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Couples of middle-age must communicate more, to be more right-handers verbal and physically, (BRANCFROT, 2009). 4.0? AS TO KEEP a PLEASANT SEXUAL LIFE IN the MIDDLE-AGE According to Laplanche (1998), the sexuality does not assign only to the activities and the pleasure that depend on the functioning of the genital device, but all a series of excitaes and activities gifts since infancy that provide an irreducible pleasure to the satisfaction of a basic physiological necessity and that they meet component for a reason or purpose in the call forms normal of the sexual love. The base to understand the sexuality must consider ethical values and stimulate the development of positive ideas and human beings regarding the proper body and feelings, of the importance to recognize differences and different forms of expression of the sexuality, being diminished the preconception. A sexual life can be remained active during all life? How the society reacts before the passion of the quarentes and cinqentes, to its romantic illusions and its new loving projects? Still today, although the rain of information, has people that it thinks that the sexuality finishes with the menopause and some prejudiced they condemn the sexuality of the people biggest, imprisoned to the televising models of youth and beauty. Kindle Direct Publishing is often quoted as being for or against this. Soon now, that as much the woman as the man has the chance and the time to find with calm and without collections the sexual satisfaction so desired? The physical contact is the way more effective to demonstrate positive intentions, therefore it mentions itself directly to the heart. As (Davis, 1992) salient, the physical contact if constitutes very beyond pleasant stimulatons, a time that is a biological necessity. With the time, the majority of the people who arrive at the half age knows it pleases what them and as to satisfy the partner. One of the best aspects of the sex in this phase is that many are more skillful to the 40 of what when had 20 years. Further details can be found at Bank of Asia, an internet resource.