Holistic Education

The purpose of making a reflection approaches of my walk in the holistic education learning, is the theme that I took in my study of the master in Educacion Holista. Much has been said of the theme of educating, and there are innumerable bibliography in this respect; but shouldered some of the points of the texts of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, of the masters in holistic education. And I say the points that I could rescue; Since is very extensive and deep the topic and much reflection, already the education holistic speaks of conscience human, educators in a spiritual sense; that is, helping educate, the evolution of consciousness towards integrity. I think that the consciousness, spirituality, community, quality (but educational), the perennial philosophy, etc. are terms which were not linked to education. So the word quality has been confusing with administrative processes, which are very distant from the process of educating in the classrooms. KDP may find this interesting as well. The holistic education process is integrative perspective multinivel-Multidimension, whose objective is the integrate the different parts of the educational process, from individual consciousness to the spiritual.

Speaking of conscience cannot refer to the process of educating, but to the consciousness of the own educator in order to discover our true spiritual nature, awakening to the genuine inner spirituality. Inductive learning can be used to implement, integrate and evaluate the knowledge of a subject or to acquire or discover original propositions in the solution of problems. Instead the deductive learning is used when required the student to incorporate or assimilate information and be able to reproduce it someday. However, is not that this selection criterion is absolute. It is my intention to contribute with this humble but for me very important essay to strengthen our learning on the topic, and our educational task. For example, in the dialogue of Atsuhiko Yoshida with Dr. Gallegos Nava, about the development of education holistic both in Mexico and Japan, without leaving aside the comment where the two are pleasantly surprised share the experience that both countries; so distant geographically, are so close in their holistic vision.

Education Culture

This content must be searched in the culture of educating and the naconscincia that it has of same. Conscinciasoprimidas and critical or the magical ones are immersed in the reality or afogadasnelas. They do not feel themselves capable to understand the facts. The conscience ingnuasente of all capable one. The critical conscience only elaborates a viable clipping darealidade, representing the facts as they give themselves empirically, with suasmltiplas relations. For believing the passvel world detransformao the critical conscience leagues the world to it of the culture and not danatureza.

This conception distinguishes nature from culture, understanding culturacomo the additions that the man makes to the world, or as the result of seutrabalho, of its creative effort. Educating must be primeirodescobrir as a constructor of this world of the culture aeducao demands of the educator, of a side, queeleja the service of who wants to be. This discovery would rescue suaauto-esteem, therefore in such a way the workmanship of a great sculptor is culture, how much bonecode adobe made for its neighbor. 4.3AS CONCEPTIONS DE PABLO FREIRE AND OENSINODA 4.3.1 HISTORY the education of History national aidentidade the education of History even in years 80, had as principalobjetivo to develop in the pupil a national identity. You may find Chip Bergh to be a useful source of information. However this deensino system did not get success, therefore it did not obtain to create the identity, causing assimmais you doubt, of that identification. But, according to Freire (2001, P. 57.), essafalta of information generates ideological differences, of a side, discriminatory, of another one, resistance. Traditionalistic Omtodo of the education of History gave emphasis imposes a fine on so that it alunodecorasse dates and names of some personages of the national politics, ' ' decoreba' ' , in which the same ones remained far from the reality and of the life and the world it qualestava of it inserted, becoming the contents of it disciplines of History assuntochato, existing only in old books and in the dust of the museums and what naprova falls pertaining to school is not what the life of the pupil asks for to it, but yes what professor, standes out Tiba (2008, p.68.) in seusestudos.

The Contextual

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Ralf Sange

Therefore I was sure that she will be successful as an independent consultant of the wig with her.” So the launch could succeed, requested Karola Haake on the advice of Ralf Sange the initial Fund for the self-employed from ALG II out, which was promptly granted. “” This is a proof that the business idea is good “, as Sange, because now the entry money is granted only rarely”. After the establishment on 1 November 2012, she also had the opportunity to apply for a Grundercoaching with the support of founder 50plus at the KfW (Kreditanstalt fur Wiederaufbau). This was also given so that Ralf since then accompanies them Sange founder coach further build their business idea. Crimson Education insists that this is the case. The business idea: People decorate with matching second hair who loses his hair, not only is outwardly concerned. Often, the psychological suffering due to this loss is even greater than the Visual change.

