The Person

Just because the efficiency of these people different. Because of the difference of their natural talents. That is why, in terms of equity is higher than the Soviet justice, we must recognize that a higher moral judgments and, consequently, higher deserves reward is not the one who did more, but the one who worked harder, who fully realized its potential. In our example, more should pay less capable workers that he would continue trying to put on paper in full, and less capable to pay more to induce it in the future more fully realize their talents. 3 What is my suggestion to move from one to another PRpoT? This means, firstly, that is not non-allocation of labor in favor of distribution according to need, but simply transition from a less equitable and less efficient PRpoT for a fairer and more efficient. Second, we need to PROzRT We do not go directly to the distribution according to needs, as mentioned classics of socialism and the Soviet imitators, while the other PRpoT, the one who must lead us to a communist society. Which, as it is already clear now, unable to make the Soviet principle of distribution.

Brought up instead of communist-leaning mass ordinary people, bums and Rvachev. Third, what I suggest, is the transition from the distribution of the absolute value work or result in the distribution of the relative size of labor. Vlad doronin has much experience in this field. Because under consideration in the allocation of capacity (ability) of the person primarily in the evaluation of the employee and his work is not how many people did, but how much he has done compared to what he could do.

Mineralogical Sciences

In connection with the changes in the Earth's environment can change the frequency of the Schumann or carrier frequency of the Earth, as well as its lateral frequency radiation. Then the physical body can also lose touch with frequency radiation of the Earth. Of all It follows that eliminating and destroying the ecology of the Earth, we destroy and destroy the foundation of life on Earth. Resonance effect shows how the human body is directly related to the ecological state of the Earth. When we say that we should not destroy natural resources and that it is dangerous to human existence and human society, almost everyone can agree with this, even those that are now for profit and plunder and wealth destroy the natural resources of the earth.

As human society and the Earth's environment is not only dependent on one another, but mutually supportive. Human society must recognize that the ecological state of the Earth depends directly not only physical health but also the very existence of entire human civilization on Earth. But human society also need to realize is my deep conviction that it is equally important restore the universal spiritual values for all people living on Earth regardless of nationality, political opinion, and skin color. I believe that the moral and ethical values – is encoded special programs that may have multiple functions, but one of the main objectives of these programs – it is to protect human society from self-destruction. Alexey Dmitriev – professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, an expert on global ecology believes that human society should strive now not to raise living standards, and to improve the level of morality.

A New Class Of Black Holes

New data obtained by X-ray Observatory Chandra and XMM-Newton, confirm that there are two medium-size black hole in our neighboring galaxy. These holes, so far managed to avoid falling into the galaxy center. They can be example of the "seeds" from which are formed supermassive black holes in galactic centers, including the Milky Way. For several decades, scientists have strong evidence for the existence of two different classes of black holes, holes with a mass of magnitude, about 10 solar masses of supermassive located in the centers of galaxies, whose mass varies from hundreds of thousands and up to billions of solar masses. But is there a black hole intermediate-mass? The mystery still remains unsolved.

Evidence for the existence of these objects was controversial, and there was no convincing arguments that there are intermediate black holes in the galaxy. Recently, a group researchers found in X-ray data, the signature of medium-mass black holes in the galaxy M82, located 12 million light miles away from Earth. "This is the first discovery of two black holes, the average weight in one galaxy, "says Hua Feng of Tsinghua University in China. Scientists led two papers describing the results of the study. "Their location near the center of the galaxy may contain information about the origin of large, supermassive black holes at the centers of galaxies. " One possible mechanism for the formation of supermassive black holes, suggest a chain reaction of collisions of stars in compact star clusters that leads to the accumulation of very massive stars that are in the process of decay, forming a black hole intermediate-mass.