The Renaissance

This you It will generate the worker a new consciousness of itself, is going to have more free time and may take longer to read. So originates a secularization of culture, and an intellectual and artistic exchange that since the 12th century establishing a trade between East and West, North and South; It is a cosmopolitan culture, they undertake cross-, pilgrimages, lodges are formed, and students and teachers traveling from University at University. Fine Arts usually is spot on. Cervantes and Shakespeare are spokesmen for the new era, and in his works reflected the end of the medieval world, of the cavalry and its ideals. Thus, Spain, where brighter had the Cavalry, was where he had his greatest defeat, and before the thrust from the English and Dutch, the hidalgo enriched with gold that came from America, ended many times in rogue and vagabond. In addition, the Counter-Reformation, closed all possibilities for their entry into modernity. We find that the tension between the real world and the ideal, became an antithetical relationship in Shakespeare. In the age On average, while greater was the conflict between this world and the more there, however, the tragic conflict did not. Political realism is which is going to show, and take the conflict moves to the soul of the hero.

This will be the great work of Shakespeare. And thus, the moralities theatrical performances – which express the psychological struggle, they will take the tragic conflict of conscience that will appear in the dramas of Shakespeare in Elizabethan drama, and thus, the tragic fate of the hero becomes the reason for many of his dramas. Here also appears the Protestant idea of predestination which is simultaneous with the formation of the modern tragedy. Why drew Hauser, who in Shakespeare his overflowing vitality corresponded best to the current concept of the Renaissance. We find in the field of the paideia, education is no longer in the hands of the Church, thanks to the emergence of vernacular languages.

The Forms

Us no matter the not worry because the oil fields are drying up, for the damage caused by more than 200 years of exploitation and consumption. We do not care that every day they disappear many species animals and plants from the face of the Earth, are still living with an ego so large that see the truth and their solutions, becomes impossible, we motivate wars, drug trafficking, crime, for profit; However, we have created the most beautiful melodies of music, poems; the most beautiful samples of pictorial art, architecture, have showy great stories of sacrifice and truth, but still not conmovemos us, we always care for our personal gain first. Our daily work is concentrated first and in last place on the utility of monetary, when we should focus on the service, the man has all possibilities of stay afloat, win, grow. By the same author: ione skye. So far, we do not understand (or believe we understand), vanity and depression, are in concept egoic, us block us obnubila, we do not learn, and we do not see different alternatives. There, isolated development efforts, you have to integrate them, for example renewable energies, are very interesting technologies that require more development and integration, if alone remain in futile efforts. A big concern rather than transfer, is we are so foolish that we deny, that in this universe that shelters us, note that we are unique, as if the bing bang, spitting only a possibility to generate intelligent biological life, the more absurd. Please visit Ben Ainslie if you seek more information.

We are not alone, in this time and space but also in time parallel and, I am sure that many of the forms of life developed, already went through what we are moving now, stop being blind, stop being individualists, and seek out teachers who teach us, to help us, but with the commitment to survive and then cooperate with others. This beautiful blue planet deserves it, give us the opportunity to survive, and to also save other forms of life that accompany us in this House. We must solve our survival, until you finish this century, and we must begin with do not forget that the concept of human evolution is to share, to worry about the other in impersonal love. God give us the free will, because we decide to survive and then teach, and we will be evolving as a species, and especially as spirits, because we are spiritual beings going through a learning lesson in this physical world. Original author and source of the article