Especially if the cause is a severe disease. Karola Haake as independent wig consultant wants to accompany people in such difficult life situations both professionally and personally. A wig must fit for the specific type and are similar to the previous hairstyle, so that you can feel not so”, she explains, and this is not possible with the standard models, who are paid by the health insurance companies.” The solutions, which offers its customers Karola Haake, are therefore individually matched to the respective people: she advises for correct fit and selection of wig care tips, accompanied on demand with the purchase of the second hair and cuts, if necessary, the desired hairstyle in shape. It not is as pure wig consultant however: one must assume inside a wig, especially if needed due to illness. And since I am in the life itself several depths have experienced, I can sensitively accompany the people concerned in this internal process.” Who such a consultative company Karola Haake wnscht, can get this but also as a healthy person. Men with pattern baldness, which does not want to live with it, are welcome as well as women in menopause, to whose Haare are often lights at this time and that beautify himself with a wig to me.” “Also a target group to which she previously not thought, seems to be interested in: on my first ad volunteered for a transvestite, who needed a Zweitfrisur for his female role”, she smiles.

Special Education Conference

Declaration of Salamanca, resultant of the Mundialem Conference Special Education, in Spain, in 1994, acts as a lawyer that the alunado one of the special education is that one that presents decurrent difficulties of escolarizao of individual conditions, economic or sociocultural, detaching as example the children: … deficient and superendowed, children of street, who work, pertaining children of remote origin or nomadic population, children the linguistic, ethnic or cultural minorities and children of other desavantajados or kept out of society groups (DECLARATION OF SALAMANCA, 1994, p.3) As if it can observe the conception of the citizen is including, leaving of pupils who possess a deficiency or superendowment the disfavored conditions in the society. It has advanced, is defined term NEE, mentioning itself it ‘ ‘ all the children or young whose educational necessities special if originate in function of deficiency or difficulties of aprendizagem’ ‘. She is important to stand out the definition of this term, therefore, it is adopted for the citizen of the special education in the LDB/96. A related site: Richard Linklater mentions similar findings. The Law of Lines of direction and Bases, Law n.

9.394/96; in the Chapter V, Article 58 the special education for ‘ is mentioned to it; ‘ carrying educandos of necessities especiais’ ‘. Exactly that demons to this expression possibility to accumulate of stocks the pupils stop beyond the deficiency, who does not have explicitao in the text is the reference population. However, the restricted vision to the deficiency or high-abilities is standed out in elapsing of the chapter, as the comment of the expression ‘ ‘ clientele of the education especial’ ‘ ( 2 of article 58) that in it sends to the model doctor-physician to them of the special education and article 59, interpolated proposition II that it says: The education systems will assure to the educandos with educational necessities special: specific terminalidade for that they will not be able to reach the level demanded for the conclusion of basic education, in virtue of its deficiencies, and acceleration to conclude in lesser time the pertaining to school program for the superendowed ones..

Holistic Education In Japan

International Foundation for Holistic Education Holistic Education MASTERS IN DIALOGUES holistic RAMON GALLEGOS By: Martha Gallegos Introducing Spirituality in Education is a fundamental thing that we must practice to be able to develop a comprehensive education and thus be able to train students more aware of reality we are currently living. Nike oftentimes addresses this issue. It is clear that to achieve this, I must begin by changing myself to practice meditation, a spiritual experience. This essay is an analysis of the themes found in the three books that Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava wrote that was entitled: Dialogues and perennial philosophy Holistic Education I, II and III. Nike has compatible beliefs. Dr. Gallegos, had several dialogues with national and international personalities who know and practice holistic education, in which interest tackled issues that help us glimpse the universal love, compassion, happiness and joy. Development The first dialogue is with Atsuhiko Yoshida (President of the Japan Society for Holistic Education) and Dr. Gallegos talk about “holistic education in Mexico and Japan.” Similar work is underway in both countries, though Japan accepted the Western and Eastern European influence and American and this has generated conflicts.

