Einsteiger Sonja Hensel

Also here should be remedied, by explains the real reason relationships: the awareness and the development of own divinity through the mirroring of the partner. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Linklater. Spiritual and psychological flow into one another, what is opinion of the author according to the normal life is unavoidable, because they represent Yes finally contiguous areas and always mutually. “The most important spiritual laws, such as for example the law of karma / reincarnation” or the law of attraction “are understandable and annexed again to the overview list. The full 100 page book is without prejudice to any reader, because it gives many insights and certainly some epiphanies to win new orientation in an increasing contempt and technological world and the true meaning behind the things and experiences to recognize. Successfully, 978-3-937568-99-7 100 pages, paperback living spirituality for Einsteiger Sonja Hensel ISBN with the spiritual laws, 10 back-cover text do not know many people what is the meaning of existence: our self-expression in love for ourselves and others, and the unfolding of our divinity. We live in a world of rolling, laws and standards, and yet we’re here, to develop us to our spiritual perfection. The author conveys that this is not a contradiction, in this book.

“It is aimed at people who are still undecided, whether on esoteric” to believe or whether them spirituality could really be something. A chapter is devoted to the subject of fear, which is widely used in our hectic, success-oriented time. The origin of fear and helpful solutions to overcome appear on the reader. Is which old patterns of behavior entered into the area partnership, often battlefield of karmic ramifications, to show us a prevent happy relationship and a successful life. The goal of this book is to show people how you can lead a fuller, happier life on the basis of the knowledge and the application of the spiritual laws.


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