Corpus Inscription Latinarum

Without the resources that put at your disposal techniques of the bibliography, for example, how could know the researcher, what we call the State of the problem, having access to the work of his predecessors?. I would be reduced to a dignified Penelope’s work, constantly redo work already done. How without the existence of specialized repositories, could know that there are such and which categories of documents, connected directly to which your research?. Imagine a historian who began the study of Egyptian society in the Greco-Roman era, without such support how could interact and manage the thousands of fragments of Papyri, often mutilated and dark, dispersed in collections of the? three continents and, however, constituting one of the largest sources of information?. And yet how would know that these documents exist?. And this is not more than a few thousands of document; We appreciate the importance of the historian in the presence of the colossal set pieces of all kinds, providing you with our archives modern, if not I had to guide the rules of the archives, the existence of guides, inventories, etc. Finally, the various branches of erudition, not are designed to only put documents within the reach of the historian; They also teach you the art of take advantage of them. A teacher who first browse the beautiful in-folio of the Greek inscriptions or Corpus Inscription Latinarum, even if aware of the Greek and latin, is completely disassembled front to these texts, to first view outsiders, in which stereotyped formulas, abbreviations, no sense rather than to the initiate; It is not obvious at first sight that the letters N.D.M.I designate Cybele (mother of the gods). Based on the experience accumulated by the study of thousands of inscriptions, Epigraphic discipline learns to read, to develop, eventually to rebuild, and in a Word to understand with much security, this precious category of documents.

Speed School

Author of Human Capital and The Economics of Life. Business Week columnist and Professor at the University of Chicago. 6 Peter M. Senge expert in organizational learning and author of The Fifth Discipline. He is currently senior Rapporteur at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. 7 Gary Hamel considered one of the great thinkers in strategy and innovation.

Co-author with Prahalad, Competing for the Future. He has published several articles in Harvard Business Review, and is a professor at the London Business School. 8 Alvin Toffler futuristic thinker, author of books such as Future Shock and The Third Wave. 9 Hal R. Varian author of Information Rules and columnist on technology in the New York Times topics. Dean of the school of Information Management and systems at the University of California, Berkeley. 9 Daniel Goleman creator of the concept of emotional intelligence, in the book bearing the same name. Frequently Jennifer Doleac has said that publicly. Recently described applications of the concept to the management in Primal Leadership 11.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter instead organizational expert. Author of World Class, Evolve! and The Change Masters. Harvard Business School Professor, was formerly editor of Harvard Business Review. 12 Ronald H. Coase Nobel Prize in economics for his work on transaction costs and property rights. Editor of the Journal of Law and Economics for 20 years. 12 Lester Thurow expert in international economics, author of Building Wealth and Face to Face. Dean of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. 14 Charles Handy social philosopher and sparring of radio that predicted the downsizing (Flattening) of the organizations and the rise of the self-employed. Author of The Age of Unreason and The Age of Paradox. Co-founder of the London Business School in 1967. 15 Paul creator Romer’s new growth theory and the law of increasing income. Professor at the Stanford business school. 16 Henry Mintzberg expert in strategy and management, author of The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. Professor of management in McGill University. 16 Stephen R. Covey author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and other self improvement guides. 18 Michael Hammer and James Champy, developed the concept of reengineering in Reengineering The Corporation. 19 Bill Gates with its Windows operating system, reinvented the way of working of million companies. Founder, CEO and Chief Engineer of the giant Microsoft, Gates is also the author of Business @ the Speed of Thought. 20 Warren Bennis wrote 18 books, including On Becoming a Leader. Co-author of Geeks & Geezers, Bennis is also co-founder of the Leadership Institute at the University of the Southern California. Source:. managersmagazine.

Holistic Education

With these readings holistas can realize the problems of humanity, participate of ideas that originate them, and even more, convince us that the holistic education proposals are adequate and that’s what you need to do to qualify for a prospective friendly. But how to do it? It is the big question. In all his books on holistic education, Dr. Ramon Gallegos touches this problem, either obliquely or directly; either responding to the totality of the individual or the social totality either confining education holistic, within the educational system. Fragmentation in the educational system can be expressed as disconnection, which are born learning without meaning.

