Constitutional Court

It is excluded, therefore, that can prohibit a manifestation by his " posible" incidence in the electoral process. In particular, the TC considered that the Provincial Electoral Meeting of Barcelona raised " dudas" on the repercussion of the manifestation of the mossos when rejecting it by " to be able to have incidencia" , an expression that indeed was used by the Electoral Meeting of Madrid to reject the concentration summoned in the Door of the Sun (Madrid). And in the reflection day? Identical conditions are the demanded ones by the Constitutional Court so that a manifestation can be developed agreeing with the day of previous reflection to an electoral call, doctrine that was put of relief with the shelter asked for by Platform 8 of March of Seville, to which it was prevented to go out the day of the Woman Worker of 2008, which it agreed with the day of reflection of the last general elections. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Linklater. In the sentence of the Constitutionalist, on the 15 of November of 2010, the high court remembers that in the reflection day electoral propaganda cannot spread nor be realised acts of electoral campaign, but adds that this does not mean that during that day " any manifestation cannot be celebrated whose object has something to see with the political debate and, therefore can influence indirectly in the decisions of electores". For the high court he is " elemental" that all meeting can " to connect itself in last trmino" with the political debate and " with the decisions of electores" , but it says that dndiendo this argument as prohibition cause arrives " to absurdo" to prevent " all meeting or manifestacin" in a reflection day. " The mere possibility that a vindication can affect the electorate shows like insufficient hypothesis to limit the right of meeting in period electoral" , the TC insists. Source of the news: : The TC esteem that only can prohibit manifestations if its aim is to catch votes

Secretary General

Protests of the Movement Movement 20 of February groups the young people who through Internet summoned the first multitudinal protests in Morocco that day, within the framework of the wave of the Arab revolts, to ask the one establishment " constitution democrtica" and the dissolution of the Government and the Parliament. The 9 of March, king Mohamed I SAW announced in a speech that was going to reform the Constitution to grant more powers to prime minister and to the Parliament, and to reinforce the independence of justice. Movement 20 of February has summoned its followers to indicate east Sunday in all the Moroccan territory to demand " true a democratic change in Marruecos". Welcome of the political parties the Moroccan political parties with parliamentary representation have received with generalized satisfaction the speech of king Mohamed I SAW in whom it presented/displayed the new Constitution. The Secretary General of the Istiqlal party (Independence) and Moroccan prime minister, Abs the Fasi, assured in a declaration to the press that the Executive of her formation has decided unanimously to vote " s" to the project of the new Constitution. The Fasi emphasized that " we in fact have a new Constitution that has changed everything deeply in please the democracy, the independence of justice and the moralizacin of the life pblica". While, one of the leaders of the Socialist Union of Fuerzas Populares (USFP) and minister of Relations with the Parliament, Driss Lachgar, it said that to this announcement " one is a revolution. It is possible to be spoken already of a new monarchy in Morocco, an authentic monarchy parlamentaria". Like main innovations, Lachgar emphasized that the paper of the king has been clarified and who the unique legislative power will be the Parliament. For the Party of Progress and Socialismo (PPS), that also comprises of the parliamentary majority, the real speech " he is a little while historical that announces a new one was democratic in Marruecos".

Spanish Academy

The use of clothes, hats or caps that cover the head, use of the shade are the true protectors of the sun. Professor Buenda, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology, remembers that another one of the factors that must be known is the suitable election of fotoprotectores as well as their correct application. A correct protection when taking the sun can avoid eight of each ten melanomas. ” We do not have to pay attention solely to the number of protection but we must pay attention to the radiation of which it protects and of its form of utilizacin” , it explains. For Buenda the protection adapted before solar rays must be superior to 50, considering creams of low protection with values inferiors to 15 inefficient ones stops like method dnsivo. Click Campbell Soup Co to learn more. Fundamental recommendations the sun always is sun: it gives to equal the one of the winter that the one of the summer.

It is necessary to have well-taken care of and to protect themselves whenever it has been exposed. With protector: we must apply solar protector with protection factor 30 or more, thirty minutes before the exhibition and repeat every two hours. Taken care of with the children: we do not have to exhibit to the sun the minors of six months of age. The worse moments: it is necessary to avoid the solar exhibition between the 12 and 16 hours. Bronzed artificial: descrtalo because it can have irreversible ctos in the skin. To visit the dermatologist: one time to the year to the dermatologist, if possible after summer, because normally the melanoma is made more evident.

Spot or melanoma: all we have spots, but it is necessary to watch his evolution and a very simple procedure is system ABCDE. Thus, a spot that is Asymmetric, with irregular Edges, with variable Colors, that a Diameter greater to 6 millimeters owns and whose Evolution is fast must be examined by an expert. Carcinoma and melanoma the appearance of the skin cancer can have a genetic origin or can be derived from the different types from skin, but the main cause of the appearance of this disease is without a doubt the sun. They exist diversity of types of skin and from it derives the appearance of different types from cancer that can occur. The carcinoma to basocelular is the type of more frequent cancer in the human being and is associate to skins very damaged by the sun, to white skins that are not bronzed, but they are reddened or they are burned. This type of cancer usually is pronounced in face, ears and neck. The malignant melanoma is most dangerous of all the cancer of skin that can sufrise. The malignant melanoma is a small scab that grows, falls and returns to grow. His priest never is definitive, is one pupa small that does not cure. Usually one occurs in the face, the bald spot or in the neck. Source of the news: 60% of the Spaniards do not use any protection against the sun