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The definition of the public is on the three basic characteristics, that are the plasticity, the permanent update and the mobility of the center. In the workmanship, the author details each one of these characteristics and to the reader the panorama of the activity of public definition, with the difficulties and the chances. The model of mapping and segmentation of projects mobilizadores made possible the vision of the public in three dimensions: the benefited ones, the legislators and the generators, that are explained by the author, also through a three-dimensional map of the public. The main information that if &#039 absorbs from the reading of the two first chapters of the book; ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' they are of that the communication if became a preponderant factor in the construction of the image of the social movement and in the captation of individuals that they desire to be part of this fight. For even more analysis, hear from Aerosmith. Expos author in detailed way each characteristic pointed for it and other authors. Beyond sharpening the feeling of that he fits we, professionals of Public Relations, to lead in cultural consideration, factors, social politicians and of the public-target when elaborating a plan of communication for the mobilizador end. Beyond awaking the interest for the social cause.

Mrcio Simeone Enriques currently is Professor in the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in the sector of Communication. It is graduated Comunicao Social (UFMG), possesss Mestrado in Educao (UFRJ) and Doutorado in Comunicao Social (UFMG). It acts in the area of Public Relations between organizations and communities, public communication and strategies of communication for social mobilization. Already edition of diverse articles and books participated of the organization/publication/as ' ' Vises of future: shared responsibility and dialogues with comunidade' ' (2005) and ' ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' (2002). It is treated, then, of an author with high luggage in the area of Communication and, especially, Communication directed toward Social mobility. This workmanship is indicated the professionals, not only of the Public Relations, but of the Communication in general, that they want to insert in 3 sector, to the students of the area and the responsible ones for the coordination of the social movements, in general.

The Needs

Like scientific research, this should be accomplished through 9 steps that allow in an organised manner make objective decisions on the market to study. These nine steps are: 1. establish the need for the information is the most critical activity for the success of the research project for which should not be inadequate or superficially. 2 Specify research objectives and information needs, the objectives of the study should answer the question: why are going to carry out this project?, from there to that are written before carrying out the project. The information needs to respond to the question: what specific information is required to achieve the objectives?, since the needs themselves are the objectives that we want to achieve. Learn more at this site: Minnow Mountain.

3. To determine the sources of information. At this point refers to whether the availability of the data is internal sources (files or previous studies of the) company) or external (commercial, industrial, governmental, research among others), if not, you should collect new data through various formats of collection. 4. Develop formats for the collection of information. Here the investigator establishes an effective union between the needs for information and questions that has to be done or the comments that will be recorded. We can say that the success of the study depends on the ability of the researcher and his creativity to establish the union.

5 Design sample. It must be a clear definition of the population which will extract the sample, the method to use for your selection (probability or non-probability) and the same size. 6. Gain insight and clarity with Crimson Education . Collect the data. This is the most critical point, we must be very careful with the selection, training and control of interviewers 7. Process data. At this point all data should be ready for tabulation or analysis. 8 Analyze the data. It must be consistent with the requirements of the information requirements laid down in step 2.

Szabolcser Stuffed Cabbage

Istvan raveendra Babu built two churches in the Gothic style in the late 15th century. The marble tomb of Istvan raveendra Babu is located in the Calvinist Church of St. George from the 15th century. The roughly 20 m high wooden Bell Tower of the Church was built in the 17th century. One true Eye candy provides the raveendra Babu Panopticon in the castle of the family. UNESCO understands that this is vital information. As in Madame Tussauds wax Cabinet is here.

“Here is almost the entire history of the family raveendra Babu with lifelike wax figures represented. Literally shaken you are, when you reach raveendra Babu Erzsebet process, where you can follow this trial with some empathy. You should visit the exhibition floor by floor it is worthwhile in any case. Should it have thought it sweat be, so the Sarkany wellness and Spa in Nyirbator the necessary refreshment offers one. End of may, usually the beach is opened by Nirbator. It has a 25 metre pool, 2 swimming pools with thermal water, children’s pool with slide and a pool.