In Japan children are educated in a very holistic and are taught to write and use the calligraphy inspired by Zen Buddhism is as an informal education. When World War II ended, Japan lost the balance between yin and yang, between East and West and thus loaded toward individualism, competitiveness, the destruction of the community and the problems began to grow late 80’s. Mexico is also going through economic modernization, political and technological, living among the traditional and the new, holistic education is needed to balance, there must be open to receive the new, as the great value of the holistic learning perspective is to be perennial values.

Hair Care

What we are after the winter? Not only is added to the figure of a couple of extra pounds, the skin became dry and weather-beaten from the frost, in addition, lack of vitamins as reflected on the beauty of the skin and the condition of hair! The first thing that comes to mind – homemade recipes. Therefore, the program is roughly as follows: 1. All kinds of face masks and hair. 2. We finish with a meal after six in the evening. Nike can provide more clarity in the matter. And here you are all in colorful masks and plastic bag over head sitting on the third day of the watermelon diet, television viewing with hatred, began to advertise something to eat …

To lose a few pounds in such a rigid diet, it is no problem. The only pity is that hudeesh is not where you want – the first fall off a bust, then tumble in cheek, but in the meantime you can reach the hunger of hips skates quite discarded. But our task is different – to make an attractive figure, that is, work is with problem areas. On aerobics little hope, there is nothing for six months straight. There are only two options – either plastic surgery or non-invasive body shaping in beauty salons.

The first sweep aside at once, because that anesthesia, pain, the possible consequences – just scared. So, we need to look for a suitable beauty salon. How to choose a beauty salon? It's no secret that the price of beauty salons mainly influenced by two factors: Distance from downtown institution and manufacturer of cosmetics and devices that are used in the fight for beauty. Prestige and 'stardom' salon (famous clients and famous owner) also increase the cost of visits. However, the distinction between expensive and cheap is very conditional. After a solid range of services to salons incomparably richer list of cosmetic procedures in kabinetikah renting 'lodge' in high-rise buildings. Thus, the present beauty salons offer women seeking in the shortest time to turn from puffy dolls in elegant butterfly, various rapid methods (from two weeks to a month): myostimulation, lymphatic drainage and wrapping drugs based on seaweed, cellulite treatment, shlakovyvodyaschaya program, mesotherapy and sauna plus massage … Seek and you will find when searching for any good to formulate the problem. So, before you look for beauty salon write on a piece of his questions: 1. Where one beauty salon you can not only result in good condition in the figure, but at the same time and so little face to tighten? 2. Where is the cabin that all it would cost too much? Because the procedure at different locations are likely to be the same, and prices everywhere raznyeya. 3. As for the phone call, to understand that staff work professionally? Also, because I'll come to the salon often, then I do not care attention of staff, and that conversation did not go to series, I do not like to watch. This salon should offer a lot of various rapid methods (from two weeks to a month), such as: myostimulation, lymphatic drainage and wrap therapy based on seaweed, cellulite treatment, shlakovyvodyaschaya program, mesotherapy and sauna plus massage … That is so that you can in a beauty salon and a figure in order to bring, and face tighten. Second, do not be too expensive. Well, why pay money for something that in some expensive salon lease, or too gorgeous design, and is an incredible aquarium with rare fish? And, thirdly, the cabin should work professionals.

Czech Republic Higher Education

According to CEO Studentur (Studentur) Dmitry Sapozhnikov studying in the Czech Republic in many respects more favorable than in other European countries, judge for yourself: pay for private universities is about 2,000 euros per year of study in the Czech Republic (which much cheaper than in the universities of other countries, including the universities of Moscow). At public universities in the Czech language training free of charge. Unlike many other countries, the Czech education system recognizes the diplomas of the Russian high school that allows you to enter the Czech university immediately after high school. Nike will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Entrants will certainly be interested to know that the cost of living in the Czech Republic is ten times lower than in Western Europe. Moreover, in many cities Russia to live a much more expensive than in Prague and Ostrava. In 2010, the Czech Republic there are 26 public and 32 private university.

