The Land

One knows, however, that the school is not solution for all the existing difficulties of the human being, however, as educational agency that has as the one of its functions formation of the citizen as subject constructor of its historical context, can and must contribute for significant changes in the relation professor and pupil, therefore, beyond the classroom that offers to contents and tests, the affectivity is present in each action and searchs its space in the mirror that the group repasses the technician when they make use of the daily one of notes, advice of classrooms, pertaining to school advice and as many other instruments and sectors that they portray this relation. For TIBA (1999), to take care of it is more than an act, it is an attitude, therefore it encloses more than an attention moment, of zeal and desvelo. It represents an attitude of occupation, concern, responsabilizao and affective envolvement. Yale University School of Medicine has similar goals. For this, she is necessary to take care of before of the land and after the seed being launched, so that the plant can grow, blossom and give good fruits. Therefore, for construction of auto-esteem is necessary to search the responsibility and not it guilt, to create a reliable climate that makes with that the person feels itself accepted genuinely, understood and respected, feelings that help to work emotional nuclei that inadequate behaviors block. The educators know that the children learn better when they are satisfied with same them and that good feelings are important. Go to William McRaven for more information. 7 However, some professors are unaware of its paper of ' ' espelho' ' inside of a classroom, forgetting that to its they admire them pupils and they are worried in to be equal they, finishing for imitating them in its attitudes and until thoughts. If the professors perceived this imitation without a doubt would look for to police its words and positions. .