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Welcome to Ecohogar: Wisdom for Your Finances, the space in which I will show you some practical tips for managing your personal finances in a simple language, without any indications or terms technicians, talk in dollars and cents and easy to understand examples. You find include articles where solid foundation for money management that will be of great help.’ll discuss news and events that shape our lives economically, socially and politically. Ecohogar: Wisdom for your finances as national program radio in the year 2007 provided in La Paz every Monday from 6 to 7 pm on Radio Cultura 1050 AM State Institute of Radio and Television of the Government of Baja California Sur, as a practice course and driving locution. In this program for six months collaborate Diben Cruz, Alfredo Hernandez, Fabiola Serafin (who now lives in Cuernavaca) and Gonzalo Romeu server. founded in 1969 offers clients a seamless global network of consultants with specific regional knowledge and expertise. Today, Monday, March 2, 2009, return the concept through this blog for just a weekly basis, provide the same service. My desire is that their lives, their economies and hence their relations will become easier by advice to help you better manage the resources are in an era that will be difficult to increase them. I invite you to read and comment here presented since all vision is nourished and develops many other visions. Again are all very welcome. .

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Today the blog has announced that it presents its new webcam chat, section which has released just 6 months ago and that it already has over 3,000 hits a day. The Super host of this new section by users has led to that already from the first week it announced that it would work to improve its web camera section as far as possible, but until today there was no news of new deployments or changes. In addition to improvements in navigability has commented that there has been a change of design of the webchat to make it more attractive in addition to the deployment to maximize or to disconnect from the chat window. We can also highlight the continuous update adding new issues chat rooms as well as announced also that soon could be a general change in the design of the blog, restructuring in the various sections and other changes to improve ultimately the user throughout your visit experience.


Like every morning, Nacho came to veterinary medicine. At nine in the morning arribaria his assistant and would begin with the cleaning and care of the animals; water and food for Canaries, corn for the roosters, vegetables for hamsters. The first thing you did is turn the radio on, they spent good music and local and national news. Since the Argentine stations on these sides of Patagonia could tune, he had become addicted to the radio. Time was good, excellent auspices of work. Autumn, the Curruhuinca Hill, with the colorful in their forest was a feast for the eyes. These days they lived intensely, soon would come the season of rains and snowfall. An old ford, but proud and well charged, stood opposite the premises of the veterinary.

It fell a willing and friendly face to the colloquial talk hombreton. _ What that doctor! -how goes Don Zacarias! _ And here we walk, down to the village, getting ready for the winter, will be a year very nevador. -Do you believe? -Yes, I’ve seen down pumas to the field, when the wild animals come down early, safe winter is nevador. In those moments comes Carlitos, the neighborhood canillita, eating a few bills. He left the journal and goes to where hamsters were. -Doctor, at the afternoon come to find which gave me, I do with the female offspring, then sell them is. He laughs at the business that proposes.

-O. k. Carlitos, veni nomas. They were Don Zacarias and Carlitos, the veterinarian prepared mate and approached his desk, in the natural disorder of his roles he was when what I needed. After scoring an order he took the newspaper and had to read titles, big letters emphasized part of a speech by the President of Argentina in which highlighted the triumphal entry of the country to the new world order, the early entry into the first world and the economic takeoff, smiled _ these politicians! Mounted on the crest of the wave, total after we crashed us all, he thought.


When one tries to deepen about the sense and the coherence of terminology used in the conceptual world of contemporary art, gives you the feeling that your ignorance is extreme, since you are unable to understand almost nothing of what is being read. In the majority of the criticisms about news from newspapers or magazines, a series of biensonantes words, interlaced with singular ingenuity, attempt to explain the intentions and the plastic quality of an artist who probably nor the artist himself can understand. Let’s take at random one of those brief writings: is an artist who strives to develop a plastic idea with remarkable consistency, security in their work and loyalty to that thought that translates into very personal forms, such as the planoetrias, defined as volumes that evolve in a single plane. His work is a work of self-evident subtlety, with different linear and structural suggestions capable of diversification in the matter, in the form and spatial projection, as well as suggestive values of rhythmic musicality plastic in the creative process read this I have to admit that I have understood the words but not the content, and I know that this ignorance is neither politically correct nor desirable to position myself in a privileged place of the artistic elite. Political correctness is to give the impression to others that this intelectualoide language is familiar and that there is no doubt about their understanding. Some may rebut that all these words acquire a sense when the work is seen, but I can assure you that taking forward the work, nor the very same Nietzsche or Kafka could decrypt such gibberish. On the other hand, it is curious that all these criticisms, it always extols and it massages to the author of the work, never criticized him negatively as was long ago in the age of Impressionism and the early 20th century.