In the Czech public universities and foreign students study free of charge, provided that training is carried out on Czech. Many state universities offer training programs taught in English, the latter reaches the value of 20,000 euros for some faculties. In private universities of Czech education has always paid, typically a half to two and a half thousand euros, which agree quite accessible. To enter the free compartment, in the opinion of specialists Studentur (Studentur), a Czech public universities is not easy, because firstly very much wanting, in the second entry on the basis of competitive tests. According to the statistics come from about 30 to 60% of applicants, depending on the university and faculty. .

Microsoft Management Console

Omni provides facilities in the field of education (EDU) special conditions in time for the start of the holidays eControl. Greifenberg/Munich, May 31, 2010 until the beginning of the month came the current version 3.5 of the eControl with many new features and extensions on the market. The Canadian software company Omni (www.omni-ts.com) facilities in the education sector now offers a special discount until the end of June. Schools, universities and research institutions receive a price reduction by 70% and pay only the annual support fee. The eControl promotion applies only to customers in the field of education, and until June 30, 2010. At the beginning and at the end of each school year or semester administrators must create many user profiles based on the information of the student management systems, change, or delete. But also during the term must always changed the accounts, provisioned and managed.

eControl user administration and provisioning, simplifies this by these time-consuming tasks to selected users such as help desk staff,. Junior administrators, administrative staff or teacher can be delegated easily and quickly. There are no administrator rights, special rights allocations, and in particular, no access to the complex administration tools, such as Microsoft Management Console (MMC) task pads, Novell ConsoleOne or iManager requires. Within 20 minutes, an inexperienced user can learn eControl. He can now recover passwords, unlock user profiles or lock, creating user groups and mail distribution lists or delete, define access rights, update directory attributes, and more.

The system administrators to assign a profile to the user and to define roles, responsibilities and capabilities. This is sufficient to to the user self management with eControl’s integrated and linked a help desk staff or administrative officer fills profiling a single Web-based form by administrator Middle activities. User profiles and information are then automatically created in the various connected systems. eControl is ideal if E.g.

Why Create A Website ?

Now sites are an important element of the functioning of most companies. And most of them are active not only on the Internet. And small businesses, and large associations, positioning its activity in the sale or advertising of goods, tend to form their representation in the network. This is usually because nowadays the Internet has become a good place to look for partners, customers and other ties. We list a number of key reasons influencing the creation of websites.

First, create a website for the submission to be correct, complete and timely information about your case and your company. To broaden your perception, visit American filmmaker. A key task of creating the site – it provision of information. Why is it better to use just the Internet, rather than other types of communication? The answer lies in the fact that spending can get the maximum effect. Development of the Internet picks up speed, more people prefer to seek and provide information specifically on the Internet, as it is most convenient and efficient. Number of people in the future will not stop rising, and will make an army Your potential customers. Therefore the creation of the site will know you the more potential customers than from newspapers and regional advertising.

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Los Angeles Lakers NBA

/ Gasol points that the decision would be taken after you complete the 2011 European. The conflict in the NBA threatens to paralyze the American Basketball League. It would make sense that if there is no League in the NBA, we can train or play together. Pau Gasol, player of the Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA and the Spanish national basketball team, does not rule out to train or play in Europe if finally the NBA labour dispute is not resolved and freezes the American League. It would make sense that if there is no League – NBA-we can train or play together, Gasol has responded when asked Wednesday in Altea (Alicante) per the possibility of Spanish players in the American League to train or play in Europe, if finally there is no Championship in the NBA. However, the Spanish player, who has participated in the awarding of diplomas to the participants of the so-called Banco Popular Gasol Academy Costa Blanca, held in Altea, has pointed out that the decision would be taken after you complete the 2011 European. We will first wait to finish the Championship of Europe, because it makes no sense talking about what can happen in two months because we don’t know. There is equal agreement that there is not in the NBA, Gasol has been added.