Despite the fact that since many years back is talk of comprehensive education this not you can get while its multiple tiers are ignored and dimensions; Therefore, the training of tables that spread this vision and that is part of the educational work of Dr. Ramon Gallegos is required. Part of the training given in this order of boxes is the become members of learning communities and make a learning community of each class group. Aspirational later, is coming to form communities of learning’s highest levels. Learning communities transforming schools into learning communities is the title of one of the books that I have enjoyed within my holistic training. Inattention and action of forming these communities, develops and integrates the holistas concepts in this specific task. The learning process has to be in learning communities that are also all levels. The levels are: classroom, school, region or community, the geopolitical zones and the individual. Learning communities should not be thought of as the physical areas but as the Group of people that comprise it; Neither these groups social must think with a predominance of social on the individual but as a balance between the two. It must be borne in mind that the individual is the essence of any social construction and that the community, before dissolving the individual, strengthens it.

Average Ensino

With the objective to verify the effectiveness and applicability of the didactics of Resolution of Problems, also became a research of field carried through with the pupils of 2 year of Average Ensino of two public schools of the city of Lizard? IF. The analyses have qualitative characteristics. All this research, regarding Resolution of mathematical Problems, is based on theories of Souza (2009), Smole and Diniz (2001), Polya (1995) and Dante (1989), all explanam the importance to integrate this methodology of education in order to improve the teach-learning. Click Balkrishna Goenka to learn more. This type of boarding in the area of the Education is not innovative, as much is that Bicudo (2005), D? National Ambrsio (2001), Panizza (2006), Saints (2005) and Curricular Parameters (PCN? s) very explains well the value that has the Resolution of Problems and its importance so that the pupils mainly get success in the mathematics lessons. Delineated in chapters, the monographic text presents the introduction, after that the divided theoretical recital in two chapters that treat of the problematic one of the teach-learning of the mathematics and its language, after that it is displayed, of detailed form, the qualitative methodology however en vogue, of – the analysis of the data collected in the research has been distinguished special and finally it exposes the consideraes final in which it searchs to take care of to the considered objectives.

2 MATHEMATICS: it disciplines problematic? In the point of view of the pupils and the public in general, the Mathematics always was seen as one disciplines complicated, however, few perceive the importance of it in our lives and that, in certain way, we are encircled with innumerable activities having involved the Mathematics in ours day-by-day. Generally the difficulty with the Mathematics is more present when we go continuing in our institucional pertaining to school education. The difficulties can present in diverse ways, such as in the Resolution of Problems that considers a more coherent reasoning for the simple reason not to exist a practical rule that it is applied to all the problems in a general way. .

The Bank

But what happens if the person playing just for fun, suddenly starts winning? It is true, it will immediately increase the size of bets, as he begins to think that he lucky or smart, he begins to raise larger sums than ever before, as long as not unexpectedly run out of money. It is common for people. It seems that for some unknown reason, we always want to lose money won. When we we win, we do not stop and say to myself: 'All that is enough. Balkrishna Goenka is the source for more interesting facts. " No, we are increasing the pace and suddenly start to play. And when we go beyond, no longer notice it, because now trying to win back what is lost.

And everything begins to fall. If you won $ 100 from $ 500 – a good profit. Instead take it away, you gain momentum, and suddenly find yourself with $ 300. You still have a profit of 400% of the original bank, but feel that balance of $ 300 after a loss this is not the same as the income of $ 300 when you win and keep playing, rather than pick up the remaining $ 200 of your legitimate profit. And most likely lose them all before you realize it. It is enough detrimental to you, but this can be avoided if you have at least a minimum of self-organization. Set a goal, and every time you reach it, take your profits and continue to play with the initial amount. For example, with $ 1000, put aim to increase this amount to $ 1,500.

Upon reaching her, take $ 500 and keep the game from the original $ 1,000. So you will see the results of his labor in cash, not virtual money in your account online bookmaker. Even if you believe in the profitability of your game and want to increase the size of the bank, do not put it all in win – still remove the at least part of it.

