The Proteins

But what happens if we have a suitable protein supplier to us? Everything happens again, as in carbohydrates, in our intestines. Just arrived to proteins in your Benstandteile decomposed amino acids. The human body is particularly reliant on nine of 22 important amino acids of. They are essential means that the body can produce it yourself. Learn more about this with American Dental Association. You will notice here, which means a good amino acid profile of protein shakes. But not only non-essential amino acids are important, but also free amino acids contained in already pre digested proteins such as E.g. protein hydrolysates. The advantage is that can the proteins do not have broken up, but the amino acids directly, without any digestive time used by the body.

The people considered essential amino acids Isoleucine, Leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and Valine. Arginine and Histidine are essential for adolescents or during the recovery. Amino acids for example in the formation of muscles, hormones and enzymes are used. How much and which protein is recommended for the normal “adults taking 70 90 g protein per day.” This means usually 1 g protein per kilo of body weight (1 g: 1 KG) indicating this amount assumes that there is high-quality protein. This means (as described above) contain proteins that are digestible and in addition essential amino acids in sufficient measure. This is not the case, the food proteins can be not optimally used for building of body proteins, which has resulted in that a large part of the amino acids from the body is restored. Athletes, of course, one assumes by larger amounts of protein. Here are recommended amounts of over 140 g.

However the amount of 2 g per KG of body weight should not be exceeded even here. Often, the amount of protein but just for strength athletes exceeds well 200 g a day. Summarizing means: the total protein intake must not be exceeded.