Educate Dog

First and main to educate to dog to go to bath, if our dog eats to any hour that it wants, thus does with its needs, to all hour. We must regulate its schedules of food in this way to regulate its schedules of evacuation. When feeding your dog dale the food in its plate, and djaselo by approximately half an hour, after that time you do not leave the plate him to its reach, so that one gets used to eating to certain hour. A puppy eats between four or up to five times to the day, but already adult dog eats only twice per day. This implies that we will have to control the amount of times that we give him to eat to our puppy following its age. After established the schedule, we will happen to establish the place, for it we will identify the place where we want that our dog makes its needs, as well as, where we want that it does not enter under any reason, like for example the alcove.

If you take the account of the hour in which your dog makes its needs, you can take to the zone destined for its bath to that hour, that way will be accustomed a to make its needs there. This will avoid accidents when we are beginning with the training to educate a dog to go bathroom. We will let it there at least half an hour to see its reaction. If the dog is small we can implement the method of the cage, that consists of maintaining to the puppy in a corral small or cage while it is with us, and removing it hourly to his bath, having to him there by minutes hoping that it makes his needs there. In order to educate a dog to go bathroom the dog it would have to prefer his bath before the cage to make his needs, since very instinctively it does not like to soil its own madriguera. During the night, we will have to maintain to our dog in monitoring by a time until it is accustomed, if he is small we will have to at least twice remove it during the night.

If your dog is less than six days old you do not hope that it controls its bladder perfectly will gradually do, it until reaching that age. This is not due to its lack of attention, but the reason obeys to its physiology. There is a method little known but very effective that is guaranteed to cause that the acfenos disappear for always. If you want to read as I personally managed accidentally to eliminate the acfenos, there are Click Here.