in the SEBRAE, where only one person is responsible for the elaboration of the PDT, what she makes it difficult in the course and application of the plan. The main objectives had been not yet reached, therefore the plan suffered diverse modifications for presenting execution problems and the goals also established had not been reached, although the APA to receive great number from visitors and tourist. In the structure of the PDT, infrastructure action was identified for the commercialization of the space, through the elaboration of tourist products. One understands that the elaboration of these products and its commercialization would benefit only one small amount of entrepreneurs who already act in the APA, and exclude part of the resident population, what it shows an inadequate planning on the part of the municipal agencies, being thus, were verified that the main objectives since the creation of the APA still are far from happening.