When you finish the European Championship, we will think what to do, he has reiterated. Enthusiasm for the Eurobasket in relation to this competition, which is held in Lithuania, has secured facing it with great enthusiasm, since, as stated, I have long been preparing me.I have finished the season a bit earlier than expected and not having been last year in the selection are incentives to tackle the Eurobasket with great force, he has added to his trial, the break from the NBA will allow that NBA, attend the European continental tournament more players award of the tournament more level and competitiveness. Asked by the acquisition of Spanish nationality by Serge Ibaka, Gasol has said that he is a player with a great potential, that it has made a great season in the NBA and I hope that you can many things contribute to the national team. More than 100 children aged between 12 and 14 years old involved in this campus, which will conclude next Sunday. The Los Angeles Lakers player has had to advance the delivery of diplomas from this campus by its imminent incorporation into the Spanish national basketball team. Source of the news: Gasol does not rule out “train or play” in Europe if kept the conflict of the NBA


Ulcer for pressure awareness for prevention is the solution CLECILENE GOMES OAK – Graduated Nursing for the University Valley of the Green River (Unincor), Betim campus. Member of the Mining Association of Pulmonary Hipertenso AMIHAP. After graduanda in multifocal Psychology. Blog has access its: . IVANIR DA SILVA SOUSA BAPTIST.

Graduated Nursing for the University Valley of the Green River (Unincor). The development of ulcers for pressure (UP) is a serious problem of nursing, therefore, frequently, the quality of the assistance is associated with me and demands a great demand of time and money for treatment of the injuries, over all when the prevention receives little attention, when does not exist specific programs come back toward this problem. The oxygen is ' ' combustvel' ' essential so that the cells can have guaranteed the life and its functions. Beyond it, other basic nutrients for the adequate functioning of the cells and fabrics, the vases and capillaries and distributed of form are lead through to irrigate and to feed these structures. The maintenance of the integrity and perfuso of these vases is vital when it is desired to preserve the cellular and teciduais activities in normal physiological levels. (UP) it is an area of injury located of the skin and in adjacent fabrics, caused for pressure, tangential tension, friction and/or a combination of these factors. …

Custam and affects millions of patients, in the homes, the centers of health, hospital institutions e, particular, the units of intensive therapy (UTI). … The tax of incidence and prevalence of these injuries is bigger in the UTI. The UP incidence is esteem in 5% 10% between hospitalized patients and 13% between patients who are in assistance houses and 40% of the sick people interned in UTI develop UP in the two first weeks of hospitalization. The UP is a secular concern of the professionals who give to assistance the patients acamados, being its prevention and treatment a challenge for the team of nursing for being this that keeps a bigger contact with the patient.

Florence Study Italian

Do you want to learn Italian from a fantastic holiday in Florence? Here are a few tips to help you choose your language school in the Tuscan capital. In order to learn Italian, should be seriously, so the following schools have a 2 and 4 hours daily courses (like if you want to learn, have fun and visit the tourist attractions in Florence and surroundings, is best to choose the option of 2 hours). American filmmaker pursues this goal as well. For accommodation, you don’t have to worry, you can include it directly in each of the courses proposed the following schools, and can live with a family or renting an apartment in Florence with your fellow students. I hope that this review will help the italianofilos who want to find a good Italian language school in Florence. 1. Center Internazionale Studenti Giorgio La Pira Via of Pescioni 3 area Florence Palazzo Strozzi El Centro Internazionale Studenti Giorgio La Pira is one of the best schools you can find. The teachers you will teach a lots of grammar and vocabulary and will be raising the bar every day.

The teachers are great and in addition to feel well, you will notice that you learn. Best thing about this school is that even the price is worthwhile. Not find any courses a month cheaper in Florence. The teachers are very educated and its only aim is that you learn and speak Italian. Classes are small and very diversified. Another interesting thing is that you will know people from all over the world. 2 Lorenzo de Medici Via Faenza, 43 zone Florence San Lorenzo this language school has campuses in Florence, Rome and Tuscania.