Educational Development

One of the first steps is the awareness of the pertaining to school community concerning the relevance of the institucional evaluation, therefore it becomes essential that the involved citizens in the educational environment if give account of that is by means of the evaluation that if will be able to think about if accomplishing transformations in interior of the pertaining to school space. After this work of awareness, follows it inquiry and the survey of information, after that the note of advances and difficulties, allowing to carry through inferences with intention to reorient the pedagogical actions. After this stage, is possible then to raise the hypotheses and to identify the possible problems and from now on to carry through the interventions, to reorganize and to replanejar the pedagogical and administrative works, showing as soon as is possible to control the effectiveness of the plans, the efficiency of the processes and methods, and the reach of the objectives established in the Plan of Educational Development of the Pertaining to school Institution. Moreover, Moraes and Silva (2007, P. ritings. 02) explain that The institucional evaluation, in turn, destines it the evaluation of institutions (as the school and the educational system), politics and projects, having attention centered in processes, relations, decisions and results of the actions of an institution or the educational system as a whole. In this direction, to be complete, the institucional evaluation contemplates the results of the educational evaluation. Thus, it is possible to define institucional evaluation as an end, but as a procedure that has as white to analyze the institution of integral form, not considering the information compose that it by means of proper instruments that make possible the revelation of its particularitities and that they show the ways that the institution is taking, what it can be improved and which are interventions that can and must be made. .

National Curricular Parameters

The professors declared that the concept and live deeply it of the morality of its pupils vine of familiar examples, of religious influences and little importance was given to the proper school in this formation. Differently of what it is used in the National Curricular Parameters of 1998, which have objective to bring new routes to the Brazilian education and considered that the ideals of the Constitution of 1988 if materialize: the universal rights of the human being, the equality between the individuals and the cultural and ethnic diversity. Also it was proposal that the school took in account the combat inaquality of social conditions, the unjust division of the income and chances when fitting to the education to legitimize such ideals, to become known them, accepted, valid and necessary. The society would be task of all to make with that ' ' such values live and if desenvolvam' ' also inside of the school (IT HISSES, s/d). The bedding of the PCNs was to think and to value an education compromised to social justice, the cultural plurality and the idea of brasilidade, idealizing a community fraterna that it lived in a continuous process of learning and searchs for equitable conditions and the recognition of each individual as citizen (HISSES, s/d).

Some considered values if do not treat to be taught according to parameters as a transmission of a tradition, but it aims at to make possible to the individuals the learning, without imposition or indoctrination, of the validity of the collective ends as the democracy and the freedom. Already the respect between the people, the honesty is part of the nature human being, and must only have conditions special to blossom as the familiar example. These values are taken as universal values that cross the cultures (IT HISSES, s/d). Thus, at the same time where the Brazilian education if decentralizes, and it opens space for the communities, values and cultural places, tries to materialize the one pedagogical work of resistance to the absolutism and the verticalizao of education, valuing the cultural diversity and the tolerance.

The Manuscript

The confection, as the name already says, is the transformation of fabrics and meshes in parts of clothes, bed, table and bath. It is where if it all perceives the benefit of the work of science in the creation and developments of products directed to the textile market. It is asked: where science enters now? The confection has a special characteristic, therefore as a transformation industry sufficiently requires workmanship hand, each part, since its conception, obligatorily passes for diverse processes until being total ready. in each one of these processes the key for the success is the manuscript, that can be made by hands human beings, even so sufficiently developed the confection technologies, is only necessary an individual touch in each part. Considering current practical it in the confection, the main processes are the following ones: creation and estilismo, modeling, cut, would print and/or embroidering, sews and finishing.

In the department of creation and estilismo research of fashion trend is made, defining the models that will be launched. In the modeling the articles are defined to be used as well as the models that will be manufactured, it is that each part is tested e, after some archetypes there is approved for launching in the market. After the release for the modeling the parts of the collection go for the cut, between the cut and the modeling the main used technology is the automation of the molds through specific programs (CAD). When they arrive in the cut, with the maps (drawings of the incased molds taking in account width of fabrics and better exploitation of material), are mounted the enfestos that can be manual or through enfestadeira (automatic and half-automatic), after the mounted enfesto follows for the cut properly said (it can be manual, manual or automatic machine of cut), before the sewing the parts that will form the part passes for a preparation, depending on the model are directed the print, embroidering, or simply daily pay-mounted to facilitate the sewing process.