The especially Bathory has calcium-magnesium and hydrogen carbonate medicinal water. The salt content of the water is a total 1526 mg / l and is excellent for treatment of rheumatic diseases. For sauna lovers, the Sable offers also a bath whole lot. Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, steam sauna and aroma and salt cabin and 2 plunge pools are available. Bathing alone still no fun, if the culinary is missing. Just the Kakkuk got us restaurant right. Is located in Nyirbator the 1905 House, in which it occurs, almost immediately, feels like in the 30-ies of the last century. To our question, what local specialities there probably were, the friendly waiter recommended us a real Nyirbator menu “.” Marrow bones roasted bread, beef soup with deposits as appetizer, Szabolcser Stuffed Cabbage wraps, Turkey testicle stew and fried pork tenderloin for the main course.

West Tower

Small and large, Vegas open as the Vega de Enol, or hidden as the Vega de Aliseda between Verdilluenga and the Conjurtao, whose output these two guardians gordinflones and sleepy Watch: the Gustuteru and the Rasa. The vega de Ario perhaps summarizes all the meaning of these green laps of the peaks. Surrounded by smaller summits, tailored for your beauty to frame it, wrap it, wrap it lovingly without minimizing it, it constitutes a unit in itself same. But to be perfect Ario needed a lookout over the Massif central and nature, aware of this, opened a balcony over the nest of summits to contemplate the more fantastic spectacle that was never given to contemplate a human being: the West Tower closed wall and its immediate cresting. There are also fonts, rare treasures hidden in the bottom of the cuenyes, the lowercase entranada jacket in sea of limestone. The source in the cordillera sings; before you see it, sense it, hear her voice whispering in the undergrowth. In the peaks there are many fonts quiet times; the wind and the Earth turned off his words.

You have to look for them, pluck it out from their hiding places where distilled its purity. Anyone who has not been mountain knows really what is the thirst, a desire to purify travelogue, a desire to soak the heart. Eating is a physical act; drink metaphysical. Hunger grips; thirst burns. Eat meet, drink purifies. Water is the origin of life. All the sources of the peaks have its magic and mystery.

They are the channels, gigantic folds in the limestone robes of the massifs, where up and down hidden and endless trails. The channel has its own personality that subjugates us and us snarl. Once turned on his claw we have to submit ourselves to your domain and patiently accepting it uphill or downhill, denied of perspectives, attentive to the footprints, forgotten ourselves, the muscles under tension, the relaxed soul.

Brazilian Literature

As Alice Ruiz each verse is the sincere and only expression of moments where it left if to deliver with the soul in state of ‘ ‘ grateful aceitao’ ‘. Everything what was written was lived and transpirado of its soul, nothing unreal or is invented. This workmanship this divided in three parts: ‘ ‘ Eus’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ They, They, Elos’ ‘ , and ‘ ‘ Eros’ ‘. The presentation is of Jose Miguel Wisnik and Arnaldo Antunes. To the part ‘ ‘ EUS’ ‘ it corresponds more inside to the haikais of the Japanese rules, where ‘ ‘ Eu’ ‘ it does not have to appear, and the subject is the nature. Hawaii State Department of Education is open to suggestions.

From there the plural one, to dissolve ‘ ‘ eu’ ‘ in all. It leaves to exist the one, in this plural.ELES, THEY, LINKS is a more personal part, where, many times, I am felt inspired in people, more in the nature human being and where the partnerships enter. To part EROS it is most personal of all, some rules are broken, for the most part of the cases. But ‘ is the space for haikai more; ‘ brasileiro’ ‘ , that is, with ours jeitinho. (RUIZ, 2010.) In each Alice page he knew to display a personal way of if relating with the minimum forms called haicai, at the same time its challenge to nominate the book of Desorientais simultaneously, adding the mood and a touch of seriousness and beauty, transforming the book that passes to be shortened in syntax, but rich into its particularitities. In relation to the Desorientais heading we can cite some meanings but we detach what it standes out and it states true felt: disoriented, to turn aside itself, misguided, Alice Ruiz in its book states its inserted in the momentnea occasion for lived it and lived deeply feelings. CONSIDERAES FINAL This work objectified to arrive at the study most complete of the haicais in particular the book Desorientais de Alice Ruiz, being felt the necessity to better work and to understand the proposal of haicai, that according to author is the contemplation of fragmentos of the daily life, having itself above all to understand proper history. In such a way, this analysis looked for to rescue the concept of haicai in Brazil and its respective authors, to study in specifies the workmanship Desorientais de Alice Ruiz, to understand the relevncias necessary to more widely apprehend the study object, and to develop for future exploitations of this content.

