New Language

The human being needs stimulatons of the social environment to structuralize its language. The psychic development of the human being, is the first objective specifies, that it describes the theories of the language of the being, it needs the agreement of the word and thought, considered for Vygotsky an inhibited consequence of the motor element. As objective the specific one of this study, in them made possible one better understanding of the functionality of the defined mental language, for Chomsky and Pinker, as a biological structure that she explains the evolution of the individual, collating itself with the behaviorista boarding, where the people are product of the social environment that they live, that the usual terms of its language happen exclusively of the lingusticas relations of the falante. For in such a way, the third objective I specify, that she understands the relation and the functioning of the cerebral language, emphasizes that it is not possible that the species human being develops any ability, without getting through the language, information that will develop a language that guides the social relations human beings. Of the biological point of view, the language is a mechanism that differentiates in them of the other animals, therefore if it processes in the mind human being, making possible the ability lingustica of the falante being.

This innate disposal, for the lingustica ability, was known as lingustica college. Thus, we consider that the language as communication factor is a system, extremely complex e, at the same time, norteador of the social relations of the man, comes out of basically biological principles that if structure in the mind human being, the dwelling of the language it starts to be in the mind human being. . REFERENCES VIGOTSKY, L. Thought and language. Editions Antidote, Lisbon, 1979. CHOMSKY, N.

‘ ‘ The language and mente’ ‘ in: New linguistic Perspectives. Petrpolis, Voices, 1970. ______ Aspects of the theory of syntax. Cambridge, Mass: Mitpress, 1965. MAYAN, Eleonora Motta. In the kingdom of he speaks: the language and its sons.3 Edition – Atlases KENNEDY, Eduardo. Manual of lingustica. MARTELLOTA, Robert. Et al. To understand the lingustica.


The marking on the nameplate, or body products Manufacturers are often faced with a problem: they made equipment, nameplate and must now be ordered to place data in the variable fields. Usually it is the date of manufacture, Weight, operational conditions and so on. In short, all that could change any day. Head of production, if it is small, the party meeting said the workers: introduction to today's date and Schild weight of 2 tons. Working sent to the shop takes 10 Schild, puts them on the bench and begins to enter data by manual hammer stamps. An hour later you're done.

Now imagine that the nameplate is not 10 units. And 5000 pc. And to place must be some kind of carcass of the 12 characters. Clearly, that the worker did not need an hour, and two months, and the equipment needed to ship a week later. That's when you need and impact marking machine. It looks like this: When lowering the lever is hit with a fist and Industry letters bites into the price labels, leaving the necessary and set your characters. Here's the fist: Well, but, in fact, the machine in action: It is a pity that there can not embed video.

Then just go to the page Impact marking, there will be video of the impact of marking mechanism. If you have reviewed the movie, you should be clear that giving the typewriter 75 000 you will save money. Payback after the circulation of 5000 pcs. The biggest advantage is that that the supplies – it is manufactured in a fist letters. But if they are good quality and made of good steel, then worry not for that – have not ordered frequently. In addition, you have won at the speed of his production products, and it is also very important.

Special Education

Louis, that contributed for the studies destined to the superendowed subdotados ones and. Montessori Maria who created ' ' Montessori&#039 method; ' , based in the education of the tteis and motor sensations. Piaget and Rey, that had contributed with studies for the Infantile and Youthful Psychiatry, in the Switzerland, Freud that renewed the psychiatric conceptions in Austria, Melanie Klein and Ana Freud that had explained the principles of Freud to the children. Pavlov that gave to new route Infantile Psychiatry in Russia. Thanks to them many others that if had dedicated to the studies for improvements of life for the deficient ones, had been to the few if undoing that conception maken a mistake and prejudiced that the people had of the deficiency carriers the education of the bonanza one it passed of an empirical, without beddings and methods, even so full phase of value, to a scientific phase, where if it observes a concern with the causes of the problems, its educational syndrome, study and analysis, diagnosis and lines of direction to be indicated. (AXE; ALMEIDA, 1992, p.12) 4.1- SPECIAL EDUCATION: OF THE BRASIL-COLNIA TO THE CURRENT DAYS In Brazil, the first initiatives for the development of the Special Education if still gave at the time where the country was colony of Portugal. During the reign of D.

Padro II they had been created in Rio De Janeiro, the Imperial Institute of the Blind Boys in 1854, current Institute Benjamin Constant and the National Institute of Education of Deaf people (I.N.E.S). In the end of the first reign already six institutions existed in Brazil destined to the attendance of deficient physicists, auditory and visual. But, she was from the works of Helena Antipoff psychologist and educator born in the Russia that the Special Education in Brazil gave a new jump from the new vision stimulated for the work carried through for Helena in Belo Horizonte.