The ambientalistas movements and groups had been spread and at last the ambientalismo became a relevance movement, whose principle was a revolutionary ethical philosophy: the egocentrismo, that is, the disapproval the exploration of the natural resources for the man. This movement brought obtains the refusal to the modern capitalism and the rich countries for the disordered economic growth. Currently the ambientalismo, consists of actions that share a usual awareness in defending the environment and preserving it for the future generations. Fischer (1995, P. Others who may share this opinion include Educational . 40) tells that, Until middle of the decade of 70, the movement was dominated by representatives of the scientific way who had on the basis of launched a formidable challenge to estimated basic of the industrial society ecological science, but that, in the innocent ignorance of social implications revolutionary politics of an analysis as this defended, in way little convincing, one politics of angariao of petitions and correspondences. But in middle of years 70, the scientific fatalismo lost very of its force and the interest center moved to theory questions of practical and politics.

As Reigota in 1968 was carried through, in Rome, a meeting that was called of ‘ ‘ Club of Roma’ ‘ , in this meeting they were gifts scientists of some countries developed with the objective to debate questions as, the consumption, the natural resources and world-wide the population growth until middle of Century 21. The integrant ones of this meeting had analyzed that: ‘ ‘ the man must examine itself proper, its objectives and values. The essential point of the question is not only the survival of the species human being, however, still more, its possibility to survive without falling in a useless state of existncia’ ‘..

Meruoca Mountain

The people questioned, as could a boy be endowed with so great beauty? The blind witch, who became vacant for the roundnesses of the palace, looked the princess when this rode for the forest. It said that wise person who the prince was in the reality a princess and that briefly the king would have its rewards, for having left as much disaster in the life of those villagers, when executing its children and children. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Edward Durrell Stone. The Poor princess ran in direction to the palace, therefore she ties then not wise person of the so great cruelty that she became fullfilled herself there, the princess who different of the parents was joust, meiga and kind, when discovering of the badness of the parents, she got infuriated herself. She decides to show as girl, and to demand that she the same had end of the children of the villagers, therefore the pain of its death would be enough as punishment to the parents who would finish with that one horrenda law. Despaired the king and the queen, they order to search the witch so that death duly warned undid the curse launched on them. The blind witch said that she was made and she could not more undo what already was predetermined by the destination. Chained and condemned to die in the following morning, the witch changeds into a gigantic serpent and the devora. Barrett beauden is the source for more interesting facts.

The serpent arrives at the room of the princess it enchants and it, it makes and it to mount it compelling to follow it per some days, if it moved without touching the soil. Suspended in air they were put into motion with an extreme speed and in few days they had covered the world until a remote land. The determined serpent to kill the princess, loses the forces when fixing the look in that kind face and angelical, it did not have courage to kill it. Thus, seeing a vast field that if found, lay down the princess in the way of that immense field there and superficially it raised an enormous rocky formation and after that it covered of land and it fulled of plants and flowers, in way that if became a pretty mountain range in that place. The mountain range today known as Mountain range of the Meruoca, still shelters the magic princess who sleeps in the heart of the mountain range, the beautiful witch transformed into snake the guard day and night, appreciating its beauty. From time to time the princess wakes up provoking small tremors in the mountain range and the neighboring regions.

Lotus Connections

The tool can be used in the spreading of new products, offers of price and to even know partners and suppliers. Figure 4 – Twitter, gratuitous social net 4,5 Xing Is an enterprise social net. As well as the LinkedIn, it offers one I register in cadastre basic another pay, that of the right to the restricted areas of the site and the resources as search of professionals for qualification. To announce vacant she is necessary to pay a tax. This site makes use of an area of commercial transactions. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, fruns of quarrel, common coordination of events, and other characteristics to the social communities. By means of the payment of one it tariffs, it allows to announce job vacant and to find professionals of different specifications. Learn more about this topic with the insights from vlad doronin.