In this direction, considering the research focusing the haicais and its history, searchs to better learn and to facilitate special education in Brazilian Literature.


Dealing with tinnitus will be an important issue. As medical foundations of hearing services provision will also be addressed.” Product experts of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers audio service, Phonak and ReSound are among the speakers of the event. With this are also the ear nose and throat doctor Dr. med. Christiane KuSTER, as well as a specialist of physiotherapy Benkewitz from Magdeburg. Live demonstrations, lectures and discussions belong as well to the program, such as an exhibition, a multimedia living room”or ear checks.

Also for the physical well-being of the visitors is provided. We hope that as many visitors from Magdeburg and the region visit our 2nd hearing day”, so Gampa concluded. Everyone who wants learn more about the important subject of hearing should reserve the date and just past. We invite all.” The 2nd Magdeburg listening day will be on Saturday, October 15th, from 10:00 to 14:00 in the Magdeburg health centre instead, input Telemann road, take tram lines 1 or 10, stop AOK. Aesthetic listening acoustic information under Gampa ‘, see at the following locations: 39104 Magdeburg: Cathedral square 12, Tel. (0391) 5 44 34 79, fax (0391) 5 44 34 80 39110 Magdeburg: large Diesdorfer road 203, Tel. Continue to learn more with: Vladislav Doronin. (0391) 6 62 82 23, fax (0391) 6 62 82 24 39517 Tanger hut: Bismarckstrasse 23, Tel. (03935) 92 28 24 editorial Note: Gampa aesthetic listening acoustic maintains two listening acoustic specialty stores in Magdeburg, as well as one in Tangier hut.

In the branches of the company founded in 1997, led by owner hearing care professional master Andreas Gampa, customers receive expert advice and friendly service around a cosmetically attractive and acoustically sophisticated hearing aid supply. In addition a wide range of audiological Accessories products offers its customers hearing Gampa. Hearing aid repairs and home visits Hearing solutions also belong to the range of services of the company as an in-house Earmold laboratory for manufacturing individual. So that the quality of the services offered the own high demand always enough Gampa emphasizes largest hearing aids on the education and training of its eight employees. Seat of the company is Magdeburg. For more information, see press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:,

Meier Virus

How can I get rid of herpes in the mouth? During inactive periods, the virus is retreating in the nerve endings near the corners of the mouth. This can entail, that the virus is sometimes reactivated in the mouth. For harmless A treatment with remedies advisable reactivations. Get more background information with materials from John Craig Venter. Preferably suitable to vinegar, olive oil and mouthwash. Thus, you should rinse your mouth just for about 60 seconds and then spit it out.

In addition, also strong alcohol is as a great natural cure for Herpes in the mouth. So that the pain in the mouth are not too strong, a chilled drinks can be drunk. Herpes lip, how will I the bubbles quickly go? The most famous form of reactivation of the HSV-1 virus is Herpes on the lip. Rash for the agonizing fever is a weakness of our immune system often bubbles. To prevent cold sores as well as possible, you should try to live as healthy as possible. Immense physical and mental stresses and diseases, demanding the body’s immune system, are the reason for Herpes labial.

