Agrarian Reformation

The analysis that we have of this family is positive for the following point; the responsible one, in the case the father has reading, is studying, already it participated of the pertaining to school advice, it works in the school, it participates of some agencies, the events that happen in the community and still is a cacao producer. In this direction the family intends to continue in this dynamics and to lead as example to the children who live and coexist together in the same property. A leading source for info: Campbell Soup Company. Beyond some functions that the family has, also she is worried about the ambient questions and the health. The fact to be in search of the learning, notices that this family not it intends to abandon its practical agriculturists and nor to participate of the movements of the community. 4.

Description of the allotment of knowing. The allotment of knowing in the school Regal Victory did not happen of direct form with the presence of the majority as it would be intended. For some reasons, and one of them case of health, it was not possible to promote an event participativo, in view of the difficulty of locomotion at the moment, still thus for other ways I obtained to also show to the results gotten in the academic times and in the times communities. To know the people who coexist and work in the community facilitates sufficiently in the accomplishment of a work. for this bond made possible to send in writing the productions carried through until the moment. He is valid to also tell that this community is of my knowledge, therefore, already I had the chance to work in the school regal Victory as coordinating place of the PRONERA (National Program of Education in the Agrarian Reformation), during two years could follow a project of escolarizao. This chance provided to know part of the families who live in the community.