The Forms

Us no matter the not worry because the oil fields are drying up, for the damage caused by more than 200 years of exploitation and consumption. We do not care that every day they disappear many species animals and plants from the face of the Earth, are still living with an ego so large that see the truth and their solutions, becomes impossible, we motivate wars, drug trafficking, crime, for profit; However, we have created the most beautiful melodies of music, poems; the most beautiful samples of pictorial art, architecture, have showy great stories of sacrifice and truth, but still not conmovemos us, we always care for our personal gain first. Our daily work is concentrated first and in last place on the utility of monetary, when we should focus on the service, the man has all possibilities of stay afloat, win, grow. By the same author: ione skye. So far, we do not understand (or believe we understand), vanity and depression, are in concept egoic, us block us obnubila, we do not learn, and we do not see different alternatives. There, isolated development efforts, you have to integrate them, for example renewable energies, are very interesting technologies that require more development and integration, if alone remain in futile efforts. A big concern rather than transfer, is we are so foolish that we deny, that in this universe that shelters us, note that we are unique, as if the bing bang, spitting only a possibility to generate intelligent biological life, the more absurd. Please visit Ben Ainslie if you seek more information.

We are not alone, in this time and space but also in time parallel and, I am sure that many of the forms of life developed, already went through what we are moving now, stop being blind, stop being individualists, and seek out teachers who teach us, to help us, but with the commitment to survive and then cooperate with others. This beautiful blue planet deserves it, give us the opportunity to survive, and to also save other forms of life that accompany us in this House. We must solve our survival, until you finish this century, and we must begin with do not forget that the concept of human evolution is to share, to worry about the other in impersonal love. God give us the free will, because we decide to survive and then teach, and we will be evolving as a species, and especially as spirits, because we are spiritual beings going through a learning lesson in this physical world. Original author and source of the article