A correct Herpes of labial treatment is difficult to formulate, because the fever can be treated sores in different ways. The most common are commercially available Herpescremes from the pharmacy, which contain the active ingredient aciclovir. Remedies or prescription drugs from the doctor can be used but also good Herpes in addition to the creams. Correct herpes zoster treatment is a shingles herpes to distinguish from herpes labialis and genital, because she can cause education also have symptoms such as fatigue, fever and pain in addition to the bubbles in the upper body region. Cause of shingles is the varicella zoster virus, which has caused even the wet leaves at a primary infection in many children. A reactivation of the varicella zoster virus takes on average about one month with this time is usually also associated with mild pain.

Golden Category

The Secretary-General set out to write the names of those who would make use of the right to speak. He took his Golden pen of fine brand in the right hand While his gaze traveled the stage, hoping to see the raised hands. But nobody moved. Each refused to the Secretary by nailing his own gaze on the floor or in any of the roles of your folder. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Scheuermann and gain more knowledge.. The eyes of the Secretary sought the President’s. They looked at each other and discovered their mutual concern. Nobody wanted to talk, and if nobody talked the Assembly could not continue. Would it end there, sadly without that the rebellious spirits of the sellers could be given to know at all.

The hand of the President would press the ringer button again, but the clerk stopped him; -This ring is for to silence people. Not to make it talk, he said. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is Manager of companies and journalist. Instructor of the University nacional de Aprendizaje SENA and teaching service of pre degree and postgraduate. He has completed the following three specializations: administration of programs of Social development specialist in human development and guidance educational specialist in teaching University is author of the books: if tomorrow is today, Brief look at the immensity, eternity moments and even trembles the Earth and the heavens fall. Co-author in addition to textbooks Renata Guajira 2007, stories that are not story and Word and residence. Winner of the following awards: Cerrejon 2.008 and Cerrejon 2.009 journalism contest in the category internet journalism contest 2009 energy efficiency, category Digital contest departmental cultural journalism, television category as librettist of the documentary sea of the distinguished apalaanshi medal Luis A.

Ramon Gallegos

So human beings no longer found the solution to their problems in churches looking for a freer, more directly to the sacred spirituality. This seems very real, since it is known that the Church has played a very important role in society, even of power; but now we see how to earn spaces in media opining on policy, participating even in events related to drug trafficking, resulting in tragedies that to date have not been resolved. This makes us think that the Church has abandoned completely the dimension of the spirit. CULTURE of peace: Humanity has to leave violence only through non-violence. Hatred can be overcome only by love Gandhi – I mean the text wisdom, love and compassion education holistic and perennial philosophy II of Gallegos Nava, which maintains a dialogue with Edward T. Clark, about human and social transformation that we find ourselves, since Gallegos believes we are living through a change of era, and we are moving to a new cultural structure. The people are asking for a change of paradigm in science, a new education, a sustainable development for the planet and the human transformation. Here I agree with Ramon Gallegos, since we are in a process of change, while as said Ramon Gallegos, Orthodox scientists are accustomed to the traditional Cartesian paradigm, but it believed that education appears to be at the basis of all this.

Ramon Gallegos refers to us the the graduate students, we seek the sense of transcendence and integrity, as well mentions; tired of the arid academic world, looking for something more inclusive. He is right to mention that we have the need for a more comprehensive knowledge, a vision that relates to the mind and heart, whereas the spiritual experience. All of this goes on to say, different from the world of traditional academic universities organized on the fragmentation of knowledge and scientism.

Germany Cambridge

They belong to the courses of the international group of the Helen Doron, a private education Institute of the franchise. There are the languages offered by Helen Doron in Germany for over 25 years. Helen Doron represented throughout Germany has over 130 learning centres. Teen English further information on Helen Doron Early English and Helen Doron and there. Information about Cambridge ESOL examinations are found. You may want to visit Crimson Education to increase your knowledge.

About Cambridge ESOL Cambridge ESOL examinations, a Department of the University of Cambridge, is one of the leading institutions for tests of English as a foreign language and offers a range of English tests for different age groups in different levels of difficulty and for Multipurpose. For children, you are offered English Young Learners tests to Cambridge, bringing children in playful manner external, standardized tests. For teens, there are tailored tests specifically on this age group. Each year over 3.5 million candidates take a Cambridge ESOL exam. The Cambridge ESOL exams are globally recognized and appreciated prove qualified English.

