March Preparation

At last When it left hasty in that morning of spring, the day was clearly the flowers that decorated the garden of its house seemed to hear the strong strokes of its heart. She was anxious and it had slept little that night. With uncertainty it chooses the clothes to dress, none it seemed to be the made right one, even so it was young pretty was felt excessively tired to admire itself in this morning. For times it thinks about giving up, the challenge would be great excessively. On the other hand, the weeks, months of preparation, interminable hours ahead of the writing-desk, research in books of which more did not want to hear to speak, parties that leave to go at last, quanta resignation. After years of preparation it concludes the college. It is said farewell to the friends, professors and people who orientates, keeps to the old jeans that already the passage of the campus, the cafeteria and even of the point of the bus perhaps knew.

It does not only remove of the walls the photos, clippings of periodicals, articles politicians and the old posters of musicians, the Beatles (they are perpetual) Roberto Carlos (I am romantic), Cazuza Cssia Eller (I am rock musician), until the ingression of the Rock in River remained in the wall. Daqui a time probably, in a rainy night when accumulated ballad will be deciding between going pra or using to advantage to arrange coisinhas of the weeks, appreciates collects them in a box where to keep these souvenirs and to laugh and to cry, to tan the there registered moments. Hasty E, gives a last one looked at and with passing fast run the same for bus point to face its first day of work at last.