Olympic Games

Learning a language is not easy, but worth the effort, the why? As we know English is the language of millions of people, and around the same amount speak English as a second language, in addition, in all parts of the world much of the population speaks at least one little English, this streamlines the communication, so know it is a point in favor and dominating it an enormous advantage. The type of English course depends on the personal and professional goals, there are proposals for different levels, business English, English for travel either to prepare for international certifications. If the goal is to achieve fluency ideally, opt for a several weeks dipping either a semester abroad, to take this type of courses you will learn a new culture, people from all over the world and in some cases you’ll be supplementing your English studies to discover interesting destinations. Where to study English in England? There are many specialized schools to study English in England, by This time the recommendation is London City, scene of the next Olympic Games. In addition to studying English you’ll discover one of the most beautiful cities in Europe which deserves to be visited, you will know places like: Shakespeare’s Globe and London Eye: famous and prestigious Theatre founded by William Shakespeare is located on the banks of the River Thames. Piccadilly Circus.Located in the Township of Westminster, is this circular square and the main street of the same name.

The hippie movement began in this area and is today one of the most commercial points of the city, especially to gourmet and entertainment. Camden Town.Lovers of rock, extravagances and purchases at low cost, located in this neighborhood, away three kilometers from the Center, a single option. Tower Bridge.It is not only one of the most striking and picturesque England but throughout Europe bridges. It crosses the River Thames linking London with Southwark. Tower of London.The famous Tower of London began to be built in 1066 during the reign of William l. originally was a royal residence, fortress, arsenal and place of execution. Oxford Street and Harrods.Oxford Street, one of the most famous streets of the city, located in the Westminster area, offers the possibility to access exclusive shops and most sophisticated brands in the world. Notting Hill: A neighborhood that was made famous by the movie that bears his name. Buckingham Palace.It’s one of the five palaces inhabited by the monarchy. Perhaps, the most famous and accessible for tourists.