Educate Dog

First and main to educate to dog to go to bath, if our dog eats to any hour that it wants, thus does with its needs, to all hour. We must regulate its schedules of food in this way to regulate its schedules of evacuation. When feeding your dog dale the food in its plate, and djaselo by approximately half an hour, after that time you do not leave the plate him to its reach, so that one gets used to eating to certain hour. A puppy eats between four or up to five times to the day, but already adult dog eats only twice per day. This implies that we will have to control the amount of times that we give him to eat to our puppy following its age. After established the schedule, we will happen to establish the place, for it we will identify the place where we want that our dog makes its needs, as well as, where we want that it does not enter under any reason, like for example the alcove.

If you take the account of the hour in which your dog makes its needs, you can take to the zone destined for its bath to that hour, that way will be accustomed a to make its needs there. This will avoid accidents when we are beginning with the training to educate a dog to go bathroom. We will let it there at least half an hour to see its reaction. If the dog is small we can implement the method of the cage, that consists of maintaining to the puppy in a corral small or cage while it is with us, and removing it hourly to his bath, having to him there by minutes hoping that it makes his needs there. In order to educate a dog to go bathroom the dog it would have to prefer his bath before the cage to make his needs, since very instinctively it does not like to soil its own madriguera. During the night, we will have to maintain to our dog in monitoring by a time until it is accustomed, if he is small we will have to at least twice remove it during the night.

If your dog is less than six days old you do not hope that it controls its bladder perfectly will gradually do, it until reaching that age. This is not due to its lack of attention, but the reason obeys to its physiology. There is a method little known but very effective that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, there are Click Here.

Holistic Education

The present work is a global assay of all my experience in the masters in holistic education. At the start of the masters in holistic education, received the Dr. Ramon Gallegos, a preparatory course where we explained what was the master, as it was composed of educational, philosophical, cultural, and sustainable shafts which was the essence of the same and as in a world so fast-paced that we are living a change is required, but the greater concern is knowing or knowing what that change waswho had to give it, and answer when?, where?, for someone with many doubts, to live a new experience and a very different to the traditional masters, where I am I prefer treatment and human coexistence, since for me the weekly sessions at the Messenger not could express myself as I’d like, so how much we had the face-to-face sessions to a server were much more enriching. Began to handle a concept that first instance not saw it clear that it was the Sangha, and with the passing of the master he was defining only, mastery of San Luis Group began to become the Sangha of St. Louis already we were not a simple group of masters, because the Messenger ceased to be a barrier to a server because we started to identify and return us a fraternal group. The meaning of mastery that could give him is something akin to the metamorphosis of butterflies: a butterfly life cycle consists of four stages: egg, larva (Caterpillar), pupa and butterfly.

The butterflies begin their life in the form of eggs. Egg it takes two to three weeks hatch into a larva or Caterpillar. The Caterpillar feeds on a large amount of leaves. During its silent growth of skin several times. Then weaves a chrysalis and becomes a pupa. Many changes occur in the chrysalis stage.

7 Reasons To Educate Without School

While the school is the most common and accepted option to provide education to children, some parents have considered other ways to meet the need to learn from our children. Below I quote my 7 reasons to educate my youngest son at home, ranging from the family organization to aspects of socialization: 1. when children are at home there’s more time for the whole family.-this time translates into shared activities, the possibility of travelling in school season (with corresponding saving money), and long time to know us between parents and children. If the problem with society today is that parents do not spend time with their children, family education can become part of the solution to this problem. 2. The Popes we benefit from their learning.-as long ago that we left school, but how much recall the lessons? To take the responsibility to educate our children we also assume the challenge of educating ourselves.

Parents and children can share a sincere not know and find out the answers together. Learn simple and complex things to young adulthood is a privilege of a few. For many has meant a reencounter with the taste for learning. 3. Children learn faster.-activities tend to concentrate on the interests of the children, and care is individualized.

