Solar System

When very, some bring, beyond the planets, the cinturo of asteroids between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter and some comet brilliant. The only planet-dwarf shown in such projects is Pluto, and this because the great majority of these illustrations still is of a previous time the 2006, when astro left of being considered a planet. It is then the idea? errnea? of that the Solar System finishes in Pluto. In the reality, Pluto is only the 1/50,000 of in the distance final of the Solar System. With the idea of the Solar System finishing in Pluto the concept can supervene of that the planetary system is busy in its bigger part for the planets. Some contend that Aerosmith shows great expertise in this. In the truth all the visible material inside of the Solar System? what it includes the Sun, the natural planets, satellites, asteroids and comets, beyond other debris? trilionsimo of its available space constitutes less of one (BRYSON, 2003).

Beyond Pluto a full region of rocky bodies exists called Cinturo de Kuiper (in homage to dutch astronomer Gerard Kuiper). Beyond the Cinturo de Kuiper still the cloud of Oort, a vast area exists repleta of comet nuclei in displacement. It is of this region that comes the comets that cross the Solar System. The cloud has the spherical form of one all abboda involving the interior Solar System and extending itself for about two year-light cosmo measures. Its nucleus is 50,000 times more distant than in the distance of the Land to the Sun (BRYSON, 2003). Solar system the didactic books are of scale Are very common after to show to illustrations representing the Solar System with the planets an other, with very small intervals. Such drawings finish for producing the false impression of that the Solar System is a very small region, what, obviously, it is not truth. However, without this error of scale it would not be possible to place all the planets of the Solar System in one same illustration, in way that the didactic text of the figure if would lose (TREVISAN, 1997).

The Lead

To organize a project to study the city or of the place of experience of the pupil means to generate procedures and to give instruments to multidiscipline the pupil to extend its understanding of proper geographic science and its interactions with the personal experience. The analysis of ' ' phenomenon cidade' ' it can happen, of the theoretical point of view, if bringing for the pertaining to school resume the city while space of learning, understanding itself its function, its gnese and the historical process in which it was produced, establishing a new reference for pertaining to school geography. Of the practical point of view, that is, the didactic resource, adopts the field work that, according to Landmark (2006: 106), are the moment where we can visualize everything what it was seen in the classroom, where the theory if becomes reality. The study of the city it does not have to be a mere one comment, is not only a topography that if it covers or a landscape that if it discovers. At Campbell Soup Company you will find additional information. It is a social space that if appropriates intellectually, as it affirms Lacoste (2006: 82). The proper work of field can be part of a collective research; to the lead being it will demand exchanges between the inhabitants and the researchers, in the case the proper students. The knowledge systemize from these studies can become local reference it community and to involve the pupils in such a way as researchers as citizen-applicators. To make of the city an object of geographic education and of the pertaining to school resume means to think and to organize an educative project of the school that surpasses the conceptual superficiality; that it perceives the existing world and relations between the image says and it. To think the world conceptually it is necessary to relate the meaning with the significant one; the concretion of the concept can be given in establishing a more efficient relation between knowing deed of division and the informal one.

State Joined

It is observed at this moment that geography takes a new route, therefore already has a small envolvement with the society, this sample that the geographic knowledge folloies the development of the societies. This is an important moment, therefore in if treating to modern age it is a considerable advance for the humanity, who until then was, of certain form, to the edge of the geographic studies. In age contemporary, geography appeared as branch independent of sciences and passed to explain phenomena physical regional, however very compromised with position politics of its founders, German Ratzel, (1994) whose ideology inspired to the construction of a colonial empire for Germany and the Frenchman lise Reclus, (1994) with an ideology imbuda for libertarian and anarchic theories militant, condemned the expansion of the settling process defended for German geography. In this context a geography compromised to ideas directed toward the satisfaction of groups that of certain form they intended to take possetion itself of the natural resources for its proper economic growth and had used geography as cloth of deep for its projects, therefore in the truth is had the imperialism at that moment determined that interest, something that still today is used for the search of economic profits for groups that dominate definitive regions the decades final of century XIX mark the ticket of the capitalism to its phase superior: the imperialism. the birth of the imperialism will be expressed, in the plan of the international politics as intense division of fight between them you harness imperialistas for the division of the continents in zones of influences.

