New Language

The human being needs stimulatons of the social environment to structuralize its language. The psychic development of the human being, is the first objective specifies, that it describes the theories of the language of the being, it needs the agreement of the word and thought, considered for Vygotsky an inhibited consequence of the motor element. As objective the specific one of this study, in them made possible one better understanding of the functionality of the defined mental language, for Chomsky and Pinker, as a biological structure that she explains the evolution of the individual, collating itself with the behaviorista boarding, where the people are product of the social environment that they live, that the usual terms of its language happen exclusively of the lingusticas relations of the falante. For in such a way, the third objective I specify, that she understands the relation and the functioning of the cerebral language, emphasizes that it is not possible that the species human being develops any ability, without getting through the language, information that will develop a language that guides the social relations human beings. Of the biological point of view, the language is a mechanism that differentiates in them of the other animals, therefore if it processes in the mind human being, making possible the ability lingustica of the falante being.

This innate disposal, for the lingustica ability, was known as lingustica college. Thus, we consider that the language as communication factor is a system, extremely complex e, at the same time, norteador of the social relations of the man, comes out of basically biological principles that if structure in the mind human being, the dwelling of the language it starts to be in the mind human being. . REFERENCES VIGOTSKY, L. Thought and language. Editions Antidote, Lisbon, 1979. CHOMSKY, N.

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