Holistic Education

The present work is a global assay of all my experience in the masters in holistic education. At the start of the masters in holistic education, received the Dr. Ramon Gallegos, a preparatory course where we explained what was the master, as it was composed of educational, philosophical, cultural, and sustainable shafts which was the essence of the same and as in a world so fast-paced that we are living a change is required, but the greater concern is knowing or knowing what that change waswho had to give it, and answer when?, where?, for someone with many doubts, to live a new experience and a very different to the traditional masters, where I am I prefer treatment and human coexistence, since for me the weekly sessions at the Messenger not could express myself as I’d like, so how much we had the face-to-face sessions to a server were much more enriching. Began to handle a concept that first instance not saw it clear that it was the Sangha, and with the passing of the master he was defining only, mastery of San Luis Group began to become the Sangha of St. Louis already we were not a simple group of masters, because the Messenger ceased to be a barrier to a server because we started to identify and return us a fraternal group. The meaning of mastery that could give him is something akin to the metamorphosis of butterflies: a butterfly life cycle consists of four stages: egg, larva (Caterpillar), pupa and butterfly.

The butterflies begin their life in the form of eggs. Egg it takes two to three weeks hatch into a larva or Caterpillar. The Caterpillar feeds on a large amount of leaves. During its silent growth of skin several times. Then weaves a chrysalis and becomes a pupa. Many changes occur in the chrysalis stage.