Holistic Education

The purpose of making a reflection approaches of my walk in the holistic education learning, is the theme that I took in my study of the master in Educacion Holista. Much has been said of the theme of educating, and there are innumerable bibliography in this respect; but shouldered some of the points of the texts of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, of the masters in holistic education. And I say the points that I could rescue; Since is very extensive and deep the topic and much reflection, already the education holistic speaks of conscience human, educators in a spiritual sense; that is, helping educate, the evolution of consciousness towards integrity. I think that the consciousness, spirituality, community, quality (but educational), the perennial philosophy, etc. are terms which were not linked to education. So the word quality has been confusing with administrative processes, which are very distant from the process of educating in the classrooms. KDP may find this interesting as well. The holistic education process is integrative perspective multinivel-Multidimension, whose objective is the integrate the different parts of the educational process, from individual consciousness to the spiritual.

Speaking of conscience cannot refer to the process of educating, but to the consciousness of the own educator in order to discover our true spiritual nature, awakening to the genuine inner spirituality. Inductive learning can be used to implement, integrate and evaluate the knowledge of a subject or to acquire or discover original propositions in the solution of problems. Instead the deductive learning is used when required the student to incorporate or assimilate information and be able to reproduce it someday. However, is not that this selection criterion is absolute. It is my intention to contribute with this humble but for me very important essay to strengthen our learning on the topic, and our educational task. For example, in the dialogue of Atsuhiko Yoshida with Dr. Gallegos Nava, about the development of education holistic both in Mexico and Japan, without leaving aside the comment where the two are pleasantly surprised share the experience that both countries; so distant geographically, are so close in their holistic vision.