Zheng Xiaoyu

Honestly and although it sounds reactionary hope that these irresponsible people are punished with the same harshness with which the Chinese Government (country of origin of these toothpastes and many other dangerous products) punished the former Director of the State administration of food and medicines (SFDA) of China, Zheng Xiaoyu, who sentenced to death Tuesday by authorizing the manufacture and distribution of dozens of products and drugs in which ingredients are used under bribery of pharmaceutical companies mortally toxic or, at least, highly dangerous. This is truly serious, not only that we may be buying and using commercial products of dubious provenance and that we buy be economic (and eye that the excuse of the Nicaraguan authorities to refer these products entered the country from smuggling in addition to false is childish) if in addition these components are sold to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries of our countries and they are used without that nobody say or do nothing until they begin to pile up the dead. I’m sure that this news will continue to be developed (by a tragic road) and will be many more cases of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products that will jump to the first pages of serious damages that cause because if anything the former director of the State administration of food and medicines (SFDA) of China, Zheng Xiaoyu said the judicial authorities that condemned him the list of laboratories or products that would be unduly manufacturing in China.

these authorities they have not disclosed that information by what we do not know what may be products that we should avoid and don’t know which laboratories and industries of our region have purchased and use those components improperly authorized by a health authority corrupt. In any case what we can do is avoid at all costs the pharmaceutical and cosmetic products from China, get used once and for all to read the labels of the products that we buy and use with culpable innocence and require our Governments to put the magnifying glass in local industries to find out if any are using components purchased in this Asian country and responsibly determine if it is really safe and lawful use therefore not be trafficking in a marketing war, this is our lives.