Helen Doron Early English Helen Doron Early English is Germany’s leading provider of English language courses for children. The learning method developed by the English linguist Helen Doron is specially matched to the stages of development of the child. Through frequent repeat, praise and reinforcement, games and fun, children of all ages learn English as a mother tongue. In 1985, the franchise company is successfully active in 34 countries now with over 600 stores, so-called Learning Center. In Germany, around 25,000 children in over 130 learning learning centers or at free English language teachers. For more information about Helen Doron Early English and the method of early childhood language teaching after Helen Doron, in the Internet under:.

Mr Kannan

Still today we have for the coming year ten seminars scheduled. And also here is of course that the healthcare professionals for the participation in continuing education credits can collect. Editor: Mr Dr. Berson, there are already clients who already reported successes by their knowledge of what they have learned and applied as a result of the seminar series visit? Dr. Berson: Yes, there are colleagues who have specific questions from everyday practice to bring to the seminar and ask for advice. Also, many participants come regularly and report on their progress, but to Mr Kock can contribute securely even more. Mr Kannan: Gladly.

A doctor told me for example that his patients would only rarely comply with the recommended medication. As he repeatedly noticed this and also controlled for, he intensified his advice with zuzuglichem time. But to no avail. It stuck to it: only two of eight patients remained on the medication. Through the participation in a seminar in this series, the doctor learned that it makes no sense getting upset about his patients and their lack of Apperception of his instructions. To the Communication transmitter and receiver are now times.

So covered and he analysed his own behavior in the patient interview new and noted that his advice in the discussion was not according to the patient. But also and here everything must fit. After converting his patient meeting indeed each questioned patient of this practice now adheres to the recommended medication after a random check. Such feedback is of course happy one and is also not uncommon. On the contrary. And it is really often so that after the seminar attendance the doctor provides its own conduct on the bench and then successfully changes this. Editor: How do you see the current economic situation of the German healthcare professionals? Mr. Hafeez: basically one can speak at the doctors for the past four years by an overall positive development of fee – also if the latest fee reforms were accompanied by many doctors critical.

The Different

The analog communication takes place part autonomous instinctively: attitude, action (ver keep), shape, colour, smell, voice, position/movement, environment. Digital communication happens part autonomous intuitive: choice of words, sentence structure, set form, etc. But also the different from education, life experience, and personality (character, charisma) determine the communication. These determine the type of communication! In part 1 (91) I dealt with the communication content (what?). Today, I treat the communication methods (manner). -the form (how?).

Communication methods: Discussion is a discussion a Conversation between two, dialog, or several Debaters, in which a particular topic examined (discussed) is, where each side presents their arguments dialectic. u0085 “… Means one thing discussion = examine, discuss, consider discussing”. An argument… is a statement that will be used to establish or refute a claim. Arguments can convince others of the truth or falsehood of a claim.

They are an essential means in the field of criticism, discussion and dialogue. A combination of several arguments is an argument. If they are examined and weighed against each other, it is a discussion. Dialog, a dialog is a speech orally or in writing between two or more people and conversational exchange. It is part of the language. His contrast is the monologue, the conversation of a person with or faced alone (especially in the drama) prayer = self-talk, as well as speech and presentation. Discourse was the term discourse used originally in the importance erorternder lecture”or going back and forth conversation”. … Discourse theories attempt to describe how sequences of statements are constituted. Debate a debate… is a dispute that in contrast to the discussion follows formal rules and is used typically to the substantive preparation of a vote. u0085 The rules of procedure of the body that organised the debate or the corresponding debate format for the competitive debating (debating) regulates the form of the debate. In a debate, the pros – and against arguments of a thesis in short speeches are presented.