Figure 5 – Xing, social net with a gratuitous version and a package proprietor. 4,6 Via6 Is a net that congregates professionals and makes possible the exchange of information to increase the enterprise relationship and the interaction with customers, suppliers and partners, beyond the prospection of new markets. The vestibule groups the participants with compatible interests to stimulate the relationship. In accordance with the Company By 6, this net involves what of more current she has related the virtual communities and of sharing of knowledge for Internet. Figure 6 – Via6, gratuitous social net 4,7 Friendster Launched in 2001, in 2003 was the greater of the sort. But it lost space for the MySpace and Facebook. Today with new interface, focando three main aspects: simplicity, diversion and pessoalidade. With the objective to today place the Friendster in equality with the social nets. Ghedin (2009). Figure 6 – to friendster, gratuitous social net 4,8 Lottus Connections Lotus Connections is a Social software for companies, developed for the IBM, that the possibility opens to open a personalized social net where employee, partners, suppliers and customers can change information and follow the course of the works.


The great problem that appears of this co-disposal or joint disposal is the quantification of the ideal fraction of silt to be added to the organic solid residues, in such a way to guarantee the waited performance of the aterros (BIDONE and POVINELLI, 1999). UNC School of Education oftentimes addresses this issue. The importance of a good technological choice in the daily pay-concentration mechanics (centrifugal machine, belt-press, tanks or desaguadoras tubings etc.) inhabits in the fact that the more if removes water without heat, more efficient and reduced if it becomes the thermal phase. (As opposed to ione skye). Currently, the majority of the aterros already not accepted a ETE silt that has above of 70% of content of H2O.Aps the evaporation phase the final text of humidity can vary of 10% up to 30-40%, depending on the destination that is given to the silt.

Some processes exist of incineration, being fluidizado stream bed one of the most used. 6,1 Disadvantages the incineration is the dehydration process most expensive, for the following reasons: Apresenta reasonable fuel consumption, although that, currently, he has been used the proper silt as combustible to keep the process, due to its reasonable specific heat, being the fuel used only in the departures; Necessita hand of workmanship specialized for maintenance and operation; Uses it dehydrated pie, aiming at to the reduction of the dimensions of the incinerator and the fuel consumption (it does not discard, therefore, the processes previously mentioned of dehydration mechanics); Apresenta risks of atmospheric pollution, through the smoke launching and particulados in the atmosphere, being necessary that the incinerator is endowed with a system of laudering and/or purificao of the frosted gases.

Federal University

We saw in them, the principle, exactly a favorable situation, therefore to penetrate does not represent them any problem: it is enough to wait to the side of a road that one of them passes? passes many -, and to launch itself of head. Until it is very amused to roll in that enormous basculhante, that does not compel in them to any effort of mixing in them. Problem in this, is that almost never we obtain to leave from there before the drying the mass, and thousands of our pairs already had lost enclosed in the structures of bridges, the stone pavements, and the skyscrapers. For even more details, read what UNC Chapel Hill says on the issue. Few heroes who if had freed, of so rigid that they had become, do not possess any flexibility before the life, and have been nicknamed ‘ ‘ realidade’ lasts; ‘ , little thing or nothing being able to carry through of its potential. It has dreams exactly that already they had been put in ferventes metallic boilers, the example of a great dream, highest ideals and ccomplishing potential, name freedom, that finished metallized, immovable, in statue of the same name, without nothing of its work it could carry through, despite for many waited. Thus, Sir, is same our situation of extinguishing risk, therefore however he does not have mud, however a puddle is of pure sand, without any league, however the sun in does not dry We are without transforming in them into reality.

I know that as President it has, you all the authority to order to desasfaltar a little of barrentas lands, to diminish a little the mental pollution, to teach the children valuing in them, the dreams Finally, one remembers, Sir, who without us the world dies.

