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Welcome to Ecohogar: Wisdom for Your Finances, the space in which I will show you some practical tips for managing your personal finances in a simple language, without any indications or terms technicians, talk in dollars and cents and easy to understand examples. You find include articles where solid foundation for money management that will be of great help.’ll discuss news and events that shape our lives economically, socially and politically. Ecohogar: Wisdom for your finances as national program radio in the year 2007 provided in La Paz every Monday from 6 to 7 pm on Radio Cultura 1050 AM State Institute of Radio and Television of the Government of Baja California Sur, as a practice course and driving locution. In this program for six months collaborate Diben Cruz, Alfredo Hernandez, Fabiola Serafin (who now lives in Cuernavaca) and Gonzalo Romeu server. founded in 1969 offers clients a seamless global network of consultants with specific regional knowledge and expertise. Today, Monday, March 2, 2009, return the concept through this blog for just a weekly basis, provide the same service. My desire is that their lives, their economies and hence their relations will become easier by advice to help you better manage the resources are in an era that will be difficult to increase them. I invite you to read and comment here presented since all vision is nourished and develops many other visions. Again are all very welcome. .