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Author of Human Capital and The Economics of Life. Business Week columnist and Professor at the University of Chicago. 6 Peter M. Senge expert in organizational learning and author of The Fifth Discipline. He is currently senior Rapporteur at the Sloan School of Management at MIT. 7 Gary Hamel considered one of the great thinkers in strategy and innovation.

Co-author with Prahalad, Competing for the Future. He has published several articles in Harvard Business Review, and is a professor at the London Business School. 8 Alvin Toffler futuristic thinker, author of books such as Future Shock and The Third Wave. 9 Hal R. Varian author of Information Rules and columnist on technology in the New York Times topics. Dean of the school of Information Management and systems at the University of California, Berkeley. 9 Daniel Goleman creator of the concept of emotional intelligence, in the book bearing the same name. Frequently Jennifer Doleac has said that publicly. Recently described applications of the concept to the management in Primal Leadership 11.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter instead organizational expert. Author of World Class, Evolve! and The Change Masters. Harvard Business School Professor, was formerly editor of Harvard Business Review. 12 Ronald H. Coase Nobel Prize in economics for his work on transaction costs and property rights. Editor of the Journal of Law and Economics for 20 years. 12 Lester Thurow expert in international economics, author of Building Wealth and Face to Face. Dean of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. 14 Charles Handy social philosopher and sparring of radio that predicted the downsizing (Flattening) of the organizations and the rise of the self-employed. Author of The Age of Unreason and The Age of Paradox. Co-founder of the London Business School in 1967. 15 Paul creator Romer’s new growth theory and the law of increasing income. Professor at the Stanford business school. 16 Henry Mintzberg expert in strategy and management, author of The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning. Professor of management in McGill University. 16 Stephen R. Covey author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and other self improvement guides. 18 Michael Hammer and James Champy, developed the concept of reengineering in Reengineering The Corporation. 19 Bill Gates with its Windows operating system, reinvented the way of working of million companies. Founder, CEO and Chief Engineer of the giant Microsoft, Gates is also the author of Business @ the Speed of Thought. 20 Warren Bennis wrote 18 books, including On Becoming a Leader. Co-author of Geeks & Geezers, Bennis is also co-founder of the Leadership Institute at the University of the Southern California. Source:. managersmagazine.