The Fragile

The technocratic philosophy is, in itself, the approach to a given problem; the progressive philosophy deals not with the cultural roots of the environmental crisis; and holistic, despite it starting as a model for education and of lacking, currently, a focus on personal and social justice issues, that philosophy is considered the best educational context we dealing with the environmental challenges presented in the. Under the perspective of educational reform all these philosophies have ideal promising. However, if we were to analyze under an ideological perspective or one of those philosophies it adequately addresses the fragile state of the planet’s life systems or the role of the human being within a wider context of the community on the planet. Pode-se conclusion suggesting an alternative to the setting of the antagonistic positions of technocratic, progressive philosophies and holistic, which can offer a satisfactory answer the problem of content and approach to be made concerning environmental education. We can also add that, only by round education for ecologically sustainable development respecting the biodiversity therein contained, it will take us so disclosed justice and social welfare all of want to participate.

When and how we will get the commitment of all segments of society to which this definitely is efetive? We don’t know, but perhaps the creation of new curricula that take into account these concepts certainly will be paramount that we take a great step. This need will tend to cause a structural reformulation of curricula and pedagogical practices in school so interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary, fundamental processes are promote to intervene in a contemporary context. As depreender of these and other issues that may be constant in his monograph of education can be, it is not a fight segmented to be conducted only by educators and students in schools, but it is carried forward, collectively, by different social groups, mainly of the subordinate classes. The educational action, above all, must be understood as attitude and professional vocation of all segments of society. Original author and source of the article.