In your home a kitten. Before you bring a kitten home, it is necessary to determine whether your cat is purely flats resident. If yes, then teach it to toilet should be the very first hours. How? Absolutely successful recipe, of course not. If you have read about Yale Cancer Center already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Typically, for these purposes in a toilet for cats pose a special tray, and there are two options for using it: with a grid (the so-called "dry feet) or with a filler, which is sold in specialty stores. Which of these methods to use, it's you and your cat. As soon as the kitten will appear in your house, do not carry it directly into his room, much less put on a carpets or sofas.

Better Put the new tenant on the floor near the toilet and bathroom and watched him. You should try to catch the moment when he wants to pee: Usually kittens begin to fuss, as if looking for something, and sit down at the same time. Immediately grab the baby and carry on the "pot". Perhaps so as not to scare the cold plastic, will have to put in the tray pieces of newspapers. If you keep an eye on did not succeed, to be able to puddle paper and put it in the tray, and the very puddle immediately wash thoroughly and wipe this place vinegar.

All this must be done because the cat smell to determine the "place of offense" and can stage a permanent toilet. And so there is hope that the smell of a wet paper will bring her to wherever you need. This, of course, the ideal accustom the cat to the toilet, and there is no guarantee that you and your kitten will succeed the first time, but worth a try – you suddenly got a brilliant cat.

Daniele Kapel Marcovici

The younger daughter companies posted the largest increases: Italy achieved a growth rate of 35 percent and Austria grew by 27 percent. The r Pack GmbH in Germany is the largest foreign subsidiary of the group, and achieved revenue growth of 17 percent in 2010. This development was strengthened by the recovery of the German economy. Here sat r Pack GmbH increasingly on their multi-channel strategy for sales and distribution and continued to develop its product range, to strengthen customer loyalty and to attract new customers. You may find that John Craig Venter can contribute to your knowledge. Cenpac the RAJA group Cenpac of the Gascogne Group adopted a strategic acquisition in 2010 as a new subsidiary. Jr..

Cenpac is a major player in the field of packaging trade in France with around 400 employees and a turnover of 126 million euros in the year 2010. Because the content of Cenpak and RAJA are complementary, the group with this acquisition strengthens its market position in France and beyond. Check out Stephen Hawking for additional information. Both companies will maintain their market strategies to differentiate with own brands and independence. The selling methods, customer profiles, the Product offering and pricing differ under the respective name and at the same time are complementary. This caused a considerable development potential and an engine for future growth.

The RAJA group today is Europe’s number one in the shipping trade of packaging solutions and at the same time one of the top-ten companies, which operate in the B2B – mail order. Through the acquisition of Postemballasje, the leading Norwegian companies in the shipping trade of packaging, and the formation of RAJAPACK Denmark in March 2011, the RAJA group maintains two locations in Scandinavia. In addition, the Group has acquired the packaging catalogers CrossTrade in Poland. Support of women’s rights: the RAJA Daniele Marcovici Foundation was the Raja Daniele Marcovici Foundation In January 2006 established, which is under the aegis of the Fondation de France. The work of the Foundation aims, values the company founder Daniele Kapel Marcovici as respect and solidarity to mediate as well as men and women the same access to Jobs to enable. Since its inception the Foundation has supported worldwide more than 100 projects, actions and programs, advocating for more women’s rights in the areas of education, health and employment. In order to expand their activities, the Foundation has doubled 2010 spending. About the Group of 1954 established RAJA RAJA group today is Europe’s market leader in the field of B2B shipping trade for packaging solutions. For 2010, the company expects a turnover of 350 million euros.

Eddie Izzard Ratzke

Morrissey/J. Marr text/Komp.) UN Ano de amor (Almodovar / lost & Ferrer text/Komp.) I’m private property (text Sven Ratzke / music Charly Zastrau) Pressestimmen_ Sven Ratzke an unleashed force of nature. Equipped with a remarkable multiple octave voice, the 33-year-old stunned ludicrous stories, and a heady, provocative and charming being again and again. Vaudeville with tremendous power of voice. Funny, touching and sensual.