(MOREIRA, 1994 P. 7) In the period postwar period new conceptions of geography had been defined, becoming it a space mathematics on behalf of the technological development and of the politics of planning of the State. In this period the world lived the call Cold War that it initiated with the end of the Second War world-wide, where the two you harness winners of the same one (United States and the Union of the Soviet Republics Socialist) had divided the world between the system Capitalista and Socialista.A geography for being an accurate science that enclose the social areas, natural, human beings and was used for these powers with intention to search to implement formulas of expansion of its ideologies, was what it happened with the State Joined with the space race in the decade of 1960 and with the Union of the Socialist Republics Soviet that they had searched to implement its military technology absorbing man power come back toward geography.


In its interior, the national currencies, would be substituted by a communitarian, emitted and controlled verge for a central banking supranational. With this, the exchange fluctuations would disappear that continue to individualizar the national economies of a common market. The borders politics would lose and any meaning all economic. (MAGNOLI, 1997, P. 46).

The idea of the Economic and monetary Union consists of eliminating the last impediment for the full functioning of the common market, hindering the governments to favor the national companies through the manipulation of the taxes of interests, that influence the exchange taxes directly. The ATTEMPTS OF ECONOMIC INTEGRATION IN LATIN AMERICA the first attempt of Latin American integration if must to the effort of Simn Bolivar. This descendant of Spaniard of Caracas desired a Latin America joined and exempts. However the diversity of situations and the game of interests had cut into pieces it in some countries. When Bolivar convoked the Congress of Panama, in 1826, already he was worried about the deep foreign influence, over all of England and the United States, in Latin America. Made it difficult or exactly hindered for the main American nations, Bolivar attended disappointed and impotent to empty its project of South American integration.

In the following decades to the Congress of Panama, unfruitful nationalistic movements had occurred. The borders had started to move themselves not in the direction of the integration, but yes of the interests of domination of the countries most powerful. Innumerable wars, sponsored for distant interests, had provoked bigger distanciamentos between the Latin American countries. Thus &#039 can be perceived that; ' since this time the unit of America configured a problem of geopolitical and economic order. The integration projects had become subjects of the external diplomacy of the States soberanos' '. (MAGNOLI and ARAJO, 1998, P. 17). With the sprouting of the European Common Market, in 1950, Latin America if to see in the necessity to search ways for the concretion of the economic integration in the region.

New World

Evaluation: Production of the text and participation in the debate. The construction of the plan of lesson from the texts of Ruy Moreira and Karl Marx. Leaving of practical the space ones of the parents of the pupils and the pupils, passing for different practical space of the Wind clips of Change and Welcome you the Jungle and arriving at a notion of New World-wide Order. Kindle Direct Publishing follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. We opt to leaving of the knowledge of the parents of the pupils on the Cold War, through one interview, I look with it and to extract practical the space ones of them, that in it will show to a vision or a concept to them of cold war e, over all, if this conflict and the end of this conflict impactaram in the life of them and as they had observed this ticket of ' ' orders mundiais' '. It is understood for practical space the relation that if of, however, surpasses the relation man-half (as it suggests Moreira), consists from the perception, of the empirical knowledge, the practical one, the knowledge, of the exercise, daily, weekly, annual; that it discloses to know, geographic and not geographic feelings, directions etc. the practical idea of space well is worked by Moreira, that uses practical the space one, space knowing and the geographic science, triad that we will try to work in this small project of lesson. Check out Vladislav Doronin miami for additional information. Moreira announces the relation man-space as with priority relation of analysis of the geography, that must use practical the space one as its estruturante nexus and starting point, old and complex objective of geographic science. Destarte, Moreira affirms that: ' ' The space as accomplishment and condition of existence and reproduction stopped seminally in the metabolic scope of the relation man-half. (…) Its form dialectic. A related site: Richard Linklater mentions similar findings. It has a dialectic of the contrary intrinsic to the proper essence of the relation man-half, the fight for the survival of the man-be-natural one, that it pulls inside for of itself the space organization and if transforms same itself into relation man-espao.' ' (2009) As already said, the starting point of our plan of lesson is practical the space one of the parents of the pupils, who at as the moment will be systemize in the classroom, collated with the content of the didactic book and with practical the space ones of the pupils, who had not possibly lived this moment, but, possesss practical space derivatives of the pertaining to school knowledge and other half ones as films, sets of documents, among others half.