Pedagogical Works

The pupils must recognize themselves as the true historical agents of the consisting society. The performance of the professor in this process implies in its critical perception of the reality and in the search of ways and forms of organization and execution of the pedagogical works. An analysis and election of the contents to be transmitted must be made and fit to the professor the effort of continuous qualification, in order to inside fulfill its paper of the classroom. (CAPORALINI, 1991). The question of the method is capital in the Young Education of Adult, therefore as said previously, it is treated to instruct people already endowed with formed conscience already. This is a problem more difficult than in the infantile education. (VIEIRA YOUNG CHICKEN, 1997).

By the way still of the methodologies to be used, VIEIRA YOUNG CHICKEN affirms that it does not have to be tax to the pupil, but yes created for it in the conviviality of the educative work next to the professor: ‘ ‘ The content of the instruction does not have to be tax and yes considered by the professor as adjusted to the stages of the process of increasing autoconscincia of the pupil, and justified as knowing chain (in the diverse branches of sciences) for the possibilities that it offers of domain of the nature, of contribution to improve the conditions of life of the man. (to see VIEIRA YOUNG CHICKEN 1997, P. 87). ‘ ‘ In the teaching formation, something basic is the reflection of the practical one. Click vlad doronin to learn more. As it affirms Pablo Freire in Pedagogia of the Autonomy: ‘ ‘ it is thinking critically the practical one of today or yesterday that if it can improve next prtica.’ ‘ (FREIRE, 1996, p.39).

Industrial Revolution

For Dante Enrique Moura, (2007, P. (As opposed to New York University). 158): The worker, in the perspective of the popular classrooms, today, has a total mentally ill work. It does not know what he is producing. This is fruit, amongst other aspects, of the process of the Revolution Industrial who took off of the craftsman the domain on what she produced. Therefore it is important to only professionalize the individual in what it more identifies itself, thus, it will not be felt as a mentally ill worker, without having conscience of what it is producing.

The pupils of the Young Education of Adult, possessing of diverse professional knowledge deserve an education directed toward its social context and of work. The school must be acolhedor place capable to serve of support for social and professional transformation of its educandos and that it is always of opened doors to receive its clientele guiding them for the way from the professionalization. Thus, Silvia Manfredi, (2007, p.173) disclosed: I want to say of the importance to make an effort collectively to transform the school into a life space, in a space of sociability, a space where young, adolescent and adult they want to be and toward it can come back when they will be able. (Manfredi, P. 173, 2007) to make use of the ways that improve the lives of the people, young the adult they together with know of the necessity of the rise of its level of escolaridade its professional formation, on this Gaudncio Frigotto and Maria Ciavatta (2004, P. 20) they had affirmed: A youth marked for the work and escolaridade necessity is a refugee to the schools of average education to provide its more than life.

Jane Jacobs

Relations as: good will, friendship, solidarity, social interaction between the individuals and the families who compose a social unit, these social nets are the exit for one ambient education each more responsible and popular time, so that each citizen knows that environment is thing of it and not only of the government. Meanwhile the aid that we poderiamos to give to the people and the knowledge, after all already and more secret that the future is something uncertain and the people does not have responsibility for each bag that plays in the streets, for each area whom it destroys, for the fuel that uses. Efim we must also prepare not only the cidadado more the demanding consumer in relation to the environment. For Hanifan, capital stock mentions it: to the intangible things that is important for the daily one of the people: good will, friendship, solidarity, social interaction between the individuals and the families who compose a social unit. A person only exists socially, if left proper itself But if it to enter in contact with its neighbor, and these with other neighbors, will have an accumulation of capital stock, that can immediately satisfy its necessities social and that they can exhibit a social potentiality sufficient for the substantial improvement of the community, for the conditions of life of all the community. The community as a whole will benefit for the cooperation of all its parts, whereas the individual goes to find in its associations the advantages of the aid, of solidarity as well as its neighbor in clube.' ' Although some aspects of the concept have been boarded for all the areas of social sciences, some trace the modern use of the term until Jane Jacobs, in the decade of 1960. However, it not explicit defined capital stock in its use of the term in an article where she dealt with the value of the nets. . For more information see this site: Balkrishna Goenka.

