The Chat

This also can do it for your children, I assure you that never will have doubts that the love of course, you don’t have to wait to make the birthday of your loved ones, for enivarles a letter any day is a good time to tell them how you feel about them. 2 Sit and talk about your day. When we can we sit at the table to eat our dinner and they take turns to talk about what we did in our days. Even our son of two years and a half old, joins the chat. The other thing that can be done and is very effective is to take turns to make a list of the best and worst things that happened that day. Sometimes they spend so many things in one day, that the fact of naming them at the end, allows us to reflect on what happened. 3 Celebrate all successes of your partner with it can even propose a toast with a glass of champagne. Whatever the scale of the success that you require, make it a joint celebration.

4 Let you impress by your partner and haceselo know. I am proud of you is something that I believe that all les you hear of someone who matters to them. 5. Never underestimate the power of a hug. It is very important that you educate your children knowing the power of a hug. My son’s five-year-old, Jack loves hugs. He loves to give and make others to return the gesture.

Perhaps once you felt a little sad, and so spontaneous you receive a hug, sure that it made you aliviaras immediately and feel comforted. Imagine how much good you will make the other person. 6 Send a photo that means a lot to you and tell you the reason for its importance. You can use a card of Show & Tell.