Aldous Huxley

There is no duality between being single and being universal, which comes to overcome the problem of individualism, the separateness. It shows us the broad guidelines for life, since her come the answers to various questions that we do throughout our lives. This philosophy helps us to recover the value of our planet giving us that it is a living organism and not a machine as shown in the mechanistic paradigm. Official site: The Journal of Educational Research. It is the heart of education holistic that defines its meaning and mission. Aldous Huxley was one of the pioneers of this philosophy where reference is made to the spiritual wisdom that has been present through all of humanity and is the same not dogmatic essence shared by religions.

Espiritualun process intelligence to make us more aware that the world is a unity and not a whole, discovering who we truly are through direct inquiry. In the process holistic relate all our human potential: scientific, spiritual, artistic, social to name a few. A holistic educator does not see the student as a brain only processing this information in classroom and that is only there to occupy a place but he sees it as a possessor of a potential human being, as a spiritual being in search of a meaning, as a being full of various dimensions in their human experience. This perspective of human experience can methodologically distinguish four dimensions of education holistic solely for purposes of exposition of the nature of education and communication, which is central in the human spirit that is in fact the center of holistic education. The four major dimensions of holistic education are: to study education holistic must analyze the context where they develop the four levels of the Kosmos, based on the development of consciousness. Each level of consciousness is more complex than the previous one, because it includes more than the universe, more truth and depth is why that makes it superior.