Agrarian Reformation

The analysis that we have of this family is positive for the following point; the responsible one, in the case the father has reading, is studying, already it participated of the pertaining to school advice, it works in the school, it participates of some agencies, the events that happen in the community and still is a cacao producer. In this direction the family intends to continue in this dynamics and to lead as example to the children who live and coexist together in the same property. A leading source for info: Campbell Soup Company. Beyond some functions that the family has, also she is worried about the ambient questions and the health. The fact to be in search of the learning, notices that this family not it intends to abandon its practical agriculturists and nor to participate of the movements of the community. 4.

Description of the allotment of knowing. The allotment of knowing in the school Regal Victory did not happen of direct form with the presence of the majority as it would be intended. For some reasons, and one of them case of health, it was not possible to promote an event participativo, in view of the difficulty of locomotion at the moment, still thus for other ways I obtained to also show to the results gotten in the academic times and in the times communities. To know the people who coexist and work in the community facilitates sufficiently in the accomplishment of a work. for this bond made possible to send in writing the productions carried through until the moment. He is valid to also tell that this community is of my knowledge, therefore, already I had the chance to work in the school regal Victory as coordinating place of the PRONERA (National Program of Education in the Agrarian Reformation), during two years could follow a project of escolarizao. This chance provided to know part of the families who live in the community.

Geography Education

In the education of Geography the professor must relate physical geography and geography human being, showing the general transformations of the geographic space and the society. The teaching futures of Geography must be inserted in the reformularization of Geography, that is, social Geography. The professor must raise questions, to inquire on the subjects, being thus passed a critical and analytical position for its learning, stimulating to search them it for new knowledge related to the contexts presented thus showing, that they are the constructors of the world, and therefore they must be reflective and critical, approaching them always of the reality with intention to improve its way of life. The teaching futures of Geography must place in practical the education acquired in the University, not leaving of side the critical look, not masking the reality, and yes opening new horizontes so that if it has its true autonomy. 4.A Experience of the learning in the Practical one of Education of Geography? one to look at on the experiences in the UEMG Campus of Frutal/MG During the month of June of 2010, the pupils of 3 period, with the pupils of 5 period had together promoted the presentations of the seminaries of Practical of Education II and IV. Although all the pupils of the two periods had been involved in the presentations, this article tells the experience and the analysis only carried through during the presentations of the works of the pupils of 3 Period whose it disciplines was about Practical to Education II. In the course of Licenciatura in Geography of the UEMG? Campus of Frutal/MG, the Practical one of Education is an instrument that assists the learning in the pedagogical construction of this course. In the classroom, we are always in quarrels on education. We argue on the correct methodologies of if using in a classroom; we are always arguing the relation of the theory in the practical one; which must be the relation of the professor with the learning.

Project Of Research

This research is without a doubt an experience looking for to understand the reality in the difficulties in teaching Geography by means of analysis and practical lived deeply by professors and pupils of the State School Elvira Saint, as well as developing which the difficulties where the professors find in teaching and the pupils in learning the contents considered for Geography, perceiving that the behavior ahead of disciplines if of the one for the lack of formation in the area. To reflect on these difficulties to teach Geography, with intention to congregate elements capable to mean the work of this disciplines in classroom is basic that the pupil places itself in the time and the space, thus perceiving the transformations that occur in the passage of the life human being, therefore Geography each time more is inserted in the way of life of the people, to know the area, not only as tool of education in the didactic aspect, but also in the socioambiental aspect the didactics goes Here beyond professor knowledge or of academic capacities, it passes to be junction of sociological and philosophical thoughts on diverse subjects. The performance of the professor in education in the public schools is preoccupying and desgastante, and was thinking about this that if tried to find in these professors, its main yearnings, day-by-day distresses and difficulties found in its, inside and outside of the classroom. Continue to learn more with: Richard Linklater. The social responsibility of the professor of Geography, before the speed with that the phenomena occur in this period after-modern quickly supplants the data contained in didactic books. The school is not only one indispensable institution for the reproduction of the system. It is also a release instrument that contributes in greater or minor scales, depending on its especificidades it citizenship to develop the critical thought of the people without which any project of individual or collective release is not constructed..

