Art Education

This boarding presents forms/artistic, individual and collective productions of distinct cultures and times, articulated to the context of the modern society and contemporary. Considering the School a space for production and appreciation of knowing, as well universal, where practical the pedagogical one must provide to the pupils chances to show to its attitudes and influences in the expressions, manifestations, of the human being that expressed and interpreted the world for the language of the Art. All language is a singular way of the human being to reflect in a significant context. For some thinkers contemporaries, the art is seen as constituent part of some symbolic manifestations of culture, and in the educational process its agreement to make possible to the professor the exercise of its flexibility in the joint of the languages, the codes and its technologies, stops beyond of the manifestation of feelings, form of expression, important in the formation of the pupil and the curricular universe of the schools.

The challenge is to search the break-even point between the different boardings, also understanding the Inter-relations between science and Art. In this context Ensino of the art contemporary in the alert one on the necessity to know the languages artistic, in the measure where it deals with the mixture of the languages, if characterizing for the diversity of languages, presenting the use possibilities, extending the choices, establishing dialogues with the contemporaneidade. The process of professional personal ressignificao/, of the different languages articulated to the formation process, I allowed an exposition of learning and of the methodology for Ensino of the Art in the area of the knowledge: Languages, codes and its technologies, contributing for reflection concerning the professional trajectory and with the necessary attitudes of agreement and pedagogical practical possibilities of significant of the classroom, disclosing the important performance of who teach and learn art. Words Keys: Ressignificao? Art – Languages.