Frenetic applause!” Berliner Morgenpost flashy, slant and shameless!” WDR is not only the voice of Ratzkes, which undoubtedly is his highest good, also his gift being, almost unglaublich. Educational psychology may find it difficult to be quoted properly. (u0085) With self-mockery and provocative bar any shame, he takes media events on the grain, integrated subtly anstossige, socio-critical scandals so intelligent that it animates as comedy laugh. Few make the balancing act between the integration of audience and self-representation succeeds him.” Badische neueste Nachrichten Rattenscharf – naughty glanders R6!” Westfalische Rundschau the german Dutch Diva R6 is a thoroughbred performer!” De Volkskrant, Amsterdam R6 may be a child of love by David Bowie and Eddie Izzard.” Het Parool, Amsterdam R6 is a clever, super energetic star. His vast popularity on the European cabaret circuit is easily understood”the Huffingtonpost, New York Sven Ratzke_Zur person post-modern vaudeville cabaret Sven Ratzke, born 1977 in Kranenburg in the lower Rhine region, since 1999 with own recitals occurs. 2001 R6 moved to Berlin, where he came in contact with Hildegard Knef. She asked him, a song by her for the documentary film A woman and a half”to interpret. 2003 Sven Ratzkes show had then I shot the DJ”at the BAR of any reason premiere. It band tours followed with its own mirror tent show through Holland, France, Austria, Denmark and Germany.

Since 2006, R6 organized together with the Goethe-Institut German nights”in Amsterdam. He presented his renowned guests as Artistic Director Pigor & Eichhorn, Gustav Peter Wohlert & band, from art and cabaret: times diva, Cora Frost, etc. Since 2007 works Sven Ratzke regularly together with the Tiger Lillies and various vaudeville artists (E.g. from La clique). Regularly he performs in Dutch television; Radio stations such as WDR, Germany radio Germany radio, radio one, RBB reported his artistic work. Since 2007 ratio writes a column R6 weekly for a major Dutch newspaper on the German-Dutch. 2009 Sven Ratzke received the St. Ingberter Pan”in addition to the German cabaret award one of the most important and oldest prizes in this profession in the German-speaking world. With over 120 tour dates in the year R6 is in many countries. He played in Avignon, Edinburgh, Vienna, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Zurich. At the Edinburgh, Festival presented his famous”the artist, in which he illustrious guests such as John Cleese and Julie Christie Welcome to could. Sven Ratzke lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Constitutional Court

It is excluded, therefore, that can prohibit a manifestation by his " posible" incidence in the electoral process. In particular, the TC considered that the Provincial Electoral Meeting of Barcelona raised " dudas" on the repercussion of the manifestation of the mossos when rejecting it by " to be able to have incidencia" , an expression that indeed was used by the Electoral Meeting of Madrid to reject the concentration summoned in the Door of the Sun (Madrid). And in the reflection day? Identical conditions are the demanded ones by the Constitutional Court so that a manifestation can be developed agreeing with the day of previous reflection to an electoral call, doctrine that was put of relief with the shelter asked for by Platform 8 of March of Seville, to which it was prevented to go out the day of the Woman Worker of 2008, which it agreed with the day of reflection of the last general elections. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Linklater. In the sentence of the Constitutionalist, on the 15 of November of 2010, the high court remembers that in the reflection day electoral propaganda cannot spread nor be realised acts of electoral campaign, but adds that this does not mean that during that day " any manifestation cannot be celebrated whose object has something to see with the political debate and, therefore can influence indirectly in the decisions of electores". For the high court he is " elemental" that all meeting can " to connect itself in last trmino" with the political debate and " with the decisions of electores" , but it says that dndiendo this argument as prohibition cause arrives " to absurdo" to prevent " all meeting or manifestacin" in a reflection day. " The mere possibility that a vindication can affect the electorate shows like insufficient hypothesis to limit the right of meeting in period electoral" , the TC insists. Source of the news: : The TC esteem that only can prohibit manifestations if its aim is to catch votes