Project Pedagogical Politician

For Gandin (1999) they are ' ' stages indispensveis' ' in the elaboration of a Project Pedagogical Politician. Preparation. Elaboration of the global plan of average stated period: referencial landmark; diagnosis; programming; general revision. Elaboration of sectorial plans. The Project Pedagogical Politician, to if constituting in democratic process of decisions, is worried in restoring a form of organization of the pedagogical work that surpasses the conflicts searching to eliminate the competitive, corporal and authoritarian relations breaching with the routine of the impersonal control. The participation it provides to one better knowledge of the objectives and goals, the organizacional structure and its dynamics, of the relations of the school with the community, and favors a bigger approach between professors, pupils and parents (LIBNEO, 1998.) The Project Pedagogical Politician is guided by principles that are the arcabouos for its procedural efetivao. These principles provide to environments favorable to the quarrels and debates: Equality of conditions for access and permanence in the school – Saviani (1994) alert us for the fact of that it has an inaquality in the starting point, but in the point of arrival, this must be guaranteed by the mediation of the school. The author detaches that: ' ' he is only possible to consider the educative process in its set under the condition of if distinguishing the democracy as reality in the point from chegada' ' (p.51).

Quality – aspect that does not privilege economic and social minorities. Considering that it is of the interest of society that its citizens are educated, instructed and formed, and that this is the main function of the school, to manage it in efficient and efficient way, the challenge of the PPP is to propitiate a quality for all. Connect with other leaders such as David G. DeWalt here. When thus managed, the school offers conditions so that it fulfills its paper and it has obligation to prevent all the possible ways to the repetncia and the evasion guaranteeing the qualitative goal it satisfactory performance of all. In synthesis, second, Peter Demon (1994), the quality ' ' he implies critical conscience and capacity of action, to know and mudar' '. (P. 19). Democratic management – principle consecrated for the effective Constitution and encloses the dimensions pedagogical, administrative and financial. The democratic management one does not consist in varinha magical to decide all the social problems.

Neither the representative democracy must necessarily be interpreted as an alternative, but as a complement and demands the understanding in depth of the problems ranks for practical pedagogical. It aims at to breach with the separation between conception and execution, thinking and making, practical theory and. Search to rescue the control of the process and the product of the work for the educators. Valuation of the teaching central principle in the quarrel of the PPP. Therefore the continued formation of the professionals of the school, compromissada with construction of the PPP, does not have to limit it the curricular contents, but if to extend to the quarrel of the school as a whole and its relations with the society. The PPP is the spring master to develop a route, a new educational perspective, where the participation of all the segments that are part of the context of the school is active, where the collective, democratic management, autonomy of the school are evidences in the school that we want.