This greatly speeds the process of assimilation, since we have children interested and focused at the same time. A point that the school can take 1 day or up to a week for repeat at home can take a couple of minutes. 4. Children socialize with people of various ages and social classes-home-schooled children have the opportunity to socialize with people of different ages and socioeconomic strata. Not the case with a child who attends the same school for 6 years and has the same companions, who also belong to families of the same socioeconomico-cultural level. Educate without school opens the door toward a socialization among people similar and different from us. 5. Children are inserted to the adult world in natural form.-when children educate without school usually accompany parents everywhere. Trips to the Bank, to the supermarket, to the municipality to complete a transaction, or visit a family member, allow children to closely observe the complex world of adults, for then to integrate him more naturally. 6. Safety of children-even though the overprotection is harmful, all have clear that isn’t healthy for any human being grow in an atmosphere of violence and teasing. Every day is more common to hear that robberies between teammates happen in schools, and bullying (bullying) is a problem that has reached much of schools. To educate in family children grow up in an atmosphere of love and respect, which can then express it with other people. 7 Children with less advertising-it is no secret that the advertising industry makes efforts for reaching children aware. Perhaps there are more psychologists studying child behaviour in favour of advertising than in! the familar unit please! When the children educate without school we have enough control on what is presented in the eyes of our children. Even when there is publicity, this has less effect on our families, since we are present to explain and refocus the efforts of the advertising firms. These are 7 of my reasons to educate my child without school, and perhaps all summarized in my desire to provide better training than that offered by the school system. Each family has their own, and all are valid, provided that we assume them with responsibility and love for our children. Original author and source of the article.

Education Classroom

While it is true that we find ourselves in a changing society full of innovations and you start amazing ways and means to achieve a single goal, education has not been exempt from this change nor of this transformation. Since some years has been transformed and improved the way in which educators transmit their knowledge to learners, with the above, we are referring to the didactic support and technological means that are used for research and teaching of pedagogy in a classroom and because not say it, outside of it. Currently in education, the student has and must be proactive to get ahead, the demands of the current pedagogy so require. In education technology is the bridge between research and theory and constitutes a decisive improvement in the quality of the teaching-learning process. technological procedures are part of the teaching methods and are educational tools that provide teachers a way to implement the attainment of objectives by creating activities, from the characteristics of the content program, that enable it to guide and direct the student toward a purpose specific. Information technologies are applied to the field teaching in order to streamline educational processes, improve the results of the school system and ensure access to the same one of groups conventionally excluded, it makes education for all and in any place and with a highly affordable cost. New technologies and their incorporation into the field of education to promote the creation of new educational environments that affect directly the actors of the teaching-learning process, i.e.

educating and educator ultimately is, prepare for self-learning. Which opens a challenge to our educational system, worried about the acquisition and interpretation of information and the reproduction of the same according to pre-established patterns. It is the above the educational system goes from being a unidirectional model to be multi-directional. Currently, substitute will have already in many educational institutions in our country, textbooks, by more open and flexible models, where the information is located in databases, and tends to be shared among various students this is an alternative to modify the classroom as a classroom, by interaction with other classmates and teachers who do not have to be located in the same spatial context. But what is truly relevant technology applied to education is the achievements obtained with the pupil, since, not only achieved the increase of knowledge but the development of creativity in these. He moved to the student from being a passive entity to an interactive entity that sits at the technology and education as yours.

Cartography: Education and Space

To teach cartography is so important how much to study it, for the fact of that, so that the professional of the education that will be giving the related works to the subject, it can repass the knowledge with domain of the content, and therefore, is important that the professional of the area searchs to improve its knowledge regarding what it is the cartography, so that serves and as to repass it. The introduction of the child to the education of the cartography is initiated in the initial series, where the same one goes learning the bases of the system of coordinates, thus following the learning process where the knowledge goes being last in accordance with the evolution of its learning in the education process.. .