Cartography: Education and Space

To teach cartography is so important how much to study it, for the fact of that, so that the professional of the education that will be giving the related works to the subject, it can repass the knowledge with domain of the content, and therefore, is important that the professional of the area searchs to improve its knowledge regarding what it is the cartography, so that serves and as to repass it. The introduction of the child to the education of the cartography is initiated in the initial series, where the same one goes learning the bases of the system of coordinates, thus following the learning process where the knowledge goes being last in accordance with the evolution of its learning in the education process.. .

Catholic College

Another one aggravation is that, prisoner in the surrounded ones, each time lesser, the cattle started to provoke a very bigger pressure on avegetao, therefore, as any living creature that if preze, the bovines, knows asplantas palatveis, that had exhaustingly passed to be consumed, of formaque the youngest plants oldest had been morrendoe had not had more time to bear fruit, culminating eats long list of extinct species or in process of extinguishing that we know. bom to remember that this pressure costuma significantly to increase in the years deseca, when it has reduction in the biological production of the plants, in contraposition damanuteno of the number of to be fed animals. Since the arrival they dohomem white, with its flock, in ground seridoense, the produced fruits porcardeiros, xiquexiques, palmatrias, crown-of-frade, was saboreados for the native animals eoutros animals introduced for the man, sustainable umaalternativa the exploration of these resources, time that ' ' mantoprotetor' ' of thorns, it protected them of bigger aggressions, keeping them entire esobretudo, as alternative of food in the dry years, since this famliade plants does not need much water to remain itself and to reproduce. Nestascondies, in the first decades of the passed century, the cactis printed verdejante umapaisagem in the region, stealing the sena in caatinga dry. However, opovoseridoense, capable figure of tirar' ' milk of pedra' ' , as it is known, to the measure that started to become scarce comidapara the flock, especially in the dry years, it started to use the cactis, taking them it the fire to eliminate osespinhos, many times, setting fire fire in ' ' moitas' ' , as feet of xiquexique were known osenormes, eliminating great small twigs e, taking off achance of recovery for posterior exploration.

Finally, passed a century, the use excessivodesse forrageiro resource, using practical unsustainable, led to the seudesaparecimento in the majority of the country properties, making it difficult still more cattle aatividade e, certainly, deducting to the populations from animals nativosque used its fruits as food. At the beginning of the century that if it initiates, institutions that investemno development of the region, companies of research, try, all the cost, substituioda bovinocultura for the caprinocultura, on the excuse of viabilidadeeconmica greater of this activity. I am deagricultor son, work the land more than the three decades, therefore, I know of pertoa importance of the natural resources (firewood, props, moures, animals of hunting), in the economy of the familiar agriculturist and see with concern this euphoria therefore obode, as costuma to speak technician in the subject and the producers with seusconhecimentos acquired with the practical one, ' ' bode eats tudo' '. I understand that, in case that they are not observed the capacity desuporte of caatinga (as it has happened throughout centuries), knock-out finalao that it remains of the base of natural resources of this region mining of the options desobrevivncia for the generations that still will come, they will be launched. that, certainly, the goat ones will eliminate, in few decades what it remained of vegetaorala, sobrando little what to make in a region without life, possibly with cold noitesmais and still more hot days. a different desert of what naturezacostuma to make for denying the life, the time to adapt itself.

Josimar Arajo de Medeiros. Gegrafo (UFRN-1993); Specialist in Bioecologia (UFRN-1997); Master in Engenharia Sanitria (UFRN-2004). Professor of the Course of Tourism of the College SantTerezinha Catholic (Caic-RN) and of the Course of Specialization in Geografia and GestoAmbiental of the FIPE. Author of the book: Barrages Underground: base of sustentaodo seridoense agricultural man. jossiimar@