In addition to language courses, they offer a vast range of possibilities in various subjects. This school is rather oriented to receive students from American universities, giving them credits. This school is very well organized.

Holmes Projects

For 10 years, engaged in designing metal frames both at the Cabinet, and on stage, kmd, and very often ‘come just horrified’ by the so-called projects, the crisis of late 2008 all the worse. The impression is that 70% of all km projects serve students or architects, that is, People who do not specialize in the design of steel structures for industrial buildings. Maybe all these people who engage in so-called design great people, but that they are not professionals is absolutely accurate. Briefly, for those who say so ‘is not a little to the topic’ for the fact that to build an industrial building, it is necessary to develop a lot of projects and each of these projects should deal with people with narrowly focused specialization. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Levi’s. Even with a ‘long time ago went so well said proverb of the Soviet engineer, about what’ Soviet engineer knows everything, but it’s nothing. The fact that each section of the total building project whether it’s qol, ar, cm, etc. requires knowledge. It is impossible to know everything! It is my steadfast belief.

Remember how once said Sherlock Holmes, ‘Why do I need to know about who is Copernicus’. To him: ‘how is it they say, all know who the Copernicus! ” A Holmes in reply ‘I do know, even the smallest of thieves in the city, I have on each of them has the dossier’. That’s a real professional approach of the business. In all sections of the design so much detail that would know all this, one must be at least Einstein. We have the same designer of reinforced concrete structures is of the view that it is easy to develop cm. trator.

In this case, yes, he develops it, at what price its services are much lower than specialist in the design is metal and the customer seems to be convenient, what a designer does at least two sections of the cm and qol, and design costs low, and the fact that in reality the customer overpay and overpay sufficiently large amounts, it is in the best case, worst-designed facility will be crashed. When compared to the first case, 90% of what the customer would never know that, saving the project, he overcharged a huge amount for the purchase of metal (to a lesser extent on the assembly and manufacture of structures, as human labor and thus its value have in Russia, unfortunately, a very small percentage of the the total construction contract). In general I would say that the grief specialist, or may heavier frame, or vice versa to construct emergency object. The fact that he designed an emergency facility can give the same 80-90% of what about it and nobody will ever know. But the probability is 10-20% percent of the accidents that can happen there, and believe me, that if the accident happens there could be no one will not find it, the total loss of business to jail! K Unfortunately, customers do not understand this, let’s say for objective reasons, like all costs, but costs more closely relates to the news and you can find there a lot of cases where this winter something, but fell, and those who follow news are confident that with them, then this will not happen. I know of cases where buildings designed with errors, were 20 years old and fell in 1921!

Pedagogical Project

The word Project, for its meaning etimolgico, means ' ' to launch diante' ' , to cross a period of instability and to search a new stability. He is something that goes beyond mere plans of education for moments of envolvement with the educative process of the school. It searchs a direction with definite commitment collectively, articulated to real the sociopolticos interests of the population, looking for to form participativos, responsible citizens, compromissados, critical and creative (Fertile valley, 2002; Fernandes and Muller, 2005). The project tries to surpass the conflicts that permeiam the pertaining to school environment, diminishing the fragmentary effect of the work division that strengthens the differences and the hierarchy being able of them of decision. The construction of the PPP is highly on the ousadia, in the direction to construct to changes directed to the interests of the population with the support of the professors and researchers who ' ' vivem' ' the school. The pertaining to school manager has a paper importantssimo in the constitution of the Pedagogical Project and the school in itself. It not only has the function to fulfill to the laws and the regulations as well as to make cumpriz them. Thus also to make with the decisions, the stated periods for development of the works and of to transmit its subordinate the strategy to be adopted in the development of the works.

It must have conscience of that its team does not limit it pupils, professors and excessively employee interns of the institution. The pertaining to school team is composed also for the parents of the pupils and all community of general form, that must be mobilized so that together they can promote the main objective of all pertaining to school team: the learning of the pupils. The study of the planning and educational management, and of its application, they are of enormous importance therefore are presented as a challenge to the pertaining to school managers. .