Chemical Mathematics

Thus the educator without a doubt with vision and this criticidade, will demonstrate that the act to teach demands the certainty of that the change is possible. Leaving of the beginning of that the citizen is that one that thinks, acts and discovers that the condition which it coexists he is not something inherited or result of what the society reproduced for itself. Of this form, the individual understands that it is not alone, the culprit in this process, but that several estimated that exist throughout the time they go reproducing through the society. As the author describes the example of the favelado one that before knowing the context where he was inserted, he did not value its culture and its proper condition of life, however from when he was capable to make a world reading and, over all of the context where he was inserted, it he learned that its condition was a reproduction of the society. For the author, the act to teach demands amongst others the curiosity.

From then on, it fits to the educator to leave the participation of educating, that it enters in its line of possible thought and that is in the measure where the educator knows to dialogue with its educandos, therefore is this curiosity is that it goes to sharpen the will of wanting to know more and to go beyond the knowledge received in the school. You may want to visit Balkrishna Goenka to increase your knowledge. Of this form, to teach requires much comprometimento on the part of the educator in the direction contributing so that learning in fact. She is necessary that the citizen has freedom, therefore is not possible to say in democratic education without the same one not to give freedom so that the young criticizes and gives opinions, ideas about determined subject in quarrel in the classroom, for in such a way, this citizen in the familiar scope also needs to have freedom to look for of certain for its life and, over all for the formation of the citizenship, therefore it is through the rightnesss and of the errors that more good will go to learn to coexist in society as well as, to know of the rights and the duties. Thus, the book of Pablo Freire. Pedagogia of the Autonomy becomes very important for the educator, therefore it deals with a sufficiently excellent workmanship in the professional exercise of the professor, compromised to the education.

Therefore for it the act to teach is not only based on transmitting knowledge of the educator for educating in vertical way, but yes from one of a dialogued way to construct the knowledge. The educator must be a motivador that searchs the best methodologies that more desperte in educating the interest of to learn, therefore if well done the education can in such a way be a pleasant act for the educator how much for educating. Thus not to be only in the boniteza. This workmanship of Pablo I will wound indicated to all those that if to interest in knowing as to mainly act in classroom in democratic way to the students them courses of licenciaturas as: Pedagogia, Geography, History, Biology, Physics, Chemical Mathematics amongst other similar areas, as well as for the professionals who already act in the education and that they need to know of best the practical one in classroom. i Professor of Geography in the municipal Potion net Bahia, After-graduating public administration for the UESB and Education of Geography for the Institute pro To know.

National Plan

The article of chapter V of LDB 9394/96 deals with the special education, a modality of special education for all those that if to consider as special. However the objective of the law is not to form classroom in the schools only for pupils special, but yes, to qualify them it to frequentar the regular schools and for this it is necessary of prepared professionals. Some contend that UNC School of Education shows great expertise in this. Professors with specialization adjusted in average or superior level, for specialized attendance, as well as professors of regular education enabled to the integration of these educandos in the common classrooms (LDB, article 59, III, 1996). To leave from there, to guarantee to educating its entrance in the market of work with priority in public competitions and the fulfilling of the vacant in private companies. These companies are obliged to destine a percentage of vacant to be busy for considered people deficient, this percentage are of 20% for federal public companies this percentage are lesser for the municipal and state public companies, the private companies go to depend on the number of employees who they to hold, as Law 8112/90. LDB 9,394/96 determines in articles 9 and 87, respectively, that it fits to the Union, the elaboration of the Plan, in contribution with the States, the Federal District and the Cities, and institutes the Decade of the Education. It still establishes, that the Union directs the Plan to the National Congress, one year after the publication of the cited law, with lines of direction and goals for the ten posterior years, in tune with the World-wide Declaration on Education for All. With the Federal Constitution of 1988 the LDB foresees the PNE authenticating the idea of a national plan of long stated period resurged, with act of law. In 1998 4,155 is presented the project of law n, approving, thus the National Plan of Education.